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Rami Al

authors :

Chafic Mokbel , Laurence Likforman

Title :

Handwriting Recognition Using Hybrid Systems and Automated Learning Techniques

Abstract :

The recognition of cursive handwriting is still an open problem due to the existence of
many difficulties such as the variability of the handwritten styles and shapes, writing skew
or slant and the size of the lexicon.

The recognition of writing has many

applications such as mail sorting, bank cheque
reading, automatic localisation and reading of Vehicle plates…, and more recently, the
recognition of historical manuscripts. Many learning machines techniques are used for
automatic handwriting recognition l
ike: Hidden Markov Models HMM, Artificial Neural
Networks ANN, and others.

Moreover HMMs systems stochastically model sequences of variable length and cope with
nonlinear distortions along one direction.

We present and describe our bi
stage system for the

line Arabic cursive handwritten
word recognition, based on an analytical approach. The first phase is for recognition by
using three parallel classifiers of type HMM. Each of these classifiers produces a list of
candidates as results. The second phase

is for combination of the produced results.
Different strategies of combination and voting are presented (voting by summation, using
and Artificial Neural Network,

…) and compared.

The first version of our system has won the first Competition organized f
or the recognition
of Arabic Handwriting in Seoul
Korea at ICDAR2005. Recently added enhancements as well
as obtained results are presented and compared to other systems.

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