November 11, 2008

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201 S. Suttles

P.O. Box 1087

San Marcos, Texas 78667

November 11, 2008

Dear Vendor,

The San Marcos Consolidated ISD is accepting proposals for the districts Wide Area
Network. All responses are due no later than 2:00 pm January 6, 2009.

Please keep in mind that the district will be shut down beginning December 22, 2008
through January
5, 2009 for the Holiday Break. It is important that all interested
vendors read this proposal thoroughly in order to submit questions in a timely manner.


Cindy Casparis, CPPB

Purchasing Manager

General Conditions


1. Vendor Requirements

1.1 There are several factors that may be used in evaluating proposals. These include
but are not limited, to the following.

A. Vendors must demonstrate that they are financially sound and stable, and that they
can be a reliable

supplier over the term of the contract.

B. The technical requirements of the District must be met.

C. The company must have a large and well
trained service force in close proximity to
San Marcos that is available on a continual basis to provide technic
al and administrative
services to the SMCISD.

D. The initial and future cost of services.

E. The contractor must provide all materials, labor, testing and documentation.

Projected Dates for Award and Installation

SMCISD is targeting the award of th
is contract in January 2009 and installation to be
complete June 26, 2009.

1.3 Alternate Proposals

Vendors are encouraged
after responding to the base RFP, to provide any alternate

proposals that are potentially beneficial to SMCISD and any additional pr
oposals on

emerging technologies with applications for education.

1.4 SMCISD will enter into a five (5) year agreement with the option to renew for an
additional five (5) years.


to Vendors

2.1 Contact Information:

All questions pertaining t
o this project shall be sent by email to:


2.2 The prices and conditions contained in your information should be current prices

and firm for a period of 180 days after system acceptance.

2.3 Vendors are required to provide
information in the format outlined in these
specifications. Proposals need to be bound and tabbed. You

may provide additional
sales and engineering documentation.

2.4 The Request for Proposal is not intended to exclude vendors. However, you are

to answer all questions in the RFP. If you are unable to comply with a

specific item in the RFP, you are to prepare a separate listing of exceptions.

you do not indicate exceptions to the RFP, we will assume that you fully

comply with the RFP.

2.5 An
y questions that arise must be submitted in writing via e
mail to the principal
The deadline for submission of questions is
December 15, 2009

at 5:00

2.6 Premise visits to the installation sites can be scheduled by contacting the Project


2.7 Any contract resulting from this RFP will be based on the proposed system that

most satisfies SMCISD's objectives.

2.8 It is the policy of SMCISD to purchase personal property and/or services on the

basis of best proposal. It is understood that

the District reserves the right to arrive

at such determination by whatever means deemed appropriate.

All proposals shall be evaluated by a committee composed of representatives of

the District. The selection committee may conduct interviews and negotiat

with respondents who SMCISD determines to be reasonably qualified. SMCISD

reserves the right to request additional or clarifying information after your proposal has
been submitted. The selection committee, at its discretion, may allow proposal revisio
after submission from selected respondents in order to obtain the best possible final
proposal. The committee shall approve a final selection based upon the determination
that the proposal is the most advantageous to the District.

SMCISD reserves the
right to evaluate proposals based on any criteria deemed

important and necessary.
In addition, SMCISD reserves the right to accept or

reject any or all proposals,
and to waive any or all formalities, or to accept any

part of this proposal deemed to be most

advantageous to the District.

2.9 The successful vendor shall provide and install all equipment, materials, and/or

services enumerated. Any equipment or services required to provide a complete and
operational system will be provided by bidder, regardless

if the equipment or service
has been specifically itemized in the proposal response.

2.10 The successful vendor will provide any training required to the SMCISD designated
personnel at a schedule suitable for SMCISD staff for the administration of all sy

2.11 The use of subcontractors shall be approved in writing by SMCISD before work


2.12 Four (4) copies of your information package must be delivered to San Marcos

Consolidated Independent School District Purchasing Department,


.O. Box 1087

San Marcos, TX 78667


201 South Suttles

San Marcos, TX 78666

Proposals must be received by the Purchasing Office no later than 2:00 p.m. on
January 6, 2009 according to the time and date stamp located at the Purchasing
Office. Propo
sals not received by the specified time and date will be returned
unopened to the proposer.
The proposal package must be sealed and titled “Wide
Area Network”.

2.13 Any addenda issued during the time of bidding shall be included in the Proposal
and then
shall become a part of the Contract Documents. All addenda shall be
acknowledged on the Proposal Forms.

