IBM SurePOS ACE Independent Grocer Package

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Independent Grocer Package
IBM Retail Store Solutions

Put industry-leading POS technology to
work for you
As an independent grocer, you face
a number of challenges: competitive
pressures from supercenters and
national chains, smaller IT budgets,
tightening labor pools, and less
flexibility to compete on price and
volume. IBM understands what you
are up against, and has developed
the IBM SurePOS

ACE Independent
Grocer Package – an affordable,
complete solution that is easy to
acquire and install and includes the
point-of-sale (POS) hardware, software
and peripherals needed to help stay
competitive and grow your business.
Rely on industry expertise
For over 30 years, IBM has helped top
grocery retailers thrive by providing
them with reliable, industry leading POS
solutions. Now you can acquire the
same solutions and technical support
as large chain grocers at a price that
makes sense for your business. The
IBM SurePOS ACE Independent Grocer
Package is available through a wide
network of authorized IBM Business
Partners who have experience in the
grocery industry, and are backed by
industry-leading product solutions and
support from IBM.
Powerful solutions for independent grocers
Providing the foundation for the IBM
SurePOS ACE Independent Grocer
Package is the comprehensive IBM
SurePOS ACE POS application. IBM
SurePOS ACE is designed to support
virtually any POS activity including:
scanning for quick throughput during
checkout; electronic marketing for loyalty
programs and price promotions; as
well as data maintenance and account
management for managing store
information and streamlining reporting.
New features of the solution include:

Open department key

eliminates time-consuming

‘unknown department’ errors,

helping save time and improve
departmental accountability

PIN encouragement
– processes
payments as debits instead of

credits, helping to reduce transaction
processing costs

Terminal offline
– records
transactions even if the controller
is unavailable, helping to improve
uptime and provide the continuation
of uninterrupted store operations

Tender variety mapping key

– customizes unique tender types,
eliminating the need for unique key
sequences for each tender type and
helping speed transaction times

Weight signaling
– provides audible
weight notification, helping to confirm
the successful weigh-in of an item
There are two specially priced IBM
SurePOS ACE Independent Grocer
packages to help you meet the
challenges of today’s competitive store
environments: Basic and Premium. Each
is comprised of hardware and software
components from the following:

The IBM SurePOS ACE Independent
Grocer Package software includes:
– IBM SurePOS ACE Electronic
Payment Support (EPS)
– IBM Store Integrator Graphical
User Interface (GUI)
– ICEsoft AS e-Lite Browser
– IBM 4690 Operating System (OS)
– IBM Data Integration Facility
– IBM SurePOS ACE Independent
Grocer 1-Year Software Support

The IBM SurePOS ACE Independent
Grocer Package hardware includes:
– IBM SurePOS 740, model 742
– IBM SureMark


model TI9
– IBM 50-key keyboard with MSR
and LCD

In addition to the software and
hardware listed above, the Premium
Package also includes:
– IBM SurePoint


infrared (IR) touchscreen display,

model 2WN

An optional Controller Hardware
Package is available and includes:
– IBM SurePOS 740, model C42
with PC keyboard
IBM Retail Store Solutions
ACE Independent Grocer Package

IBM SurePOS ACE for 4690 OS
IBM SurePOS ACE for 4690 OS is

a comprehensive POS application
designed to help independent grocery
retailers maximize customer service,
improve reliability at the POS and take
the first step toward an on demand
business. This powerful application
combines checkout support, electronic
marketing, data maintenance, account
management and other accounting
processes in a fast, versatile package.
IBM SurePOS ACE EPS offers standard
electronic tender support. EPS

supports prepaid gift and phone cards,
helping you to capture new revenue
streams. Additionally, EPS automatically
prompts customers who pay with check
cards to enter a PIN – helping to
improve debit-to-credit payment ratios,
which can ultimately increase
profitability through reduced transaction
fees. New features include integration
with Pay By Touch

and support of
Ingenico i6550, Ingenico i6770,
VeriFone Omni 7000, VeriFone Omni
7100 and Hypercom L4100 PIN pads.
IBM 4690 OS

Designed and developed exclusively

for retail, the IBM 4690 OS is widely
recognized for its high functionality and
outstanding reliability. It helps provide
a safe and highly functional foundation
for today’s most advanced software,
including e-business applications and
applications developed for the Java

2 specification. The IBM 4690 OS is
designed to deliver the same retail-
hardened performance as our rugged
POS systems. Task prioritization and
multiuser/multitasking capabilities
keep store operations moving swiftly.
Nonvolatile memory protects disk writes
at the server. In fact, multiple servers
can back each other up to help provide
uninterrupted checkout. All of which
help POS applications run with the high-
level availability you need to maintain
customer satisfaction.
IBM Data Integration Facility

The IBM Data Integration Facility
facilitates realtime data exchange with
your POS application as well as other
applications. This function unlocks
access to information, such as
transaction data, by providing transfer
and translation tools to support open
standards. Data that has been translated
into industry-standard formats can be
integrated easily with existing store
technology environments; formatting
data to comma-separated value (CSV)
format allows for easy viewing of data in
spreadsheets for further analysis.
IBM Store Integrator GUI

The IBM Store Integrator GUI offers

a user-friendly, customizable design

that supports dual displays. Retailers
can create a Java-based GUI for
touchscreen operation. IBM Store
Integrator GUI allows you to quickly and
easily implement a touch GUI, using
XML to configure and create screens
requiring no Java programming skills.
ICEsoft AS e-Lite Browser for 4690 OS
The ICEsoft AS e-Lite Browser for
4690 OS is a Java Class library that
allows you to develop customized Web
applications with a unique look and feel
for your store. The browser is used in
conjunction with the Store Integrator GUI
to support the operator touchscreen.

