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<title>WTEC Workshop on U.S. R&D Status and Trends in Wireless
Technologies and Information Networks</title>

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<h2>Report Information</h2>

The <a href="../00_es.htm">executive summary</a> for the WTEC Panel
Report on U.S. R&D Status and Trends in Wireless Technologies and
Information Networks is now available. The full report will be
abvailable in print and o
n the web in early November.

<h2>Workshop Presentation</h2>

<p>The following viewgraphs are from the presentations given by the
WTEC panel members at the WTEC Workshop on U.S. R&D Status and Trends
in Wireless Technologies and Information Networks on Mond
ay, March 15,
1999. These slides represent interim results from the study, and as
such are subject to change. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or
recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and
do not necessarily reflect the
views of the United States Government,
the authors' parent institutions, or Loyola College.

<p>To reserve a copy of the final report at pre
publication prices or
for more information on these studies, please send email to <a
href="mailto:tfoley@itri.loyol">Trina Foley</a>:


<h2 align="center">TABLE OF CONTENTS</h2>

<ol><p><li><b>M. Iskander</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg001.htm”>Introduction to Study </a>

<p><li><b>G. Holdridge</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg009a.htm”>Introduction to WTEC </a>

<p><li><b>A. Ephremides</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg015.htm”>Opening Remarks and Objectives of Study/Workshop </a>

<p><li><b>M. Iskander</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg021.htm”>Review of NSF’s Interests </a>

<p><li><b>D. Friday</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg033a.htm”>NIST, Radio Frequen
cy Division </a>

<p><li><b>E. Sobolewski</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg039a.htm”>NIST, Advanced Technolgy Program </a>

<p><li><b>R.J. Trew</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg054.htm”>Defense Basic Research and Emerging Trends </a>

<p><li><b>L. Katehi</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg074a.htm”>Sys
tem on a Chip </a>

<p><li><b>T. Itoh</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg082.htm”>New RF Front End Architecture for Wireless Applications

<p><li><b>R. Rao</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg093a.htm”>Energy Efficient Wireless Communication </a>

<p><li><b>J. Winters</b>

<br><a HREF=”v
g095a.htm”>Wireless Communication Technology Issues </a>

<p><li><b>W. Stark</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg097.htm”>Research Activities and Interests </a>

<p><li><b>A. Krishna</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg100.htm”>Wireless Communications Issues </a>

<p><li><b>L. Golding</b>

><a HREF=”vg110a.htm”>Wireless Communications Technology Issues </a>

<p><li><b>R. Kagiwada</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg116a.htm”>Wireless Communication Technology </a>

<p><li><b>K. Kelley</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg121a.htm”>Building Tomorrow’s Wireless World </a>

b>D. Koilpillai</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg132a.htm”>Trends in Wireless Technologies </a>

<p><li><b>S. Weinstein</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg139a.htm”>IP Services Creation in a Wireless LAN </a>

<p><li><b>W. Ali

<br><a HREF=”vg143a.htm”>Future Circuit and Device
Technologies for Next
Generation Wireless Communication Systems </a>

<p><li><b>J. Winters</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg147a.htm”>
Recent Developments in Wireless Communications </a>

<p><li><b>K. Kawasaki</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg149.htm”>
Wireless Home Network </a>

b>M. Golio</b>

<br><a HREF=”vg163a.htm”>
Review of U.S. R&D Status and Trends </a></ol>


<a HREF=”vg168.htm”>
A. Name and Affiliation of U.S. Wireless