Course Introduction


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Introduction to

Financial Management

Overview of Financial


Keys to Success

Stay up in class (complete assignments on time each and every

both homework and quizzes)

Class Structure

Self paced each week but each week is
designated by instructor


Financial Management: Core Concepts


On line with time restrictions


Read the text and review the slides each week

Submit all homework and quizzes by due dates

Keys to Success

Read Ahead of Lectures

Use syllabus and PowerPoint to help

Bring questions to class on material

Do All Assigned Problems

Homework problems are required and designed to help
you master the material

Test yourself with other questions (Prepping for the
Exam Questions have answers in back of book)

Do not get “stuck” in endless loop on a problem


this course is basic intuition but with
a new language…

Weekly Homework

Every Week you will have a homework set on that week’s material.

The homework is by individual chapter but you may have one or two
chapters each week.

The homework will open every Monday at 4:00 p.m. so you have
essentially four days to complete the homework.

You will have three attempts on each homework question. On your
third attempt that answer will be locked in as your final answer.

There are various help functions in MyFinanceLab. One is help me
solve this question. It will provide step by step procedures for a similar
problem. Please look over MyFinanceLab for all the help functions.

If you think there is a problem with the grading or tolerance for the
answer please e
mail me so I can help resolve the issue.

Weekly Quiz

Every Week you will have a quiz on that week’s

The quiz is 90 minutes in length and is due by Sunday
11:00 p.m.

The quiz will open every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. so you
have essentially three days to take the quiz.

You should review the weekly homework prior to
taking the quiz.

You can do the prepping for exam questions at the end
of each chapter to prepare for the weekly quiz.

Class Syllabus

Chapter Assignments

We will try and stay on schedule but…

Changes will be posted on MyFinanceLab

Homework and Quiz Assignments

Map to timing from lectures (which are outlined on the
PowerPoint slides in the syllabus)

Most problems are directly from examples in the book

You must complete the weekly homework assignments
(all assignments for that week) before you can attempt
the quiz. The homework assignments act as
prerequisites for the weekly quiz.


Financial Management:
Core Concepts


Equations, Calculators
and Spreadsheets

Personal examples as a segue to business applications

Written for this audience

Special Features for you

Finance Follies

Real World Issues and Examples

Putting Finance to Work

Relations to other disciplines

Comments on the text are also welcome

Again forward comments to me, both positive and negative.


On Line

Questions will be more difficult

Efficient use of time a must

Notes are your friends…think about how best to use
them at lecture time, not when you study for exam


Important tool

Know your calculator…


Be sure to make sure you have a good connection for all
exams. If you have a problem during an exam, please e
mail as soon as possible or call (541



On time for all assignments

Notify me if examination will be missed prior to
examine (if at all possible)

Professional Attitude

Please understand that this is a business class and that
all communications should be handled in a professional
manner. Issues are much easier to solve when we treat
each other with respect and courtesy.


Do your own work…this is the time to build
your skill set


Everyone is required to enroll in MyFinanceLab

All homework and quizzes will be on MyFinanceLab

There is an access code for MyFinanceLab

Access code comes with new book purchase

Access code may be purchased at OSU bookstore

Access code may be purchased at MyFinanceLab

The course number in MyFinanceLab is:

XL0S 2198 101Y 8QV2 (E
Campus Section Only)









PLEASE, sign up as soon as possible for
MyFinanceLab, if problems e
mail me.