IBM SurePOS 700 Series

The IBM SurePOS 700 Series
delivers the speed and power to help
independent grocery retailers support

e-business, drive customer relationship
management (CRM), accelerate
training and captivate customers. IBM
SurePOS 740, model 742 features an
326 processor, 256MB
DDR 2 memory, shared video memory
configurable to 64MB and an optional
40GB hard disk drive.
IBM SureMark Printer

This fast, quiet, high-quality thermal
receipt printer helps retailers reduce
transaction times, customize receipts
with marketing messages and maximize
POS uptime. The model TI9 also
features high-accuracy optical

character recognition (OCR) and
magnetic ink character recognition
(MICR) reading, fast single pass

check handling and electronic check
imaging. This imaging enables you

to implement cost-effective electronic
check conversion (ECC) that is
designed to help minimize the risk of
administrative returns and losses from
non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks.
IBM SurePOS Controller

The retail-hardened IBM SurePOS
Controller is built on the same hardware
platform as the IBM SurePOS 740 POS
system. It includes an Intel Celeron
326 processor, 512MB DDR 2 memory,
40GB SATA hard disk drive, CD-ROM
drive, and two PCI slots. It comes
standard with a keyboard.
IBM SurePoint Solution

(included in Premium Package only)
The IBM SurePoint Solution (model
2WN) is a 12” display that features
state-of-the-art IR touch technology

to help provide more rapid, accurate
transactions. It incorporates a liquid
crystal display (LCD) in a compact
footprint, which helps save space.

Plus, IR technology offers a higher
contrast ratio, reduced glare and wider
viewing angle than conventional flat-
screen displays, which helps improve
screen visibility, even in brightly lit
environments. Because IR’s fixed

optical alignment lasts throughout the
life of the display, retailers may avoid
time-consuming recalibrations.
IBM SureMark Printer
IBM SurePoint Solution

(included in Premium Package only)
IBM SurePOS 700 Series

IBM is a worldwide market leader
in retail POS

A powerful point-of-sale application designed to help supermarket,

hypermarket and chain drug retailers compete in an on demand world
 Delivers superior POS perform
ance, outstanding operational
reliability and a built-in customer
promotions program to help
maximize profitability
 Positions retailers to take
advantage of the IBM Store
Integration Framework, which
enables fuel integration and

other advanced features
 Terminal offline feature enables
POS systems to record transac
tions even if the store controller

is unavailable, helping reduce

the risk of lost revenue
Engineered for supermarkets and chain
drug stores

ACE for 4690 OS is a
comprehensive point-of-sale (POS)
application designed to help
supermarket, hypermarket and chain
drug retailers maximize customer
service, improve reliability at the POS,
and take the first step toward the on
demand business model. This powerful
application combines checkout support,
electronic marketing, data maintenance,
account management and other
accounting processes in a fast, versatile
package. IBM SurePOS ACE performs
subsecond price lookups, handles
multiple tenders, and offers many
features designed to help maintain
technology currency and improve ease
of use. IBM SurePOS ACE also positions
retailers to take advantage of the IBM
Store Integration Framework, a key
component of on demand business.
Prepare for retail on demand
The IBM Store Integration Framework
is a unified integration environment
that helps provide critical infrastructure
to add software and hardware
seamlessly in the store, integrate
multiple points of service, and manage
store and customer data in realtime.
IBM SurePOS ACE supports multiple
components of the Framework, which
can be configured to help prepare
retailers to integrate an in-store
pharmacy, photo kiosks,
a wide range
of fuel pump transactions, or a personal
shopping assistant and helps provide
accurate price data, delivery of loyalty
benefits and streamlined transaction
processing. Specifically, IBM
SurePOS ACE is enabled to support
the IBM Store Integrator graphical
user interface (GUI) and the IBM
Data Integration Facility, which helps
promote realtime sales data analysis.
IBM SurePOS ACE for 4690 OS

Version 5

Dynamic capabilities for your store
Terminal offline operation
With the terminal offline feature, IBM
SurePOS ACE enables POS terminals

to conduct sales, perform price

lookups and log transactions even

if the store controller is unavailable.

This helps reduce the risk of lost

revenue due to server outages in your
stores. The terminal offline feature also
handles reconciliation of sales data.

It is also critical for single-controller
environments, where it supports a lower-
cost deployment of IBM SurePOS ACE,
enhances redundancy and helps reduce
the risk of downtime.
Maximum profitability
IBM SurePOS ACE Electronic Payment
Support (EPS)
offers all standard
electronic tender support. EPS supports
prepaid gift and phone cards, enabling
you to capture new revenue streams.
Plus, EPS automatically prompts
customers who pay with check cards to
enter a PIN. If the customer enters a PIN,
ACE processes the transaction as a

debit, which typically costs retailers
significantly less than a credit. This
feature helps improve debit-to-credit
payment ratios and can ultimately
increase your profitability.
Solid investment protection
IBM SurePOS ACE provides excellent
uptime because it is built on the IBM 4690
OS, one of the most reliable computing
platforms in retail. It also provides strong
backward and forward compatibility.

