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583 εμφανίσεις We have hundreds of products suitable for birthday gifts. Our birthday roses, birthstone jewelry, plush stuffed animals, gold roses, and copper roses all make great Birthday Gift Ideas, and they are very easy on your wallet!

In 1966, Sid Fey began designing jewelry and consumer products that revolved
around families, love, and relationships. So,

we welcome you to our site that has
gifts which honor your relationships, and celebrate those special occasions that
create special memories. On the site are wonderful gifts for a wedding,
anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, M
other's Day,
Father's Day, or just to let her know you love her with the gift a gold rose because
it's Tuesday.

Our specialty is our exclusive imprinting of your personalized message on the
individual petals of our real, preserved roses. We also have vases

available with
engraved message plates, making our roses the most unique and memorable gift
you can give. Feel free to call us at any time with any questions you may have. Our
commitment to you is your complete satisfaction

Say "
I Love You
" with a

rose preserved forever that is:

trimmed and coated in
24k gold, silver


available in several colors, each having different
meanings and representing different birthmonths.

personalized on the petal to
speak your loving

A rose symbolizes love and beauty. Love is one of
the most influential emotions we feel on a day to
day basis. Feeling it makes us feel wanted, needed,
and appreciated. Beauty, for the woman, is sought after everyday. She just
wants to look and feel beautiful. A personalized preserved rose gives you
the c
hance to show her your forever love and your admiration of her beauty
through symbolism and your own words. It's a gift that will find a place in
her heart to stay.

What do the colors of roses
mean? If you were wondering as well, below is a list of our
best rose colors and the special meaning and symbolism behind each beautiful rose color.

Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a special way to say "I love
you." The
red rose

has long symbolized beauty and perfection. Respect, admiration, an
devotion are often associated with red roses. Multiple red roses convey a "be my love"

As a symbol of grace and elegance, the
pink rose

is often an expression of admiration.
Pink roses also co
nvey appreciation, gratitude, and joyfulness.

White roses represent innocence and purity and are often associated with marriages and
new beginnings. The
e rose

is also a symbol of honor, reverance, and spirituality.

The vibrant color of yellow roses conveys a feeling of warmth, joy, and happiness. The
yellow rose

is often shared with a true friend.

ach Rose

Peach roses are the symbol of desire and enthusiasm. The
peach rose

gives the message
of passion, excitement and fervent romance.

Representing the unattainable and mysterious are the beautiful blue roses. They bring
out the best of desires. This goes for both the
dark blue rose

and the
light blue rose

Purple roses the symbol of enchantment. The
purple rose

is also often used to express
feelings of love at first sight.

The color of opulence and harmony is shown in our green roses. They convey prosperity,
good health, and peace. The message is that of well being. This goes for the
dark green

and the
light green rose

as well.

Black roses are for the elusive. The message is that of strength, courage, and new
beginnings. With these traits the
black rose

fades into the night.

A rose symbolizes love and beauty, but a fresh one will wither and die, unlike our gold
rose! Also, the precious gold of the earth each flower is made with, symbolizes richness
and power. Show her how rich and powerful your love

is with our gold roses!

These fresh
cut roses are grown in the U.S.A. Then, through a process that takes over 50
steps, they are preserved in genuine 24k gold, silver or platinum. They are great for
creative anniversary gifts, birthdays, Valentine's Day,
Mother's Day, Christmas or just to
say I love you. No matter what the occassion is, a Gold Rose is the perfect gesture of love.

We have two main collections to choose from. Our entirely dipped roses and our trimmed
roses. The dipped rose collection include
s Pure 24k
Gold Dipped Roses
, Sterling
Dipped Roses
, and Pure
Platinum Dipped Roses
. All of these roses are completely
preserved in the precious metal leaveing no natural petal color. This gives you the pure
bling factor which lots of women love! If you think she would prefer a more natural look,
n choose from our trimmed rose collection.

Contact Us to buy roses online for delivery to locations in the U.S.A or internationally. We
take pride in how prompt our online rose delivery service is, even to areas
outside of
Chicago. Believe it or not, we have had gold roses shipped out within an hour of a
customer placing the order with us. (May not be possible with a personalized gift.
Depends on what hour you call or e
mail us. The earlier in the day, the better.
) We have
several shipping options for you to deliver roses both across the U.S.A. and
internationally. If you have concerns of your roses being delivered on time, just give us a
call. If we don't answer leave a message and we will get back to you as soon
as possible.
We are here to serve you and get your rose delivered when YOU need it!

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