Contractor shall maintain for the duration of the Project, and pay all premiums

upon, policies of insurance with minimum policy limits as follows:

kmen’s Compensation


(Including Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement)

Employer’s Liability $500,000.00

Comprehensive General Liability

Occurrence $1,000,000.00

Aggregate $2,000,000.00

Personal Injury $1,000,000.00 each person

Property Damage $1,000,
000.00 each occurrence

$2,000,000.00 aggregate

Independent Contractors (Same limits as above)

Contractual Liability (Same limits as above)

Automobile Liability

Bodily Injury/Property Damage $1,000,000.00 combined single limit

Property Damage $1,000,000.00
each occurrence

Umbrella or Excess Liability $4,000,000.00


Vendor shall furnish a Performance and Payment Bond for 100% of the value
of the work. The Performance and Labor and Materials Payment Bond(s) shall be
prepared on a form acceptable to the

SMCISD. The Surety must be authorized to do
business by the State of Texas. The Vendor shall deliver the required bonds to SMCISD
not later than the date of execution of the Contract. The cost of the Bonds and
Securities shall be included in the Proposal.

Each proposal must be accompanied by a bid bond in the amount of 5% of the

total bid price. The bid bond may be in the form of a cashiers check or money order
made payable to SMCISD or a bid bond itself. The Bond must be acceptable to the
SMCISD, and pay
able without condition to the SMCISD as a guarantee that the Bidder,
if awarded the contract, will promptly execute such contract in accordance with the
proposal and in a manner and form required by the Contract Documents, and will
furnish a good and suff
icient bond for the faithful performance of the same.

The SMCISD is exempt from Federal Excise Tax, State Tax and Local Tax. Tax

is not to be included in proposal. If it is determined that tax was included in the

proposal, it will not be included in the
tabulation of any awards. Tax exemption

certificates will be furnished upon request.

The Vendor shall submit a blank copy of the suggested contract with the proposal

The Vendor is required to complete, sign and return any forms required in thi
s proposal.

These specifications cover the general requirements for the installation of

services and equipment by the Vendor and outline the general conditions to be

met by SMCISD, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, in connection with such
control of

the premises wherein the services and equipment is to be installed. In the
installation of this work, the Vendor shall comply in every way with the requirements of
federal, state and local laws and ordinances. If, in the opinion of the Vendor, there is
ything in the proposed offering that will not strictly comply with the above laws,
ordinances, and rules, the matter shall be referred to the attention of the Customer for a
decision before proceeding with that part of the work. No change in the proposed
ervices shall be made without full consent in writing of the Customer.

The District shall

During the progress of the installation, allow the Vendor and its employees access to
the premises and facilities at reasonable hours (as determined by the District

Provide adequate environmental conditions.

Provide any available detailed drawings of the buildings to allow

installation by the Vendor.

Provide access to existing commercial power necessary for installation

of any equipment.

Promptly make such insp
ections as it deems necessary when notified by

the Vendor that the services and equipment, or any part thereof, is ready

for acceptance.

The Vendor shall:

Obtain the Customer's permission before proceeding with any work

necessitating routing for service
entrances into facilities, or cutting into or

through any part of building structures such as girders, beams, concrete

or tile floors, partition ceilings.

Be responsible for and repair all damage to buildings due to carelessness of workmen,
and exercise r
easonable care to avoid any damage to the Customer's property. The
Vendor will report to the Customer any damage to buildings which may exist or may
occur during the occupancy of buildings.

Be responsible for installation of proper grounding required by t
he systems.

Take necessary steps to ensure that required fire fighting apparatus is accessible at all
times. Flammable materials shall be kept in suitable places outside the building

Conduct tests and inspections after installation has been completed in
order that the
customer may be assured that the requirements for installation is met.

Promptly notify the Customer of the completion of the work or such portions thereof as
are ready for inspection.

Promptly correct all defects for which the Vendor is re

Insure that all records and reports, Customer relations, engineering, metering,
inspections, testing, quality or service standards and safety measures comply with
standards applicable for the State of Texas.

Successful Vendor shall coordinate
all work with SMCISD or assignee as will be
designated at a future date.

Remove all excess material and debris and return to original state of cleanliness.

Shall schedule all installation work with the Customer in advance. Due to the nature of
the Custom
er's business, work in certain SMCISD facilities as designated by the
Customer, will be performed outside normal Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00
PM working hours.

Provide Customer with network traffic studies six months after installation and on an
annual basis thereafter.