It uses the same host interface, data
format and operator interface as the

IBM Supermarket Application, so you

can make a smooth transition with
minimal operator training.
Diverse built-in functionality
IBM SurePOS ACE can support virtually
any POS activity. New features include
feature-rich fuel integration, support
for Pay By Touch

transactions and
complete check image capture. It also
offers interfaces to electronic journaling
and coupon management. The integrated
customer loyalty program rewards repeat
customers to help increase sales. Other
electronic marketing features support
complex promotions and preferred
shopper programs. The software also
supports gift receipts and detailed
reports for faster decision making.
Integrated management tools
Help increase manager productivity with
a terminal monitor for viewing cashier
actions on any active terminal, selective
item reporting that allows you to build
item lists quickly and create batches for
updating prices, and an electronic journal
that enables you to create summary
reports from stored transaction logs.
Advanced security features
IBM SurePOS ACE includes multiple
security features to help profits, such as
the ability to create encrypted operator
passwords that restrict access to specific
functions, and multitiered overrides that
set limits for superseding specific
operations. Data maintenance helps offer
secure control of files down to individual
fields. It also supports biometric
authorization for electronic purchases
through the Pay By Touch solution.
World-class service and support
The IBM service organization, including
the National Retail Services Center
(NRSC), can assist retailers with many
aspects of IBM SurePOS ACE, including
integration, development and support.
IBM authorized Business Partners can
also provide a wide range of professional
and support services for ACE.
Customer display (output only) enables

in-lane advertising with easily customizable
colors and fonts
Operator interface features a touchscreen

GUI that helps improve productivity and

reduce operator training time
Integrated customer loyalty program rewards
repeat customers to help increase sales
IBM Store Integrator GUI supports dual

displays, so you can run an operator

touchscreen GUI and a separate display

for engaging shoppers

IBM SurePOS ACE application at a glance
Hardware supported
Servers Machines running the IBM 4690 OS Version 4
IBM SurePOS 700 Series (minimum 16MB memory)

IBM 4694 (minimum 16MB memory)

IBM 4693 (minimum 16MB memory)
Operating systems supported
IBM 4690 Operating System 4690 OS Version 4
Peripherals (optional)
Displays IBM SurePoint

Solution (touch and nontouch)

2 x 20 alphanumeric display

Full-screen video

Monochrome and color CRT displays
Scanners Handheld scanner

Keyboards 50-key POS keyboards

Alphanumeric POS keyboards

Matrix keyboard

1/2/3 track keyboard MSR
PIN pads Selected models of VeriFone, Ingenico and Hypercom
Printers IBM SureMark

Printers, Model TM6 (supported in native mode) and Model TI8

IBM Model 3/4 POS printers

IBM Fiscal printers (ask your local representative)
Additional options Cash drawer (dual support)

Integrated MICR reader


Hard totals (totals retention)

Programmable power

Coin dispenser
Warranty The software is backed by IBM’s Program Product Limited Warranty and has a two-month

test period allowance. For specific information, contact your IBM representative or

IBM Business Partner.
Technical support Software maintenance agreement available. Software maintenance includes technical

support (via phone and Web) plus software subscription, which includes access to software

upgrades as they become available during the coverage period. For specific information,

contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.
IBM SurePOS ACE EPS for 4690 OS is available only
in the United States and Canada. In Latin America,
please contact your local representative for a list

of comparable applications from authorized IBM

Business Partners.
The minimum 4690 OS controller of SurePOS ACE

is an Intel Pentium
100MHz processor, with at least

64MB memory. The minimum 4690 OS controller
when utilizing the IBM Store Integrator GUI is a
500MHz processor with at least 128MB memory.
Use of the terminal offline support requires at least
32MB of memory in the terminal.
To utilize the IBM Store Integrator GUI, you will

need the IBM 4690 OS Version 4 and the ICESoft

e-Lite Browser Version 6.0. A single video display
requires a minimum 500MHz processor and 224MB
of RAM. Dual video displays require a minimum

850MHz processor and 224MB of RAM.
IBM SurePOS ACE key features
Additional fuel integration features ACE now allows shoppers to use loyalty cards at the pump and make additional purchases in

the store. It also delivers advertising and loyalty messages at the pump. ACE can suspend fuel

transactions at the pump for in-store payment, as well as limit cashiers’ ability to void or refund

fuel items. At the pump, ACE also offers pre-authorization, sends fuel and loyalty data from the

pump to the POS, supports car wash sales, prints trailer messages on receipts, and supports

certain tests for weights and measures.
Pay By Touch integration
Supports the Pay By Touch solution, which gives shoppers the convenience of paying for

purchases with an ‘electronic wallet’ that uses biometric authentication to help reduce fraud.

Payment options include credit, EBT card, and checking account. Enrollment for the Pay By

Touch solution is handled separately and is the responsibility of the retailer.
Complete check image capture Supports complete check image capture (front and back), which helps retailers minimize the

risk of nonpayment if an automatic funds transfer is not completed. (Partial image capture is

also supported for the IBM SureMark Printer, Model TI8.)
Terminal offline feature
Enables POS systems to continue scanning items and recording transactions, even if the store

controller is unavailable.
Electronic check conversion Helps improve retailer profitability by reducing the cost of processing paper checks through the

conversion of the paper check into an automated clearing house (ACH) transaction.
Smart card WIC implementation The EPS feature supports the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program in Texas and New

Mexico by integrating support for the VeriFone Omni 7000 PIN pad with signature capture

and a smart card reader.
14-digit GTIN/RSS
Supports the Global Trade Identification Number/Reduced Space Symbology (GTIN/RSS) barcodes.
Self-checkout Supports integration with IBM Self Checkout, which can help improve service, increase

throughput and control costs.
Integrated customer loyalty and
Provides multiple options for building customer loyalty programs that reward targeted customers.

