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4 Troubleshooting




This section provides detailed step by step troubleshooting for any difficulties you may
experience with the software installation, hardware key (dongle) installation and
MasterSeries printing.

4.1 Troubleshooting Main MasterSeries Ins

I get a message saying that APIGUIDE.dll could not be copied to my system because
the file may be in use. When I click on Ignore I get further similar messages with
different files.

Error could not read Vbrun300.dll

If you are connected to a
network, please reboot your computer choosing not to
log onto the network. Recommence the main MasterSeries installation from step
1 in section 1.2.

When starting the installation of the MasterSeries, a message appears saying it cannot
open DLL.

e is already a 'Setup1.exe' file in the C:
Windows directory, which is
preventing the installation starting. Delete this file and begin the installation
procedure again.

Cannot find file C:

The Problem may be either of the follow


There is not enough free space on the C:

drive. Free up some space on this


Make sure you have a C:
TEMP directory. If not then create one.


The ‘Temp’ directory has not been set up as the 'systems temporary' directory.
To do this,

In Windows N


Select Start> Setting> Control Panel> System.


In the Environment tab set the following User variables for the

Variable Value

Temp C:



In Windows 95/98


Insert the following lines in the C:
Auotexec.bat file



4 Troubleshooting



When I try to run MasterSeries for the first time after installing I get a ‘Run Time Error’

The installation has n
ot completed successfully. Restart your computer
commence the main MasterSeries installation from step 1 in section

4.2 Troubleshooting Hardware Key Access or Installation

Local Single User Dongle

I have just installed MasterSeries and whe
n I run the MasterSeries it says "dongle not
found" but it is connected.

You need to install the dongle device driver. Select Start> Program>
MasterSeries> MasterSeries Help and Utilities> Install MasterSeries Dongle

If this does not work, enter t
he B
IOS settings of the
your computer and change
the mode of the parallel port to Standard Bi
directional, or the lowest setting

Network Dongle

The local computer (workstation) can't find the network hardware key.


Check the License Manager i
s running on the NetHasp server. It must run


Ensure that the server and workstations all use a common protocol such as
TCPIP IPX or NETBIOS. This should be one of the protocols that the
License Manager says it is listening to.


P.INI file as outlined in step 3 of section 1.5

4.3 Troubleshooting MasterSeries Printing

My local printer is not responding when I print from MasterSeries

Check firstly that the printer is working outside MasterSeries. Go to Start>
Settings> Pri
nters. Click with the right mouse button on the printer icon that you
are trying to print to and then select Properties. Click on the Print Test page
button. If the test page has not printed remove any local MasterSeries dongle
from the parallel port an
d try again. If no test page has been printed your printing
problem is general and not MasterSeries related. Please follow the standard

4 Troubleshooting



Windows printing troubleshooting section, which can be found in the Windows
help system. If the test page has been pr
inted then proceed to the next step.

At this stage you should check if you have a second parallel port. If so connect
the dongle to one parallel port and the printer to the other. This removes the
dongle from the line of communication of printing and ma
y solve all printing
problems. If this is not an option then reinsert the dongle and proceed to the next

Access the printer properties again as described above. Set Spooler data format
to RAW. Set Spooler to 'Start printing after LAST page is spoo
led'. Turn off Bi
directional printing. Apply the changes and close the printer properties dialog
box. Restart your computer and try printing from MasterSeries again.

My local printer is still not responding when I print from MasterSeries after havin
g tried
the above steps.

If your printer is a HP720C/HP710C then
it would appear that the bi
communication must be switched off in the HP*****.ini file for these particular
printer drivers.

Go to Start > Find > Files or Folders

In the box c
alled ‘Named’ type HP*.INI

Set the ‘Look in’ box to the (C:) directory

ick on the ‘Find Now’ button

In the list which appears look for the file HPFDJC**.INI, where ** represents 2
numbers (these 2 numbers can vary)

You should make a backup copy of the
file before altering it

Double click on the filename or open it using Notepad

Look for the line ‘Bidirectional=0200’ or ‘Bidi=0200’ and change the 0200 to 0000.

Look for the line ‘PrintCartridgeQuery=0200’ and change the 0200 to 0000.

Go to File > Save and

then File > Exit

Reboot the computer and try printing from the MasterSeries

The lines in any tables or borders printed from MasterSeries appear broken

Start up MasterSeries. From the MasterSeries Start Up screen select File> Print
Blank MasterSeries P
ages. In the Job References dialog box that appears, move
to the Settings tab. Check that the drop list to the top right of this tab is set to
Graphics or Graphics LJ4. Try printing again from MasterSeries by moving to the
Print tab and then click on the

print button. If the blank calculation page has not
been printed then proceed to the next step.