Case Study - TeliaSonera, UniOSS

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Case Study -
TeliaSonera, UniOSS
TeliaSonera is the The Nordic and Baltic telecommunications leader.
TeliaSonera offers customers services within mobile communications,
Internet, data communications and fixed telephony.
TeliaSonera is implementing their services using a number of different
technical platforms. The fact that these services in certain cases also are
quite complex has accentuated the need to manage e.g. port booking
(and channelizing through TDM/SDH) in a flexible but yet uniform way.
Furthermore each supplier (Nortel, Cisco, Ericsson etc.) often has a specific
layout for their equipment as well as a unique naming convention for
cards/boards and ports.
A model for a metadata controlled description of technical equipment
was produced. Within this concept the physical layouts of routers, nodes
and cards/boards from each supplier were described, as well as their related
naming conventions. This was the basis for the ability to dynamically – in real
time – draw graphical pictures of data communication switches (nodes).
Still one obstacle remained: the older static terminal interface had limited
possibilities to handle graphical presentations. A decision was therefore
made to initiate the development of a web interface for presentation purposes.
Platform and Tools
The platform and back end part of the older application has been maintained
i.e. the database handler being Ingress II on SUN hardware using SUN Solaris as
operating system. The new client, Internet Explorer 6+, calls Java Server Pages (JSP)
on a newly installed application server (JRun, Sun Solaris).
The above-mentioned JSP - and a middleware in the form of a class structure in
Java – was developed by using NetBeans IDE. Entity classes communicate with
the database and support “working beans” which will compile the result.
On the client also CSS and JavaSript are used for visual effects as e.g. reference
lists and helptexts.
A web application where dynamic screens for port booking are controlled by
metadata can easily be adapted to customers’ needs when new technical
equipment is being introduced.
This is happening without any intervention from IT developers, which means
that the time to implement a change has been reduced from days of qualified
application development to just minutes. The concept of JavaBeans and JSP has
proved to be such a success that also the remaining part of the older application
now is being transformed to usage of the new interface. The UniOSS system has
approx. 1100 potential users, approx. 300 of these are using the system
simultaneously. The users are to be found within many different departments
in the TeliaSonera corporation, e.g. ”Products & Services”,
”Network & Operations” and ”Skanova”, as well as among business partners
such as ”KPN Netherlands”,”Banetele Norway” and others.
Persistent Solutions
We offer products and solutions for the
Telecom industry within two Business Areas:
• Product Development
• Professional Services
We focus on support for Global and
Local Telecom Distributors
and Service Providers:
• Business Support Systems
• Operational Support Systems
• Data Warehousing
• System Integration
Persistent Solutions is a Corporate Member of
TeleManagement Forum (TMF).
"The goal of NGOSS (New Generation
Operations Systems and Software) is not to
turn OSS into a simple, off-the-shelf
commodity business, rather it is to transform
OSS/BSS from being a roadblock to innovation,
to being the key differentiator between
successful and unsuccessful service providers."
Martin Creaner,
TeleManagement Forum
A Persistent Value
The staff of Persistent Solutions has many years’ experience from
building, developing and maintaining this system.
Persistent Solutions keeps supplying qualified key personnel to
man the system maintenance team. Human resources of Persistent
Solutions are the driving force to enable and develop the technical
conditions of the system. Users are also supported in counselling of
how to use the system and how to participate in the requirement
management. The combination of having this overview perspective
along with the gathered experience adds useful and even crucial
value to users and their business units.
Persistent Solutions AB P.O. Box 477 SE-551 16 Jönköping, Sweden
Tel: +46 36 16 77 30 Fax: +46 36 16 77 40