The San Marcos Consolidate

Independent School District (SMCISD) is requesting
proposals for the purpose of contracting Wide Area Network (WAN) telecommunication
services. The successful vendor will be responsible for all permitting, installation,
operation, monitoring, and mainten
ance of the Wide Area Network (WAN), and provide
SMCISD dedicated access to the WAN as a contracted service with monthly recurring
billing. The WAN must provide secure, dedicated, high speed, fiber
based facilities that
seamlessly interconnect existing SM
CISD Ethernet networks at every district location.
Industry standard security, engineering, operations, administration, maintenance, and
provisioning practices will be followed at all times. The resulting WAN must be
considered ‘carrier grade’, and inclu
de a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provides
99.999% connectivity between interconnected sites.

The successful bidder must take all steps necessary to have the WAN installed, tested,
accepted, and fully operational no later than
June 26, 2009.

All ins
tallation and testing
activities must not impact existing WAN traffic in any way. The WAN provider will also
provide complete project management and after
hours engineering assistance to
facilitate the migration of the districts campuses from the current
WAN to the new WAN
no later than
July 1, 2009

There are two separate network
related RFPs which have been issued simultaneously.
This RFP outlines WAN services to be provided by an Eligible Telecommunications
Provider, and consists of the following compon


Base Bid: Fiber
based ring that provides Ethernet transport among
13 d
locations in San Marcos, TX.


Alternate Bid 1: Fiber
based Ethernet backhaul circuit between the SMCISD
data center at 511 Burleson St., San Marcos, TX 78666 and the Unive
rsity of
Texas Office of Telecommunication Services data at 304 E 24

St., Austin, TX


Alternate Bid 2: Fiber
based Ethernet backhaul circuit between the San Marcos
High School data center at 2601 East McCarty Lane, San Marcos, TX 78666 and
any rep
utable Internet Service Provider that the WAN vendor recommends and
can provide the WAN circuit connectivity.


Alternate Bid 3: Fiber
based Ethernet backhaul circuit between SMCISD data
center at 511 Burleson St., San Marcos, TX 78666 and any reputable

Service Provider that the WAN vendor recommends and can provide the WAN
circuit connectivity.

An associated RFP outlines Internet Access to be provided by an Internet Service

It is possible that some level of partnering and coordi
nation may occur
between bidders for each RFP, but the services of internet access and WAN services
have been separated for administrative clarity. It is also possible that vendors may
separately propose services in response to each RFP. SMCISD aims to b
e connected
to two (2) Internet Service providers simultaneously.

SMCISD reserves the right to award any combination of base bids or alternates which
provide the most effective network services to the district. In other words, SMCISD may
award the Base Bi
d and Alternate 1 to Vendor A, but only Alternate 3 to Vendor B. As a
result, all service providers are encouraged to submit their proposals for any portion of
this RFP. For the District to receive the best offer and services that are the most
us, the District may conduct interviews and/or ask questions as deemed



It is SMCISD’s intent to submit contract(s) that may be awarded through this
process to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) for fund
through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Universal Service Fund
(USF), commonly referred to as E


To be eligible for consideration, the services must be provided by a
‘telecommunications carrier’, that is, a company that offers teleco
services on a common carriage basis and considered to be an Eligible
Telecommunications Provider (ETP) by the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC). For more information, refer the USAC website



The service provider must provide their Service Provider Identification Number
(SPIN) from the USAC, and proof of a current Service Provider Annual
Certification (SPAC) on file for Funding Year 12 (2009


If selected, the service provider will be re
sponsible for cooperating with the
district on all submittals and information required by the USAC Schools and
Libraries Division (SLD) for E
Rate reimbursement to the district.


All proposed contracts must be contingent upon qualification for E
reimbursement of all eligible services. If funding is not secured due to vendor
inability to participate in the E
Rate program, provisions must be in place for the
district to optionally terminate the contract without penalty.


Additional information regar
ding the E
Rate program and the SLD may be found



roposals for ‘Dark Fiber’ services will not be considered.


Any equipment required by the service provider t
o render WAN services to

must be wholly owned, operated, and maintained by the service
provider with no possible option of transferring the ownership of the equipment to
SMCISD. A single clear demarcation point must exist between SMCISD network
equipment, and any on
premise eq
uipment required by the service provider.
There must
NOT be any contractual, technical, or other limitations between
SMCISD and the service provider that states that on
premise equipment is
exclusively for SMCISD use and not to be shared with other custom


Costs for initial fiber construction and installation should not be passed on to
SMCISD as installation fees. Service Providers are expected to consider their
internal Return On Investment models, and provide WAN telecommunication
services to SMCISD
under a multi
year contract with fixed monthly invoicing. If
reasonable installation, activation, training, or initial configuration fees must be
assessed, they must be clearly addressed in the contract.


