Semantic Web Project Status

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Semantic Web Project Status

Tim Peek

Adrian Diaz

Eric Clark

Project Status

The Computing Ontology Project

Refined our original ontology based on
Software Engineering section of the
Computing Ontology Project website

Based on:

Extended and added relationships within
our ontology

Project Status

Improvements to existing ontology:

Added properties, definitions, characteristics to
better define additions to the knowledge base

Made classes disjoint where appropriate

Reorganized hierarchy

Added “Software Engineering Topic” class and subclasses

Object properties define relationships

Still a large ontology.

Tools & knowledge


Protégé originally used for storing the

Other visualization tools (ideas)

OWL Viz plugin for Protégé for diagramming

Knowledge Representation

Originally OWL and RDF Schema

Transitioning Ontology into Cyc KB

Tools & knowledge

Building our Ontology into ResearchCyc
Software Engineering Ontology

Adding Classes/Concepts from our
ontology (Protégé) into ResearchCyc


Transition from OWL to Cyc

Goal is to ensure that the classes and
relationships are preserved from our OWL

Keep both knowledge representations (OWL
& Cyc)

Refer to Computing Ontology website for

Extend knowledge base using inputs such as
text books and websites.


Develop practical ontology

Potential uses:

Querying and Deriving information

Leverage Cyc KB and NL to process data

(for example: University course listings, curriculum
and etc.)

Create Cyc constants and assertions.

Automated process for gathering information and
verifying the data.

Potentially develop a visual representation of data.

Application friendly ontology

Potential Issues

Classifying relationships properly

Adapting original relations into Cyc KB

Developing meaningful data representation

useful to our audience

Working to improve “use cases”.

Data collection


Representing / synchronizing Ontology in
both OWL and Cyc.