Workshop on Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories


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Workshop on Knowledge
Management and Organizational

Rose Dieng
Kuntz (INRIA, France)

Nada Matta (UTT, France)


Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories

Knowledge Management (KM) is one of the key prog
ress factors in organizations. It aims at capturing
explicit and tacit knowledge of an organization in order to facilitate the access, sharing, and reuse of
that knowledge as well as creation of new knowledge and organizational learning. KM must be guide
by a strategic vision to fulfill its primary organizational objectives: improving knowledge sharing and
cooperative work inside the organization; disseminating best practices; improving relationships with
the external world; preserving past knowledge of
the organization for reuse; improving the quality of
projects and innovations; anticipating the evolution of the external environment; and preparing for
unexpected events and managing urgency and crisis situations. One approach for KM consists of

a corporate memory or organizational memory (OM). Several techniques can be considered,
according to the type of organization, its needs and its culture: knowledge
based approaches,
based approaches, workflow
based approches, CBR
based approaches
, CSCW and
cooperative approaches, ontology
based approaches, corporate Semantic Webs, Web
approaches, agent
based approaches, distributed OMs,etc.

Several scenarios of KM can be tackled through OMs: project memory, skills management,
communities of
practice, strategic or technological watch,etc. The workshop aims at gathering
researchers from multiple disciplines, industrial participants and students in order to discuss models,
methodologies, techniques and application scenarios useful for building,

using, managing, evaluating
and evolving corporate memories.

Organizing Committee

Jean Paul Barthès
University of technology of Compiegne (France)

Rose Dieng
Kuntz, INRIA Sophia Antipolis (France) (co

Knut Hinkelmann, University of Applied S
ciences Solothurn (Switzerland)

Ann Macintosh, International Teledemocracy Centre (United Kingdom)

Nada Matta, Université de Technologie de Troyes (France) (co

Ulrich Reimer, Bauer & Partner (Switzerland)

Carla Simone, Universita' di Milano Bicocc

Program committee

Andreas Abecker, DFKI, Germany

Mark Ackerman, University of California, Irvine (USA)

Jessica Chen
Burger, University of

Edinburgh, UK

John Debenham, University of Technology, (Sydney, Australia)

John Domingue, Open Universi
ty, (UK)

Louis Ermine, CEA, (Paris, France)

Fabien Gandon, INRIA
Antipolis (France)

Michel Grundstein, Mgconseil (France)

Robert Jasper (USA) (to be confirmed)

Gilles Kassel, LARIA, Amiens (France)

Myriam Lewkowicz, Tech
CICO, UTT (Troyes,


Frank Maurer, University of Calgary (Canada)

David G. Schwartz, Bar
Ilan University


Camille Rosenthal
Sabroux, LAMSADE, Paris
Dauphine, (France)

Carla Simone, University of Torino (Italy)

Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz, (Germany)

Manuel Zacklad, Tech
CICO, UTT (Troyes, France)


We thank very much the members of the program committee and of the organization
committee for their careful rereading of the 19 papers submitted to the workshop. We also
thank very much Pa
tricia Maleyran (INRIA Sophia Antipolis) for her logistic support for the
workshop Web site management as well as for the management of the submitted papers.

Table of Contents

A Generic Model of Coporate Memory : Application to the Industrial Systems

otfi Admane


Annotations for managing Knowledge in the Electronic Health Record

Sandra Bringay, Catherine Barry, Jean Charlet


Experimentation of a socially constructed "Topic Map" by the OSS community

Pierre Cahier, L'Hédi Zaher, Xavier Pétard, J
Philippe Leboeuf, Claude Guittard


An Operational Learning System for the French Textile

Clothing Institute

Oswaldo Castillo, Nada Matta


Linking e
government with organizational memory in SMEs

Juan Gabriel Cegarra Navarro


KM & Business Intell
igence : The importance of integration

Richard Herschel


AnT&CoW, a tool supporting collective interpretation of documents through annotation and indexation

Gaëlle Lortal, Myriam Lewkowicz, Amalia Todirascu


Knowledge capitalization in s
ystem of equipment dianosis and repair help

Brigitte Chebel
Morello, Ivana Rasovska, Noureddine Zerhouni


Cooperative Work in a Health Care Network Through a Virtual Staff

Marek Ruzicka, Rose Dieng
Kuntz, David Minier, Olivier Corby