promotion management
Dual display support Provides support for dual video displays to power a touchscreen GUI operator display and an

output-only customer display.
Pages  and  show IBM Store Integrator

GUI on the IBM SurePoint Solution
The premier IBM POS system for on

demand retail

700 Series

is the most powerful point-of-sale
(POS) solution in the IBM portfolio,
and the first of its kind with 64-bit-
enabled processors running at
speeds up to 3GHz. With select
models that feature Serial ATA hard
drives, support for Redundant

Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
technology and up to 2GB of DDRII
memory, this high-impact solution
delivers the speed, availability

and reliability on demand retailers
require. Plus, these new models now
offer more technology to help you

transform the customer experience
and increase employee productivity.
Flexible choices to customize your POS
With multiple choices for speed, size,
color and format, the IBM SurePOS
700 Series makes it easy and cost-
effective for retailers to create a
customized POS solution. It also
offers upgradeable IBM SurePorts
that accommodate current and new
devices, and an optional PCI

Express slot for future-proof wireless
capability. In addition, tremendous
application flexibility lets you choose
from a wide range of third-party
software, including Ready for IBM
Retail Store Innovations solutions.

Revolutionize the customer experience with
high-powered, innovative POS technology
IBM SurePOS 700 Series
SurePOS 720, 740 and 780
 Meet dynamic consumer
demands for fast,

accurate transactions

and personalized service
 Choose from multiple options
for appearance, ports, slots,
applications and peripherals
 Protect your technology
investment with a flexible,

open platform solution
 Improve reliability and

uptime with a rugged,

retail-hardened design
IBM SurePorts
I/O ports Cash Powered Powered RS-485 RS-485 RS-485 RS-485 Powered

drawer USB 2.0 USB 2.0 port 7 (38V)
port 5 port 4 port 9 RS-232

(12V) printer keyboard customer customer (12V or 15V)

display display/

Powered USB

2 1 7 – – – – –

RS-485/powered USB

2 1 2 1 1 1 2 –

RS-232/powered USB

1 1 2 – – – – 4

Staged migration protects your investment
When you choose the IBM SurePOS
700 Series, you can count on an easy,
staged migration path that helps protect
your current technology investment. We
make it simple to port POS applications
to this powerful new platform. The
system includes the drivers you need
for seamless API compatibility. Most
important, its open platform design
supports a broad range of operating
systems, including the IBM Retail
Environment for SUSE LINUX

Superior reliability and performance
Built to withstand demanding in-store
environments, the IBM SurePOS 700
Series features a retail-hardened design
that helps reduce system maintenance
costs and downtime. High-quality
Serial ATA hard drives help improve
performance. Support for RAID helps
improve availability, especially in stores
with fewer POS systems. In addition,
sophisticated touchscreen technology
lets you customize the POS interface

to address the needs of customers

and customer-facing employees.
In-store and remote systems management

Manage the IBM SurePOS 700

Series more efficiently with IBM

Remote Management Agent, a versatile
solution that automatically discovers

the IBM SurePOS 700 system and
enables store-level and enterprise

systems management. This solution
helps retailers meet uptime objectives,
reduce IT maintenance costs, deploy
new technologies faster, and with

IBM Tivoli
Automation software,
manage the store with other enterprise
IT operations.
Partner with the experts in retail
When you work with IBM, you can tap
into our comprehensive retail industry
knowledge. We bring a proven track
record forged through 30 years of
global experience – and nearly two
million POS terminal installations
worldwide – in the retail industry.
IBM SurePOS 700 Series at a glance
Product name SurePOS 720 SurePOS 740 SurePOS 780
Model number 722 742 C42 782
2.0GHz Intel Celeron Intel Celeron D 326 Intel Celeron D 326 Intel Pentium 4 531
(400MHz FSB) (2.5GHz) (533MHz FSB) (2.5GHz) (533MHz FSB) (3GHz) (800MHz FSB)
Hard disk drive
40GB option 40GB option 40GB standard 80GB standard
System memory 128MB (2GB maximum) 256MB (2GB maximum) 512MB (2GB maximum) 512MB (2GB maximum)
Video memory 64MB (maximum) 64MB (maximum) 64MB (maximum) 64MB (maximum)
(shared with system memory)
NVRAM 128KB 128KB 128KB 128KB
Expansion options
PCI slots 2 2 2 2
PCI Express slots – 1 lane optional 1 lane optional 1 lane optional

(replaces 1 PCI) (replaces 1 PCI) (replaces 1 PCI)
Second hard disk drive – 40GB 40GB 80GB
Floppy disk drive (1.44MB) External USB External USB External USB External USB
CD-ROM External USB Internal (24X) Standard Internal (24X)
DVD-ROM – – Internal burner option –
Battery back-up Internal UPS (wide only) Internal UPS (wide only) Internal UPS (wide only) Internal UPS (wide only)
IBM SurePorts See ‘IBM SurePorts’ chart for a full description of IBM SurePorts and connectivity options for 722, 742 and 782
machines. C42 controller mode does not include SurePorts.
Powered USB (12V) – 1 (front) 1 (front) 1 (front)
PC USB ports 2 (back) 4 (2 front; 2 back) 4 (2 front; 2 back) 4 (2 front; 2 back)
RS-232 ports 2 4 4 4
Parallel port 1 1 1 1
keyboard/mouse 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1
RJ45 Ethernet 1 1 1 1
Audio mic-in/line-out ports Back Back Back Back
Headphone Back Back and front Back and front Back and front
Peripheral options
Displays • IBM SurePoint

Solution (touch and nontouch) • RS-485 40-character and character/graphics display
• USB 40-character and character/graphics display • Monochrome CRT display
Printers • IBM SureMark

Printer • IBM 4689-TD5 SurePOS printer

• IBM Model 4 printers • IBM Fiscal printers
Keyboard • USB 50-key, 133-key and ANPOS keyboards • PS/2 ANPOS and compact ANPOS keyboards

• RS-485 50-key,133-key and ANPOS keyboards
Cash drawers • Full-size, compact and flip-top
Integration trays • Slant-top tray, table-top slant tray and cash drawer slant tray
IBM SurePOS 700 Series at a glance (continued)
Industry standards
Systems management • Wired for Management • Wake on LAN

Power management
• APM and ACPI
System dimensions and weight
Dimensions (WxDxH) • Narrow: 322x475x116mm (12.6x18.7x4.6”)

• Wide: 442x475x116mm (17.4x18.7x4.6”)
Weight • Narrow: 22lbs (10kg)

• Wide: 26lbs (11.8kg)

• Wide (with UPS): 39lbs (17.7kg)
Power requirements
Power requirements • Universal Switched Power Supply (47-63Hz) • 60W typical/200W maximum
Operating systems supported
• IBM Retail Environment for SUSE LINUX V2 • Microsoft

• IBM 4690 OS, V3 R3 or later • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition with

• IBM 4690 OS Toolkit Service Pack 2
– Astra • Microsoft Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 2

– SureVision • Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service
Drivers supported • UPOS 1.7.5 (includes OPOS, • POSS for DOS 2.1.1

JavaPOS, POSS for Linux)
Applications supported • IBM SurePOS ACE for 4690 OS • Multiple IBM Business Partner software solution

• IBM General Sales Application • Additional customized IBM applications

• IBM 4680-4690 Supermarket Application • IBM VisualStore
Management tools • IBM Remote Management Agent • IBM Director
Limited warranty
• One year onsite service
Service Pacs • One year and two year additional service available
Technical support • 24x7 phone support (during warranty period)
and Web-based help
Service availability • Up to 7 years following withdrawal from the market
IBM is not the licensor of any Business Partner’s
product or service and makes no warranties,
expressed or implied, including any implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness of a
particular purpose. Statements made by IBM
Business Partners that offer Ready for IBM Retail
Store Innovations products are provided by the
relevant third-party and not IBM.
A single POS printer can be plugged in

and operational.
24V available in Japan.
Default connectivity selection unless otherwise
indicated at the time of order.
GHz refers to only microprocessor internal

clock speed; many factors affect application
GB equals one billion bytes when referring to
storage capacity; accessibility may be less.
Memory supports both system and video.
Accessible system memory will be the installed
memory size less the amount defined for video.
Not all peripherals are available in all countries.
Please contact your local IBM representative

for details.
Power management functionality is

device dependent.
With the exception of models 782/742, an
operating system is not included, and can

be purchased separately.
For a copy of the terms and conditions of IBM’s
Statement of Limited Warranty, please contact
your IBM representative or reseller.
Technical support response times may vary.
Speeds depend on many factors and may be

less than the maximum possible.
Requires separate Internet access account

(not included).
IBM SurePOS 700 Series features
Intel processors up to 3GHz for
outstanding speed and enable the

latest 64-bit operating systems
RAID support allows mirroring to help
eliminate downtime if a hard file fails
Serial ATA hard drives deliver

speeds up to 7,200 revolutions

per minute for improved application
performance (optional)
PCI Express slot (one lane, no graphics)
enables wireless technology (optional)
Peripherals attach directly to IBM
SurePorts, including powered USB
(please see IBM SurePorts chart)
UPS allows you to complete
transactions if a power outage

occurs (optional)
10/100 Ethernet port offers extensive
speed and bandwidth

Integrated systems and power
management capabilities
CD-ROM runs multimedia applications
(optional on select models)

Choose distributed or integrated
configuration, in storm, litho or iron gray

Front access to USB, powered USB
and headphone ports for easy device
attachment (model dependent)

IBM SurePoint Solution for GUI or
touchscreen applications (optional)

IBM SureMark Printer provides

high-quality thermal printing (optional)

ANPOS keyboard with pointing

device (optional)
IBM SurePOS 700 Series new model highlights
Model 782 – Performance
• Intel Pentium 4 531 (3GHz) • Second HDD optional • 2 PCI slots standard, 1 PCI slot and
• 512MB DDRII memory (2GB maximum) • Internal and external CD-ROM options 1 PCI Express slot optional
• 80GB SATA HDD (7,200 RPM) • External FDD options
Model 742 – Value
• Intel Celeron 326 (2.5GHz) • Second HDD optional • 2 PCI slots standard, 1 PCI slot and

• 256MB DDRII memory (2GB maximum) • Internal and external CD-ROM options 1 PCI Express slot optional

• 40GB SATA HDD (7,200 RPM) • External FDD options
Model 722 – Entry
• Intel Celeron 2GHz/400MHz FSB • 128MB DDR memory (2GB maximum) • 40GB IDE HDD (7,200 RPM)
Model C42 – Controller
• Intel Celeron 326 (2.5GHz) • 40GB SATA HDD (7,200 RPM) • 104-key preferred pro full-size keyboard

• 512MB DDRII memory (2GB maximum) • CD-ROM standard, DVD upgrade optional (PS/2)(US only)
Page 11 shows model  configured with optional
components: IBM SureMark Printer (TG), IBM
SurePoint Solution and ANPOS Web-enabled
keyboard with pointing device.
Page 1 shows model  configured with optional
components: IBM SureMark Printer (TM), IBM
SurePoint Solution and ANPOS Web-enabled
keyboard with pointing device.
1 1
IBM SureMark Printers
Dual-station models
Fast, high-quality thermal receipt printing

plus advanced electronic check processing

Superior thermal printing and

check processing
With a high-powered combination of
advanced technology and reliability,
dual-station models of IBM SureMark

Printers can help retailers in every
segment reduce transaction times,
customize receipts and maximize
uptime at the point of sale (POS).

