Improve performance throughout the credit-risk- collections cycle.

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Credit and Risk Services:

generation analytics to more effectively
manage risk, reduce fraud, and focus collections efforts on highest

Improve performance throughout the credit
collections cycle.

Opera Solutions provides
companies and governments alike the advanced
analytics tools and processes they need to minimize risk exposure and
increase revenues across the entire credit and collections cycle.

We work with five out of the seven largest global credit card issuers

tecting them from bust
outs and other scams, developing more effective
risk and fraud models, enhancing credit line operations, optimizing
collections approaches, and more. We are successfully applying our
expertise to many other entities that need to asse
ss risk, manage credit,
and collect what's owed them: banks, telecom companies, insurers,
retailers, state and local governments, and collections agencies.

Advanced Analytics and More Information Strip Out Risk,


Risk Managem
, Opera's uses cutting
edge analytic techniques and
a greater range of information to better identify creditworthy customers
across the life cycle, from prospecting and origination to proactive
management of exposure in response to changing customer sit
Our ability to continually monitor customers dynamically, integrate
important external information such as real estate exposure, and use
highly sensitive predictive models helps us identify troubled customers
earlier, as well as find creditworthy
borrowers who will responsibly use
more credit.

, we use advanced approaches to more effectively segment
debtors, determine which customers are ultimately likely to pay, and how
best to approach them to encourage their responsiveness and part
in pay
down plans. Our PayTron Collector Workstation™ brings these
insights right to the collector's desktop

where "the rubber meets the
road" in working with delinquent customers.

Advanced "Faint Signal" Detection to Stop Fraud

aud Solutions

have successfully protected our clients
from compromised merchants and nefarious customers. Our advanced
neural network
based models can identify hundreds more dishonest
merchants than other commercially available products and internal
s. And our analytics can stop bust
out fraud up to seven days
earlier than other programs

critical when each day can be worth tens of
millions of dollars. In fact, Opera analytics power the fraud solution offered
to merchants by ACI, one of the world's l
argest payment processors.

For more information about our capabilities across the credit
risk cycle,
please email: