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Project Report

University of Houston, Clear Lake

2700 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development

Submitted by

Amit Parab

Vivek Baphna

Gyandeep Singh

Sanket Korgaonkar

Master of Science in Computer




Stuart Engelhardt

Faculty Advisor

Sadegh Davari

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Table of Contents






Search Engine Optimization

Project Background




Revenue Generation




Analysis of Results................................................................



Future Work..........................................................................................................



Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012


There are millions of websites in today’s world. They range from informative to sports to
downright entertainment. Many times websites are created as fun and from a bus
point of view if it’s not online these days it doesn’t exist. Websites are generally very
easy to use and more often than not self
explanatory as all emphasis is on the visual
senses of humans. A Website usually has a stand out title and well defined

sections for
different fields that it encompasses. Content of a website is as important as its appeal
on people.

Our project focuses on

Software Inc’s Software Development section in the
company’s corporate website. We have to refine the sectio
n’s content, Increase
Company’s circulation in social networking channels, make it more reachable, likeable
in the online world and also generate revenue with the use of Google AdSense and Ad
words campaign.


has developed a corporate website on
the Open Source content management
system, Drupal. The company requirement is to tune their Software Development
section to better facilitate natural search results on Google and further increase the
traffic to website.

want to implement Google A
d Words and AdSense
campaigns to make their promotion and presence in the Software Development
Community by use of social media.

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012


We would like to thank our project mentor, Mr
Stuart Engelhardt

Vice President,

Inc. and

Mr. Victor Tang, President,

giving us

this project and
providing us the financial resources. We
feel extremely
grateful for the opportunity to
spend a semester working o
n this project in a field of Search Engine Optimization and
Web app
lication development.


would also like to thank Dr.
Sadegh Davari

advising us in this project

facilities provided in the college that gave us enthusiasm and confidence in the
development of our project.

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012


would be fair to say that as people are being used to do almost everything online it
has become the responsibility of business owners or franchise owners to provide such
information to people. It is these people’s duty to give people what they want.

As w
e all know that during these days of huge demand and supply and tough
competition if your business isn’t online by now it’s as good as dead. A website of your
business or service or company is the most accessible piece of information that can be
made avail
able to consumers. Giving out brochures, printing advertisements in
newspapers and magazines these days would only give you limited exposure. It can be
constrained to only a town not even a city. You have to be online if you have to gain city
or state or n
ationwide exposure.

Summarizing the way your website is designed makes a huge contribution in your
company’s success. As said earlier the website is what people are going to see and the
website is wha
t people are going to access fro
m any geographic lo
on. The way
people access

your website in spite of not knowing the exact domains is through search
engines. Search engines is an advent of the modern world wherein we can enter
anything in natural language and the engine would go and give us out results in

no time
the most matching entries it can find in its database for the question you asked. We
have several search engines l
ike Google, Bing or Yahoo. Their

work is to process
requests from users, search its database and return back the results as close as
it can
get to the asked question.

Now the search engine can return results or links to websites from any corner of the
world. For

a person living in New Zealand can browse through a website of a
company located in Alaska. This is possible as the comp
any has made itself available to
internet. Any company can make itself available to anyone throughout the world by
smart use of search engines. Now


example of a construction company in
Texas. There are thousands of construction companies in T
exas. Now for that particular
Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

company to be available on search engines it must make changes in its website
content. As is the working of a search engine it gives millions of results on hundreds of
pages. Out of them may be thousand are really related to w
hat a person really wanted,
others are loosely related. So
to stand out from the websites of other companies
offering the same service and making your website appear first and on the first
page and as a result accessible to users some smart changes have to

be carried
out on the website so that it can be optimized by the search engine

resulting in
your website getting more hits and as a result increasing the profits. Sometimes multi

national companies maintain a customer database. Their objective is to fin
d entries with
as less data as possible. Sometimes some applications would only need a name or

address or a contact number [1
]. This is called as
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

earch Engine Optimization

It basically means making your websit
e accessible to everyone over internet and in
such a way that your website is easily accessible to users which will lead to getting
more hits on their website
and as a result increasing you
r profits. SEO simply means
some techniques, ways or methods by whi
ch a website is improved so that it can be
accessible on all search engines to all users in spite of their geographical location.
Search engines apply retrieval principles to return result of queries put up by users.
“SEO demands basic elements of a websit
e to be constructed to fit the search engine
retrieval principle so that possible web pages can be gained by search engines and
higher ranking in the results can be achieved resulting in website promotion”.[2]

Now we will first see the general layout of
a website


Almost every website has a theme these days. It is mostly based on specific company
and its motto or services.