These quiet, high-quality thermal
printers deliver up to 52 lines per
second (lps) for single-byte character
set (SBCS) output, or up to 50 lps for
double-byte character set (DBCS)
fonts. All models include a thermal
receipt print station and an impact print
station for multipart forms and checks.

Plus, Model TI9 offers advanced
electronic check processing.
 Thermal printing delivers
excellent speed and image quality
 Single-pass, double-sided

check imaging
 Impact printing for forms

and documents
 Logo and barcode storage helps
enable receipt customization
 Highly serviceable, global-

ready platform
Single-pass, double-sided check imaging
The document insert station on the
Model TI9 supports electronic check
acceptance (ECA) as well as electronic
check truncation (ECT/Check 21). It
captures a complete electronic image
of the front and back of checks in a
single pass, so you can use the check
image for either ECA or ECT/Check
21 applications. The entire process
happens rapidly, helping to minimize
transaction time. The impact station
also prints “VOID” on the face of

the check.
Additional check processing features
Model TI9 includes an image quality
filter that helps each check image
provide adequate readability for
seamless third-party processing and
fewer administrative returns. The printer
also uses compression techniques
to reduce the file size of each check
image, allowing retailers to process

high volumes of checks without
clogging the network.
1 1
IBM SureMark Printers: dual-station models at a glance
Models TI9/DI9/TG9/DG9 T
I3/DI3/TG3/DG3 T

Printing speed
Receipt station (one-color paper) Up to 52 lps @ 8 lpi, 39 lps @ 6 lpi Up to 50 lps @ 7.7 lpi
Receipt station (two-color paper) Up to 35 lps @ 8 lpi, 26 lps @ 6 lpi Up to 30 lps
Impact slip station Up to 4.3 lps
Printing resolution (thermal) 203 dpi
Memory usage
Data buffer RAM 16KB 16KB 16KB
Flash memory for microcode 2MB 512KB 512KB
Flash memory for offline journal Up to 2MB
104KB up to 168KB 360KB
up to 420KB
Flash memory for logos Up to 2MB
64KB up to 168KB
64KB up to 420KB
Flash memory for fixed messages Up to 2MB Up to 8KB Up to 8KB
Flash memory for code pages 80KB 80KB
Flash memory for scanned images Up to 2MB N/A N/A
Standard flash memory 4MB 2-8MB 8MB
Optional flash memory 8MB N/A N/A
Interfaces •
Powered USB plus standard USB (external power brick required)

RS-485 plus standard RS-232 (external power brick required)
Mounting options • Integrated with POS •
Ports Cash drawer (one physical, two logical, +24V), RS-232 adapter only
Physical dimensions and weight
WxDxH (mm) 190.5

WxDxH (inches) 7.5x10x6.0 7.5x10x5.5
Weight 4.9kg/10.8lbs 4.4kg/9.6lbs 4.8kg/10.5lbs 4.4kg/9.6lbs
Industry standards
Resident barcode formats UPC A/E, JAN 8 (EAN), Code 39, ITF, Code 93, Code 128 a, b and c, Codabar, PDF417
Peripheral options
Integration kits • IBM SurePOS

700 Series
• IBM SurePOS 500 Series

4694 System

Supply options IBM now offers branded paper supplies. For more information, contact your IBM sales
representative or visit:

Operating systems supported
• IBM 4690 Operating System • Microsoft Windows 98 (2nd Edition)

• IBM Retail Environment for SUSE Linux (IRES) • Microsoft Windows XP (Professional Edition)

• Novell Linux Point of Service (NLPOS) • DOS

• Microsoft Windows 2000 (Professional Edition)
Drivers supported
• OLE for POS (OPOS) • POSS for Linux

• JavaPOS


• POSS for Microsoft Windows • Native Windows Driver for Microsoft Windows
IBM application support • IBM SurePOS ACE • IBM General Sales Application

• IBM Supermarket Application
Strong investment protection
IBM SureMark Printers consistently offer
strong investment protection, and Model
TI9 is no exception. It provides a smooth
migration path and strong investment
protection for retailers already using
IBM SureMark Printers. Field upgrades
of firmware are available for Model TI8,
enabling many of the capabilities of
Model TI9. In addition, depot upgrades
can be made available for both Model TI8
and Model TI4.
High-quality thermal printing
Using the latest innovations in thermal
printing, these printers quietly produce
crisp, clean output on every receipt.
TrueType fonts enable newspaper-

style printing with proportional, scalable
characters for enhanced readability.
These printers can also highlight

special information with an accent

color (red or blue).
IBM SureMark Printers: dual-station models at a glance (continued)
Models TI9/DI9/TG9/DG9 TI3/DI3/TG3/DG3 TI4/DI4/TG4/DG4 TI5/TG5
North America Yes
Yes Yes No
Latin America No TI3/TG3 only TI4/TG4 only No
Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) No TI3/TG3 only TI4/TG4 only No
Asia Pacific No TI3/TG3 only TI4/TG4 only Yes
IBM SureMark Printers: dual-station models overview
Model Character MICR OCR Single-pass Document Cover Warranty


