IT440 Assignment 1 Recognizing Artificial Intelligence

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Engineering, Information Technology and Maritime Studies




Artificial Intelligence


The aim of this
assignment is
get y
ou started in recognising processes

which may be
improved by
Artificial Intelligence. You are required to research the following key components of AI.

Before Submitting your work, add your name the document file name. ie

IT440 Assignment 1

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

IT440 Assignment 1

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Sample Question & Answer:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is the Intelligence of Machines that are programmed to mimic human
reasoning, learning &
decision making.

Explain the following Terminology: Use the following Link to help you.

What is an Intelligent Agent?

What are Problems & Sub
ems in the world of AI?

What is Knowledge Representation?

AI Agents must be able to perform Automated Planning & Scheduling. What does this mean?

What is Machine Learning?

What is Natural language Processing?

What is Perception?

What is Social
Intelligence in AI system?

What is the importance of Brain Simulations?



What is Symbolic Simulations?

What is the importance of Intelligent Search?

What is a
" Search?

What are
evolutionary algorithms?

What is genetic programming?

What is

probabilistic Reasoning?

What is a Neural Network?

What is the Turing Test?

What are some of the Ethical Issues associated with AI?

What are some of the Benefits of AI in Society?

Can the Human Population continue to grow without AI?