It could be anything e.g.

you could have a watermark
of the
company on all the pages. There can also

be an audio for all pages

in the website.

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012




various areas of work or achievements
It shows consumers that
people are experiencing benefits and that potential bu
yers would also feel that same.
far as images are concerned a website is a visual

oriented service or business.
would obviously buy it if it appeals to them, so having nice meaningful images about the
company or service does help.



is the most i
mportant component of a website.
What the website is all ab
out is
actually d
escribed here.
This is the part where mostly changes can be made according
to SEO perspective as the text of companies of
fering similar services can

be more or
less similar.

Now, let us take a look at what, where and how changes are made to a website. So

that it can be
more visible on search engines.

ure 1.

SEO factors



[3] [4

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Website contains many pages and generally on all of those pages there is text. Now
keywords mean repla
cing one, two or three words of repetitive and common text by
something else. This replacement text serves two purposes. Firstly it will reduce the
amount of text on web page, Secondly it will create more chances of being searched by
search engines. Keywor
ds are especially useful as it is always a desired trait that you
are able to get results for the exac
t questions in e


There is a jeweler store and it has on its website words such as nice craftsmanship,
excellent price and available in i
nstallments. It can be replaced by Crafted cheap jewels
available on easy installments. In this manner repetitive and common English words like
nice, excellent are replaced by a new combination of words. These combinations of
words can lead to getting pick
ed up by search engines. They might have a better
chance of getting picked up than the earlier combination.

Also keyword density should be kept in

mind. Sometimes it is a good practice to keep
titles or main words of a web page in bold headings or to cha
nge text contained in Meta
tags like

name, title and descriptions [5
]. Also a normal website easily contains at least
5 pages. It is not advisable that all those 5 pages have

the same background or title [5
Title is different, keywords are different. As
a result

every page stands a chance of
getting hit by search engines, and in a website if any one of five pages is hit
, then

website as a whole is hit.

Another important aspect is creating content on the website based on competitive key
word search.
It means first study is done of websites of competitors. This needs to be
done as you don’t want websites of companies offering similar services as yours to be
almost similar. As when users try to search there is a possibility that the other website
get a hit instead of yours. [8]


Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Another factor that is considered is links. They can be links on a website. Search
engines take into account how many links to other websites are present on your
website. Links are second most important tool for se
arch engines [5]. Now there could
be a loophole that a website might have 100 links in its pages. So there is a catch there
the links should be of reputed websites and not any random links. [5]

Another important and faster approach to optimizing the websi
te is having your website
linked by other websites that is having incoming links. Search engine would find the
website quickly if it has many incoming links. [6]

Another approach is to participate in chat forums and discussions on reputed chat
boards or o
ne of your own. What that will do is website will get real time feedback from
users and you will be able to rectify any shortcomings in the website. Participating in
chat forums would mean giving links of your website publicly.
If people

find the content
f blog or
other user’s reactions worthy

then they
will definitely give the website a visit.
If people who do visit the website because of links on chat forums find the website and
services interesting they will surely post nice reviews on the same as well

as different
chat forums getting you more promotion. [6]


This is especially important as it is of no use if people just visit the website for few
seconds and not more than that. It might not be a problem if the website is new but it
might becom
e a problem in the long run. This wouldn’t affect the ranking initially as
being a new website there might be curiosity in visitors about the services and work of
the company but if the website is not able to hook viewers it is of no use. As a result an
teractive and informative interface must be developed. If the user stays longer that
means your content is a huge success. [7]

Now keeping the user on the website varies from website to website. Some companies
might prefer keeping images on every page as
part of information. Small videos
explaining processes or services can be uploaded. You could even post videos of
Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

customer interviews or surveys about your company. There could be chat forums or
provisions for feedback from users. If it’s

software compan
y for example it could have
a Careers section wherein hopeful candidates can browse through various opportunities
and be able to contact the company. [7]

ocator (URL)

While developing a website its URL should also be taken into considera
tion. It should be
as clean and clear as possible. Mostly people make their way to the websites through
URL itself but still it must be neat and clean free from any characters or strings in
between [7].