MICR check handling
imaging color service
TI3 SBCS Pearl White
IBM onsite repair
I4 SBCS Yes Yes Pearl White
IBM onsite repair
I5 DBCS Pearl White
IBM onsite repair
I9 SBCS Yes Yes Yes Pearl White
IBM onsite repair
TG3 SBCS Iron Gray
IBM onsite repair
TG4 SBCS Yes Yes Iron Gray

IBM onsite repair
Iron Gray

IBM onsite repair
TG9 SBCS Yes Yes Yes Iron Gray
IBM onsite repair
I3 SBCS Pearl White
Depot service
I4 SBCS Yes Yes Pearl White
Depot service
I9 SBCS Yes Yes Yes Pearl White
Depot service
DG3 SBCS Iron Gray
Depot service
DG4 SBCS Yes Yes Iron Gray
Depot service
DG9 SBCS Yes Yes Yes Iron Gray
Depot service

Indicates maximum rated speed. Actual print
speed depends on user-specific configuration

of interface, application, operating system

and drivers.
With overhanging ledge, width is

200.5mm (7.9”).
Rear height is 200.5mm (7.9”).
Rear height is 190.5mm (7.5”).
Some printer functions may not be supported
by all combinations of operating systems,
drivers and applications.
To obtain the latest compatibility data for
operating systems, interfaces and IBM
hardware, visit the IBM support Web site:
Available in the U.S. only.
If you have purchased Model TI4 printers,

IBM can add TI9/DI9 functionality through

a depot-installed upgrade kit.
Bottom cover will be Litho Gray with RS-485/
RS-232 adapter (matches IBM SurePOS 4694
system). With USB adapter, bottom cover
will be Storm Gray (matches the Storm Gray
models of the IBM SurePOS 700 Series).
All limited warranty terms are for one year.

For a copy of the terms and conditions of

IBM’s statement of limited warranty, contact
your IBM representative or reseller.
Matches the IBM SurePOS 300 Series and the

IBM SurePOS 500 Series.
Systems with limited onsite service are
designed to be repaired during the applicable
warranty period primarily with IBM supplied
replacement parts, installed by trained IBM
service technicians at the customer’s location.
IBM will only send a technician onsite to
perform a repair if (a) remote telephone
diagnosis and/or customer part replacement
is/are unable to resolve the problem, or (b) the
part is one of the few designated by IBM for
customer replacement. For a list of customer
replaceable parts, contact IBM. Support
unrelated to a warranty issue may be subject
to additional charges.
Not all printer functions are emulated.

For a full list of printer emulation functions,
please visit the IBM support Web site:
Simple, snap-together design
A snap-together design makes IBM
SureMark Printers extremely easy to
service. Paper handling is fast and
easy, so operators can change paper
rolls quickly. Electronic journaling helps
eliminate the costs and challenges
of maintaining a second print station
and simplifies the search for electronic
records. With dual-station models for
SBCS or DBCS output, IBM SureMark
Printers also allow international,
multinational and global retailers to use
a single printer platform for every store
worldwide. This can help improve service
and support efficiency.
Flash memory for customized receipts
IBM SureMark Printers use flash memory
to generate logos, barcodes, graphics
and text messages automatically. This
allows retailers to customize receipts
without affecting wait time at the POS, and
transforms your printer into a powerful
marketing tool. Add your logo to receipts,
use barcodes to expedite returns, or print
special offers to reward loyal customers.
IBM SureMark Printers also feature clean
receipt capabilities, so you can organize
receipts by item and category and make
it easier for customers to scan the receipt
for specific items.
Emulations for easy migration
IBM SureMark Printers offer emulation of
the receipt and document insert stations
for IBM Model 3 and Model 4 printers.

This allows retailers to replace existing
printers with IBM SureMark Printers,
upgrading print speed, print quality
and overall ease of use – while reducing
the time and cost of reconfiguring POS
software. Additionally, if you plan to use
Model TI9 to support ECT/Check 21,
but must wait to install new hardware or
software to support this capability, Model
TI9 can emulate model TI4 features to act
as an interim solution.
0 1
Pages 1 and 0 show IBM SureMark

Printer model TI.
IBM SureMark Printer features
Thermal receipt print station

Fast, quiet output for SBCS or

DBCS printing
Receipt cutter
Simple paper loading helps

reduce downtime
Receipt out-of-paper sensor helps

enable cashiers to replace rolls quickly
Supports barcodes, logos, color

graphics and TrueType fonts
Impact station
Prints on single or multipart forms in

portrait or landscape orientation
Top and bottom document sensors
Single-printhead design supports fast,

reliable check processing
Helps support ECA and ECT/Check 21

(model dependent)
Image quality filter verifies check image

legibility (Model TI9 only)
Additional features
Powered USB and RS-485 connectivity

eliminates the need for a separate

power brick and conserves

counter space

Standard USB and RS-232 connectivity

integrates with IBM and third-party POS

systems (external power brick required)

2MB or 8MB upgrade supports

electronic journaling or extended logo

storage (optional on some models)

