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CS 3306

OO Programming Module





Java developed to meet market needs

and web

most languages usually stay stable

Syntax has kept the same.


standards since the first computer.

Internet inefficient

but free


Special JAVA for mobile phones and web
servers( different to the PC )

same syntax but uses
different class’s.

JSP = scripting language( JAVA in script form )
/like PHP

JSP uses OO and PHP dosen’t
( deep down )

ervlets = more heavy duty tasks and needs all the messy stuff…declaration etc..

Nobody uses coding from command line in industry

everybody uses I
DE’s so other peeps can see it.

IDE’S give skeletons

, easy ways to connect to a DB

and helps find bugs.

WORK with an IDE.

Netbeans is a super IDE because it can use multiple programming languages.

JAVA can do everything but languages were usually built
to be more specific

Maths language for maths programmes.

C is a general purpose language.

Siri uses LISP.

This was possible 40 years ago , but we didn’t have the hardware

Perl is the PHP of old.

C minimises execution time

very fast.

C# is Microsoft


answer to JAVA , IDE’s cost money.

They learned from VisualBasic when they
changed it a ton and pissed people off.

They claimed it would be more efficient etc…

JAVA is nice in the way you aren’t locked in and can move from 1 IDE to another.

BIS has
changed to MS but getting support from MS themselves.

Does a lot for you but then you are locked in :

When JAVA moved to Oracle there wasn’t much ripples

good sign.

Companies make

the money from the language once software is being made and sold by it

B good for quick and dirty jobs.

Have to pay MS for the IDE though.

More popular the language , the cheaper the programmer but JAVA is different in the sense it’s so
vast there are specialist areas within it.

SQL is amazingly powerful( list of numbers calc
ulate the top 10 )

People are nervous of having JAVA on a web

It runs with the priveladges of the owner of a server , more than PHP