2013 Joint UNT-UAEM Seed Funding Program Recipients

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Joint UNT
UAEM Seed Funding Program

Program P

January 01
, 201
31, 2013

Sue Bratton


Counseling and Higher Education / College of Education

Child Centered
Play Therapy (CCPT) for Young, At
Risk Hispanic and Mexican
Children: Effects on
Behavioral Problems

Witold Brostow


Material Science & Engineering / College of Engineering

Radiation and Luffa Fibers as a Novel Technology for Development of Polymer Concretes

Neil Foote


News / Mayborn School
of Journalism

Survey of Successful Recruitment and
Retention Practices for Hispanic Students at UNT

Bharath Josiam


Hospitality & Tourism Management / College of Merchandising &

Impact of Spring Break Tourism: A Cross
National Stu
dy of Residents'
Perceptions in Mexico and the USA

Reza Mirshams


Engineering Technology / College of Engineering

Multiscale Modeling
of Mechanical Properties in Ceramics and Multiphase Metallica Alloys

Arup Neogi


Physics / College of Arts

& Sciences

Thermodynamic control of photonic
crystal using optical excitation of quantum dots

Camilo Ruggero


Psychology / College of Arts & Sciences

Manifestations of Depression and Anxiety: Extension to Psychiatric Populatio
ns and Spain

Sheng Song


Mathematics / College of Engineering

Simulation of Credit Rating to
Municipalities of the State of Mexico by Multivariate Analysis and Neural Network Models