Electronic journal support helps

eliminate the need to print, store

and manage paper journals

Proven design delivers high reliability

in retail environments

Color-matched top and bottom covers

for IBM POS systems
0 1
Capitalizing on next-generation touch technologies
for increased usability and accuracy
 Provides a flat-panel display

to help enable robust multi-

media applications
 Features an intuitive, reliable
infrared touchscreen interface to
help reduce training and improve
customer service
 Helps offer smooth integration,
along with open connectivity

and durability of infrared touch
for a consolidated, efficient
POS platform
Engaging retail consumers with

leading-edge POS display technology
Today’s retailers require a powerful
POS solution that can help enhance
customer service, yet is easy for
operators to learn and use. Transactions
must be rapid and accurate, taking
the customer through a pleasant,
interactive shopping experience.
The IBM SurePoint 2WN flat-panel,
full-color POS display features
innovative IR touch technology for

rapid, accurate transactions.
The 2WN model includes a flat-panel
liquid crystal display (LCD) that can be
used for effective multimedia operator
training, full-motion video advertising
and interactive customer displays. It
comes in a compact footprint, enabling
retailers to make the most of valuable
counter space.
Providing exceptional video quality, IBM
SurePoint displays let you take advantage
of the increasing selection of full-featured,
touch-based POS applications. Interactive
training and multilingual solutions are

readily implemented.
Next-generation IBM SurePoint Solutions
feature cost-effective IR touchscreen
technology that enables personnel to use
a broad range of interaction tools – from a
finger to a credit card – while maintaining
high levels of transaction accuracy
and speed. A higher contrast ratio and
reduced glare offer improved screen
visibility, even when positioned in brightly
lit environments. And because IR’s fixed
optical alignment lasts throughout the

life of the display, you can avoid time-
consuming recalibrations.
Providing POS functionality wrapped

in an integrated, durable package
The IBM SurePoint Solution is both modular
and scalable, letting you integrate additional
peripherals – such as magnetic stripe
readers (MSRs), keypads, pointing devices
and key locks – into an aesthetic, timeless
design. Because it features open standards-
based Universal Serial Bus (USB) or serial
connectivity, you can attach your IBM
SurePoint display to most POS terminals or
PCs, thereby leveraging the equipment you
already have on hand. To further safeguard
your technology investment, IBM conducts
rigorous environmental tests – such as spill
resistance and electrostatic discharge – to
help extend the life of your IBM SurePoint
Solution, even under harsh retail conditions.
IBM SurePoint Solution
SurePoint 2WN

IBM SurePoint Solution at a glance
Product Name SurePoint 2WN SurePoint 2GN SurePoint 2WB SurePoint 2GB SurePoint 5WN SurePoint 5GN
Model number: 4820-2WN 4820-2GN 4820-2WB 4820-2GB 4820-5WN 4820-5GN

Model number: 4820-2WD 4820-2GD – – – –

Screen size 12.1” 12.1” 12.1” 12.1” 15” 15”
Resolution 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 1024x768 1024x768
Model color Pearl white Iron gray Pearl white Iron gray Pearl white Iron gray
Backlit bulb High contrast High contrast High brightness High brightness High brightness High brightness
Power 12W typical/17W 12W typical/17W 15W typical/20W 15W typical/20W 23W typical/29W 23W typical/29W
requirements maximum maximum maximum maximum maximum maximum
Video interface • Analog
Touch interface • Powered USB, standard USB or RS-232
Optional mounting features
Mounting stands •
Integrated mounting stands: IBM SurePOS

700, IBM SurePOS 4694, IBM SurePOS 500 (second display)

• Weighted distributed base: Short distributed mount, Tall distributed mount

• VESA-compliant adapter
Optional I/O devices
MSR • Three track or JUCC
Manager keylock • 2-position programmable
Keypad/MSR • 32-key programmable keypad with MSR
Physical dimensions and weight

Maximum dimensions in mm (WxDxH) • 12”: 321x53x269 • 15”: 382x53x314

Maximum dimensions in inches (WxDxH) • 12”: 12.6x2.1x10.6 • 15”: 15x2.1x12.4
MSR • Adds 1.7” (43mm) to the width of the display
MSR and keypad • Adds 4.4” (112mm) to the width of the display
Weight • 12”: 4.8lbs/ • 15”: 7.5lbs/3.4kg

Operating systems (OS) supported
• IBM 4690 OS Version 4 • Microsoft Windows 2000

• Microsoft Windows XP • Microsoft Windows XP Embedded

• IBM PC DOS 2000 • IBM Retail Environment for SUSE Linux
Drivers supported • OPOS • JavaPOS

Warranty service
• One year depot or onsite service
Technical support • 24x7 phone support (during warranty period)
and Web-based help
Nontouch models 2WD and 2GD can not be configured with optional I/O devices.
An operating system is not included and can be purchased separately.
For a copy of the terms and conditions of IBM’s Statement of Limited Warranty,
please contact your IBM representative or authorized reseller.
Technical support response times may vary.

Page 1 shows IBM SurePoint Solution model WN.
Page  shows model WN as a component

of an IBM SurePOS 00 system.
IBM SurePoint features
1. Low power consumption can

help reduce both power costs

and heat dissipation
2. High-brightness, active-matrix

display supports full-motion

video for better viewing
3. Available in pearl white or iron gray

to match existing POS equipment
4. Displays up to 16.7 million colors

for stunning video imagery
5. Spill resistant, retail-hardened
construction helps protect against
extreme store environments
6. Hardware controls let users adjust
brightness and secure preferences
with a tamper-proof cover
7. 180-degree rotational range enables
usage for customer- or cashier-

facing applications
8. Stable mount fixtures offer a steady
screen display with minimal movement
9. Industry-standard video attachment
eliminates the need to purchase an
additional adapter
10. The choice of a 12” or 15” display
offers an ideal size for various

POS environments
11. 32-key programmable keypad for

rapid data entry
12. Wide tilt range for ergonomically
correct viewing
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