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Microsoft Dynamics AX



Microsoft Corporation

Financial Management


Marketplace challenges for small to midsized
organizations and divisions of large enterprises

Operational efficiency

Competitive edge

Regulatory compliance

Microsoft Dynamics

AX solution for financial

Customer success stories

Q&A session

Prioritize and focus on important business goals

Make informed business decisions based on real

Maintain an in
depth understanding of rapidly
changing business

Improve the efficiency of financial applications to
enable strategic planning activities

Manage cash flow effectively

Key Challenges

Operational efficiency

Automate business
critical financial processes

Access and analyze data using Microsoft

system programs

Gain rapid business insight with powerful Microsoft
SQL Server

reporting capabilities

Retain insight into company performance

Optimize the way your company manages cash
flow with better forecasts and account

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Streamline financial processes

Key Challenges


Maintain flexible business processes to compete

Understand and respond to new constraints or
business requirements as needed

Reduce the high financial and operational risk
involved with business expansion

Move from tactical planning to strategic planning

Expand your business across geographies

Effectively manage intercompany transactions

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Empower your team to work strategically

Key Challenges


Help protect the privacy of confidential information

Provide detailed records to internal and external

Reduce labor costs associated with cumbersome

Take advantage of robust security
mechanisms built into the Microsoft Windows

2003 platform

Support regulatory compliance in various locales

Provide detailed audit trails and tools for
consolidating multiple company accounts

Include robust reporting capabilities built on
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Comply with confidence

Impact on Key Roles

Improve productivity

Maps to key roles in your financial organization, including:

AP coordinator

AR administrator



Credit manager


Delivers a personalized user experience

Improves individual productivity by helping employees
access the processes and information they need

Access and approval privileges based on job functions

Why Microsoft Dynamics?


“Now, we can see what is happening across the organization and

use this data to make more informed decisions than ever before.”

Vadim Yurievich Izotov, Deputy General Director, IT Director, OJSC Rostelecom

Major European Carrier Enhances Management
Decision Making and IT Management

With a range of
information systems in
place, OJSC
Rostelecom could not
form a consolidated
view of its business
activities and ensure
effective decision

After upgrading its
underlying technology
infrastructure using
Microsoft technology, the
company deployed

business software

Accurate financial reporting
for executives and company

Reduced costs through
centralized IT management

Clear view of management
information across
departments and regions

System fully customized to
support existing working

Link to Case Study Here:

OJSC Rostelecom

Savings and Accurate Data

at Language Services Firm

Bowne Global Solutions

is a leading provider

of language services

When it acquired
companies, BGS found it
difficult and time
consuming to consolidate
financial data from its 40
locations worldwide

By deploying, Microsoft
Axapta throughout the
company, BGS achieved
an integrated financial
and production system
with consistent reporting
methods that use the
same types of data

Reduced total cost of
ownership immediately

Improved reporting

and analysis

Lowered training time by
33 percent

Closed financial books
two days earlier each

Link to Case Study Here:

Bowne Global Solutions

“With our Microsoft Axapta solution, we will spend

less time reporting on the business and more time managing it.”

Brian Giambagno, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer,

Bowne Global Solutions


Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you:

Increase operational efficiency

Sharpen service delivery

Compete successfully in the global marketplace

Improve overall financial management and regulatory

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