Now if the company’s URL contains all
sorts of characters and not a very good domain
name people wouldn’t even visit it. It does not matter whether the content is really good
or bad
; i
f the name is absurd they won’t visit it. It is general human nature to go on outer
looks rather than looking
for themselves closely on all ends. But all these are areas
which need to be considered before going online.

Figure 2.

Optimization overview


Search Engine Optimizatio
n snapshot is depicted in Fig 2

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Now that we know w
hat care must be taken while creating a website

let us take a look
at what exactly needs to be done in order to get maximum exposure from search
engines. Let us take a look at how search engines work

There are many search engines in today’s world notab
ly Google, Yahoo and Bing. Now
basic step is to first submit or make available website to various search engines and be
rest assured if the previous mentioned conditions are all met any website would achieve
promotion and user accessibility.

1. To modify
the HTML TITLE label:

The most important keywords must be put in the first place of TITLE label because the
TITLE label will be presented in the Results Page. The original TITLE label of the case

is too long. Therefore, the keywords have placed in
the first place of the TITLE


To add a note for a picture. (ALT

Picture can also be practiced in the process of SEO. The method is to add the ALT of
keywords in the picture connection. That is to set the keywords as the ill
ustrated words
of pi
ctures. The main

purpose is to provide searching information to the crawler.


To add title text H1

and table text:

The title text

in HTML language

is from H1 to H6. It decreases
according to the levels of
e as well as six font
sizes. H1 is the

one, and it can make the search
engine find our keywords for the website very quickly.


To register in DMOZ open website catalog:

DMOZ.org is also calle
d The Open Directory Project or
ODP. It is a main artificially

editing website catalogs. If
website is recorded by DMOZ’
s catalogs, it will also be
recorded by other popu
lar search engines and properly
adjusted its website ranking t
o a
higher position. The search
engines that would consult the DMOZ website catalogs are

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Google, AllTheWeb, AOL Se
arch, Hotbot, Lycos,
, and Inktomi. Therefore, the
motel website of th
is study has
been recorded in the proper website catalogs of the


To register to the main search engines:

After modifying the related HTML labels and registering to DM
OZ, the researchers
register the
case website to the main

search engines like Yahoo, Google,
and Bing.


To execute WEB PING to the main search engines:

After registering to the
search engines, y
ou can execute WEB PING to the main search
engines irregula
rly when the we
bsite contents are updated. The

of this
is to
notify the search engines that the case website has updated information so the search
engines will increase the opportunities to find the website. This is very good for the
website becaus
e more and more pages will be recorded.


To post on the famous discussion boar
ds on the Internet
, and put keywords
into the signature lines:

The searching robots of search engines usually visit those discussion boards to record
the latest information.
Therefore, increasing the opportunities of posting on the
discussion boards and add keywords into the individual signature lines could allow the
target website be found and recorded by search engines q


To utilize the Sub Domain Name to apply SEO

The effici
ency of SEO would be higher if
main keywords were included in the website


Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

3.0 Project Background


has developed a corporate website on the Open Source content management
system, Drupal. The company requirement

is to tune their Software Development
section to better facilitate natural search results on Google and further increase the
traffic to website.

want to implement Google Ad
Words and AdSense
campaigns to make their promotion and presence in the S
oftware Development
Community by use of social media.

Problem Statement

Presently company’s software development page is in need of tuning to proper
facilitate natural search results.

Various social media channels also need to be identified to develop an

imprint in
software development community.

Google Ad
Words campaign exclusively for software development needs to be
incorporated to increase traffic and revenue on pages.

Measure of rankings of web page through Search Engine Optimization.


rt from traditional web development tools like HTML and CSS, we got an exposure
to new tool such as Drupal and SEO implementing tools.