Vendor is responsible for all labor and costs rela
ted to fiber construction to
include permitting. This includes any costs associated with bringing the fiber into
SMCISD buildings and terminating it in the Main Distribution Facility.


Vendor will be prepared to furnish all equipment, racks, and backup p
supplies necessary to keep the WAN solution operational for a minimum of 4
hours during power outages.


Fees for ongoing moves, adds, changes, maintenance, and fiber construction
necessary to establish or maintain full connectivity between all district

as a result of campus demolitions, additions, or moves must be clearly
addressed in the contract.


Incremental costs for increased levels of provisioned bandwidth (if applicable)
must be clearly addressed in the contract.


The quantity of availabl
e service technicians, their proximity to SMCISD, and
their qualifications must be provided in the proposal.


24x7 maintenance assistance contacts, escalation chain of command, and
escalation procedures must be provided in the proposal.


The district operates a TCP/IP Ethernet network. Each of the
12 active

sites operates a fully autonomous LAN that consists of 1 or more private and public IP
subnets distributed to the desktop at 100Mbps, and 1000Mbps. Each site operate
s a
end Layer 3 router that interfaces with the existing WAN via 100Mbps full
uplinks, but capable of 1000Mbps uplinks. The current WAN solution is a Gigabit
Ethernet Layer 2 ring that connects all district sites. Layer 2 VLANs are provisione
between each site and the data center, and failover projection from any single fiber cut
is provided by Spanning Tree Protocol
. The 13

site is currently unoccupied and the
fiber is patched straight through as a placeholder for future use, or to be pul
led back to
the right
way and spliced to bypass the site completely. The final disposition of this

site is unknown.

There is an additional long
haul Ethernet connection between the district data center at
511 Burleson, and the University of
Texas Office of Telecommunication Services (UT
OTS) at 304 E 24

St., Austin, TX 78705. This scalable Ethernet facility currently
provides dedicated 20Mbps transport.



based ring that provides Ethernet transpor
t among

locations in San Marcos, TX.

The district is seeking a WAN solution that is architecturally similar to the existing
solution, but with several upgrades and enhancements. Required characteristics


10Gbps ring preferred. 1Gbps

ring that is provisionable to 10Gbps will be
considered. A future upgrade from 1Gbps to 10Gbps must only result in an
increased monthly recurring service charge, and not in any equipment or
upgrade charges passed on to SMCISD.


Although native Ethernet sp
eeds have been specified above, SMCISD would
consider alternative WAN speeds based upon SONET or other transport
technologies if they scale well beyond 1Gbps.


1Gbps Ethernet uplinks at each demarcation point between the SMCISD LAN
site and the proposed WAN


Any single fiber cut must not result in a service outage at any site. Preference
will be given to solutions that provide recovery from fiber cuts or equipment
failure in 50ms or less.


Geographic redundancy for all sections of the ring and dual points of

fiber entry
for each site is a requirement. Any single points of failure must
approved in
writing from SMCISD.


Although service provider facilities and equipment are not required to be for
exclusive use by SMCISD, the specified data throughput rates a
cross the WAN
backbone must be available for exclusive use by SMCISD with no sharing or
contention with other customer traffic.


The vendor must provide administrative reports and tools for SMCISD involving
traffic reporting, network management, etc.


The ve
ndor must operate a 24x7 Network Operation Center that monitors the
WAN solution, and proactively alerts SMCISD when network anomalies exist,
according to pre
arranged rules of engagement.


The WAN solution should be provisioned as a purely layer 2 service,

with no
layer 3 TCP/IP routing requirements from SMCISD. SMCISD equipment will
provide all layer 3 routing functionality, and be interconnected by the layer 2
WAN solution.


To the greatest extent possible, the WAN solution should be transparent and

SMCISD to define VLANS and utilize Quality of Service protocols without


cast environments must be supported.


Generally, the solution must support QoS Tools such as but not limited to:


Classification and Marking




Shaping and Po


Congestion Avoida




Call admission control


Specific protocols that must be supported include:


2004 with Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol


2003 with Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)




VLAN Trunking protocol (VTP) and
Cisco Inter
Switch Link (ISL)

are a


Must transparently pass routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, RIP,


Must comply with any applicable RFC’s for DiffServ and IntServ.


