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(“CLIENTS”) Doron Ziv is engaging VOGA Media (“CONTRACTOR”), for the
specific purpose of online
advertising for his USA Air Duct that allows visitors to see his
advertisement on the Goog
le Search Engine to facilitate traffic generation to his business. The
purpose of this contract is for setup, execute and manage an AdWords campaign for people to
book appointments with USA Air Duct via the phone and online. This project is
represented in
Addendum A
. Any entity that needs services that can be rendered by VOGA Media for the
purpose of this project; including but not limited to: web sites, search engine optimization, iPhone
application development, social media development, implementation, de
sign and promotion,
audio visual work, copyrighting (ie, blogging, branding), stationary design and printing, as well
as Point of Sale software for physical and electronic commerce should request a written proposal
without necessitating a new agreement. In

addition, there will be two (2) additional months of
services at five hundred ninety
nine $599 per month. The client may choose to renew the service
at his discretion or may choose to terminate the service. Should the client choose to terminate
rendered through VOGA media there will be no additional fees from date of termination.
Upon termination of services the client retains all account access and prior configurations as
completed by VOGA Media including but not limited to: score assignments to

keywords added
by either party, keyword lists, campaigns, ad groups and other configurations set during the
optimization process. The included service includes the addition and optimization of 50
keywords which must be approved by the client.



CONTRACTOR represents and warrants to CLIENTS that it has experience and
ability to perform the services required by this CONTRACT; that it will perform said service in a
professional, competent and timely manner; that it has the power to enter into a
nd perform this
CONTRACT; and that its performance of this CONTRACT shall not infringe upon or violate the
rights of any third party or violate any federal, state and municipal laws. However, CLIENTS will
not determine or exercise control as to general pro
cedures or formats necessary to have these
service meet CLIENTS’s satisfaction. The CLIENTS represents and warrants to the CONTRACT
that it will provide CLIENTS’s materials as required in a professional, competent, and timely
manner that it has the power t
o enter into this CONTRACT on behalf of CLIENTS; and that its
performance of this CONTRACT shall not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party or
violate any federal, state and municipal laws. CLIENTS have fourteen
day period upon
completion o
f project to review and make any necessary changes to said project at no cost. The
agreement between CLIENTS and CONTRACTOR is not financially binding; failure of either
party to uphold this agreement will not constitute payment or warranty of any kind for

outside of those defined in paragraph titled Engagement.


Payment Schedule
. CONTRACTOR agrees to begin development of products and services
aforementioned to CLIENTS with a 100% deposit upon execution of this agreement.

may retain serv
ices by CONTRACTOR at a cost of $499 per month for the purpose of managing
this campaign. CLIENTS may also retain other services defined by a new contract if deemed

The undersigned agrees to the terms of this agreement.

On behalf of the CONT
RACTOR (authorized signature):

Date: 3


On behalf of the CLIENTS (authorized signature):

_______________________________ Date______________________


from original Project Description




The purpose of the contract is to run

adwords campaigns that help drive sales

through phone or online bookings.

VOGA Media is proud to be one of

few Enrolled Agents of the Google

Search Engine to aim for specific

positions on Google S
earch Engine

Results. Used for service

websites that seek to gain leads for

their business. We discover keywords

that are most optimal for generating business

leads at
most cost
efficient positions


Project includes first month of maintenance a

a price of $499 for the first month
. Maintenance

begins once campaign is setup and launched.