Drupal is open source software maintained and developed by a community of 630,000+
users and developers. It's di
stributed under the terms of the





(or "GPL"), which means anyone is free to download it and share it with others.
This open development model means that people are constantly working to make sure
Drupal is a cutting
edge platform
that supports the latest technologies that the Web has
Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

to offer. The Drupal project's


encourage modularity, standards, collaboration,
use, and more.
” [10]


Drupal is a publishing platform created by our vibrant community and bu
rsting with
potential. Use as
is or snap in any of thousands of free designs and plug
ins for rapid
site assembly. Developers love our well
documented APIs. Designers love our flexibility.
Site administrators love our limitless scalability.
” [10]

content management features make it easy to create and manage your site.

Organize and Find

Drupal comes with many tools to help you organize, structure, find and re
use your
content. Categorize with taxonomy, automatically create friendly path
, crea
custom lists, associate content with other content on your site, and create smart
defaults for content creators.
” [10]


Manage content with an easy
use web interface. Drupal's flexibility handles
countless content types including vi
deo, text, blog, podcasts, and polls with robust user
management, menu handling, real
time statistics and optional revision control.
” [10]


Drupal comes with great options for new user accounts and user permissions. Users
can be assigned one or

more roles, and each role can be set up with fine
permissions allowing users view and create only what the administrator permits. The
Drupal 7 admin theme makes administering a site easier than ever.
” [10]


Drupal's focus on social pu
blishing can help you create sites and applications to help
your users express their opinions and engage with one another. You can have tight
Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

control over who can create, view, administer, publish and otherwise interact with
content on your site.
” [10]


Build internal and external
facing websites in a matter of hours, with no custom
programming. No need to start from scratch every time you build a new site, either. You
can utilize a multi
site configuration or choose a Drupal distribution (installati
on profile).
These provide a pre
defined configuration of site features and functions for a specific
purpose or type of site, available as a single download.
” [10]


and display

Drupal's presentation

layer allows designers to create highly usable, interactive
experiences that engage users and increase traffic. Use an existing Drupal theme for
your site, giving it an instant identity! If you can't find one you like, try designing your
own which others
can use, too.
” [10]


With more than 6000 available modules, the vast majority of your site's requirements
can be addressed with Drupal core and available add
on modules. Focus your efforts
on building great web sites, not re
creating features avail
able elsewhere. You can

contribute modules

for others to use.
” [10]


Drupal makes it easy to connect your website to other sites and services across the
web, using aggregation, feeds, and search en
gine connection capabilities. Social
networking integration is also widely supported to help you engage with a wider
audience. Drupal also offers your site easy ways to interact with external media and file
” [10]

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012



In the SEO world the

most important factor is the "Backlinks" to the webpages, which
help a lot in increasing the rank of a particular page for the specified keywords in the

Backlinks are the major factors which have an impact on the Rankings.

The Page Rank of the

page from where the backlinks is linking to our page also plays
a great role.

It is important for the backlinks to be crawled by the Google web cra
wler so that
Google knows about
that link and in return helps our page in ranking.

If our backlinks get in
dexed by the Google then that is the best way to get the juice
flow into our page.( No tools available to do that)

Backlinks from high ranked pages is very helpful but it is expensive.

To achieve all these points as listed above, we have tools in the mark
et which helps us
to build Backlinks and to make them crawled by the


web crawler. These are the
tools developed by a company


called Humankind Inc., which

is based in
, Houston, TX

Linklicious: Makes sur
e that the
Google web c

crawl the links

Drip Feed Links: Provides backlinks to your page. You select your keywords and the
amount of links you need every day.


Provides Indexed backlinks to your page.

Here, we can connect the account which produces backl
inks with Linklicious account so
that they are crawled by Google. We need to do all this process



monitors everything and if we fire backlinks in excess per day then it has a negative
impact on our page. But we can work on this and lea
d it into a perfect situation.

We need to set aside a budget for this project as a whole depending upon our need and

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Revenue G

One of the activities in this project is to generate revenue for the
. We are
planning to achie
ve this by implementing Google ad words and Google AdSense.

In Google AdSense, the user allows the other advertising campaigns to appear on his
website. Here the revenue is generated when other users click on those ads. The user
has the full control to sel
ect the type of ads which he wants to show on the website.

In Google ad words we have planned to set up a minimum budget to display

ad on Google and its partner website. The user can also select on basis of specific
websites and geographical area
s for his ad to appear. This campaign is mainly cost per
click i.e. the user will be charged only when someone clicks on his particular ad.