The vendor must provide ongoing

engineering assistance to coordinate with
SMCISD to make appropriate modifications to protocol configuration when
necessary. Situations may include the introduction of new network services
such as ISP multi
homing, or VoIP that require end to end QoS me
chanisms and
campus to campus mesh connectivity, etc. The availability of included support
for routine modifications, and additional costs associated with advanced
modifications must be clearly outlined in the proposal and contract.

Base Bid Topology

he proposed WAN solution must interconnect all of the following SMCISD sites:

Campus ring

Site Name

Site Address

SMCISD Data Center (Lamar Annex)

511 Burleson St.

Travis Elementary

1437 Post Rd

Central Administration & Bonham

501 S. LBJ

Unoccupied site (This site is simply a
passive ‘pass
through’ for possible future
connection. The WAN vendor must have
the equipment available to turn this up as
a live site, or the capability to remove the
fiber and completely bypass the site.
s for either scenario must be

1225 Highway 123

Goodnight Junior High

1301 Hwy 123

Dezavala Elementary

FM 621 S

Dezavala Drive

Bowie Elementary

4020 Monterrey Oak

San Marcos High School

2601 East McCarty Lane

New Elementary (yet to be
named as of
1805 Peter Garza Drive

this RFP)

Maintenance, Purchasing, &
Transportation Center

201 S. Suttles

Miller Middle School

301 Foxtail Run

Hernandez Elementary

333 Stagecoach Trail

Crockett Elementary

1300 Girard Ave

based Ethernet backhaul circuit between the SMCISD data
center at 511 Burleson St., San Marcos, TX 78666 and the University of Texas Office of
Telecommunication Services data at 304 E 24

St., Austin, TX 78705.
ee *Note 1

: Fiber
based Ethernet backhaul circuit between the San Marcos
High School data center at 2601 East McCarty Lane, San Marcos, TX 78666 and any
reputable Internet Service Provider that the WAN vendor recommends and can provide
the WAN circuit connectivity.

ee *Note 1

: Fiber
based Ethernet backhaul circuit between SMCISD data
center at 511 Burleson St., San Marcos, TX 78666 and any reputable Internet Service
Provider that the WAN vendor recommends and can provide the WAN circuit
vity. It is possible that the WAN vendor could also be the Internet Service
Provider. (NOTE: It is expected that the WAN vendor would also alert the associated
Internet Service Provider to the associated RFP mentioned below so that the
accompanying dedi
cated Internet Access can also be proposed.)
ee *Note 1

*Note 1: Alternate Bids 1, 2, & 3 must adhere to the following common specifications
and requirements:


The backhaul circuit must present a separate and dedicated Ethernet
demarcation point to SMC
ISD that does not also serve as the connectivity to the
ring itself.


The Ethernet handoff will be rated at 100Mbps or greater.


The dedicated bandwidth will be provisionable and billable in increments of 5
Mbps or less, with a minimum of 5Mbps and up to 45M
bps. If the service can
scale to 100Mbps, an explanation must be provided on this technical limitation.


If the circuit shares fiber facilities or contends with the ring bandwidth specified in the
Base Bid, the relationship must be clearly defined in the p

elony Conviction Notification

State of Texas Legislative Senate Bill No. 1, Section 44.034, Notification of Criminal History,

Subsection (a), states “a person or business entity that enters into a contract with a school district must give
advance notice to the district if the person or an owner or operator of the business entity has been convicted of a
felony. The notice must include a general description of the conduct resulting in the conviction of a felony.”

Subsection (b) states “a s
chool district may terminate a contract with a person or business entity if the district
determines that the person or business entity failed to give notice as required by Subsection (a) or misrepresented
the conduct resulting in the conviction. The distr
ict must compensate the person or business entity for services
performed before the termination of the contract.”

This Notice Is Not Required of a Publicly
Held Corporation

I, the undersigned agent for the firm named below, certify that the information con
cerning notification of felony
convictions has been reviewed by me and the following information furnished is true to the best of my knowledge.

Vendor’s Name:


Company Official’s Name (Printed):


A. My firm is a publicly
held corporation, therefore, this reporting requirement is not applicable.

Signature of Company Official:


B. My firm is not owned nor operated by anyone who has been convicted of a felony:

Signature of Company Official:


C. My firm is owned by or operated by the following individual(s) who has/have been convicted

Name of Felon(s):


Details o
f Conviction(s):


Signature of Company Official
: _________________________________________________________