Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

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Aim of the workshop

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


Product Data Technology (PDT)

Anna Moreno

Vico Equense

15 September 2005

Main Objectives of the PDT
CEN/STAR Trends Analysis Workshop

To disseminate the results of the CASCADE EU funded
project in order to provide society a more efficient:

Exchange, storing and management of data for Life
Cycle Assessment (LCA)

To provide the tools to integrate the environmental
impact evaluation into the design phase

To improve the quality and the reliability of the LCA

To give technical support to the application of the IPP

Why PDT and LCA

LCA experts are now starting to get
aware of the necessity of standardizing
the information among different
HW/SW systems especially for complex

ISO TC 184 has worked for 20 years on
this matter

Why there is so little exploitation
of the PDT technology?

Software producers have to put a large
effort in order to provide good results

Enterprises are not aware of the useful
implications of the PDT standardization
and do not ask for it

Why PDT standardization is so

If vendors of software would be encouraged
to provide interfaces compatible with PDT
standards, the ability to transfer data
between industries and between companies
will be faster and more reliable with the
reduction of defaults and of the time to

The quality of the software will improve

The price of the software will be lower

ICT will spread much faster among SMEs

Simple solutions hide complex

End users requirements

End users requirements for ICT:






All these characteristics can be covered by
the PDT standardization!!!



PDT is much more than exchanging
data through the web!!

A sentence in a particular language can be
translate in an other language only if it is
known the meaning of the words and the
grammatical rules of both languages

A product such as a car, an airplane or a ship
is much more complex than a language and
PDT standardization can provide with the
translation from one HW/SW system to

The complexity of PDT…is

… a guarantee for efficient and effective


… a justification for not promoting it


…there is the need of pushing the
market in this direction!!!

Objectives of the workshop

To analyze the proposed solutions

To suggest the possible steps in
different fields such as:



Education and outreach


Last recommendations

Don’t try to understand everything but
try to be confident of the work done by
hundreds of experts all around the
world for many years!!!!

The real world is very complex, we
cannot make it simpler!!!