Implementing these two campaigns will support the

in 2 ways.

Google AdSense will generate revenue.

The re
venue generated from Google AdSense can be used a
s a

budget to set up
Google Ad words. Thus posting the ads on the Google and its partner website will
support in promotion and gradually increase the traffic to the parent website, further
by increasing the


lan of action

Figure 3


Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Websites Developed



Figure 4

Website 1 Snapshot



Figure 5

Website 2 Snapshot

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Revenue Generated

through AdSense

till now

Task Distribution

Primary Developers

Secondary Developers

Requirements Analysis

Sanket Korgaonkar

Vivek Baphna

Gyandeep Singh

Website Content


Amit Parab

Gyandeep Singh

Sanket Korgaonkar

ek Baphna

Website Design

Sanket Korgaonkar

Vivek Baphna

Gyandeep Singh

Amit Parab

SEO Research

Gyandeep Singh

Amit Parab

Vivek Baphna

SEO Techniques

Gyandeep Singh

Sanket Korgaonkar

Amit Parab

Vivek Baphna

Social Media Awareness

Sanket Korgaonkar



Weekly Analysis of plan

Sanket Korgaonkar

Amit Parab

Results Monitoring

Amit P

Vivek Baphna

Gyandeep Singh


Vivek Baphna

Sanket Korgaonkar

Table 1. Task Distribution

7.0 Results

The results as per the requirements are as follo

Adjust the structure under software development section in Tietronix.com to
optimized for search engines

We decided to create two brand new websites and then redire
ct the traffic to

The two websites which we have developed are,





Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

Google AdWords and Google AdSense

The comp
any is charged by G
oogle as per the number of appearances made by
advertisements on its search engine results.

More people have a chance of visiting the website via an advertisement if

it appears
more frequently in G
oogle search engine results.

So to hav
e more peopl
e to visit the website through AdW
ords it would have required
Tietronix to invest heavily on AdW

The other way of eventually having people visit your website is to perform its SEO,
make sure that the website appears on the first page.

We a
the above requirements

g traffic to Tietronix.com from
the two developed websites.

Now ranking for Tietronix was accomplished. But creating two new websites meant
that domain names and space had to be purchased.

Google has

one more fe
ature called AdSense

wherein we can have advertisements
of other companies and services on our websites and if people visit those through
ads our company gets paid for it.

So our plan was to generate revenue via AdS
ense and then use that generated
money t
o fund ADWORDS campaign.

So far approximately $ 47.59

has been generated.

Promotion on social media

Tietronix already have their F
acebook page so it was not feasible to simply have a
page dedicated to software development section.

We decided to increase c
ompany’s awareness in social media by publishing articles
and presentations on communities like aaim.org (Global community of Information
Professionals) , controlglobal.com (process automation experts ) , scribed.com

This will not only increase the awarene
ss but it will also help in redirecting people to

People will read about company’s work, articles,
and presentations

on above
sites and

then will

visit the corporate website

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012


The ranking of Tietronix for “process automa
tion software development k
statistic is as shown below,

Figure 6

Website 1 Statistics

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

The ranking statistic for “mission critical software

keyword is as shown

ure 7

Website 2 Statistics

Create a software development group related contact web form to capture initial
contact information from interested parties, and deliver that information to the
lead of Software Development group via group related corporate emai



contact form has been made in D
rupal. It is deployed in contact section of our

and it has also been tested.

The form as a
whole is going to be incorporated onto Tietronix’s corporate website.

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012



and les
ons learned

SEO techniques were learnt in great detail

Proper use of
Google Adsense


Google AdWords

was understood.

Importance of back lin
ks in SEO.

Features of Drupal CMS and developing websites using Drupal.

Future Work

Incorporation of Google AdWords


by money generated from AdSense

Implementing the same approach for other pages on Tietronix Software’s corporate

Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012



[1] K. Hsing Yang, C. Chien Pan, T. Lee. “Approximate Search Engine Optimization for
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N. Stamoulis. “Top ten Google SEO ranking factors”, published by
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Drupal Website SEO
Software Development


Capstone Project, Spring 2012

[8] “Learning Complexities of Search Engine

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