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BIG Energy Upgrade Programme – Website Design Brief

This document forms the basis of a design brief for the development of a website for The BIG
Energy Upgrade Programme
Selected design agencies will receive a copy of this brief and will be requested to respond in
the first instance with a credentials presentation, to include:

 overview to their business
 experience of similar projects
 portfolio presentation
 project approach/methodology

During the presentation meetings, agencies will have the opportunity to submit further
questions on this brief to the University of Sheffield’s project manager for the BIG Energy
Upgrade Programme, so that they can subsequently prepare a detailed cost proposal for the
project if all parties are happy to proceed.


The BIG Energy Upgrade (BEU) programme formerly known as the Energy Innovation for
Deprived Communities (EIDC) programme is a large partnership project partly funded by the
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of Europe’s support for the region’s
economic development through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme. The project
aims to deliver a new approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects within the
most deprived communities in Yorkshire and the Humber. The project is led by Kirklees
Council and it includes the following partners:

 Barnsley Council

 Doncaster Council

 Kirklees Council

 Leeds City Council

 North East Lincolnshire Council

 North Lincolnshire Council

 Berneslai Homes (ALMO)

 Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing - (ALMO)

 North Lincolnshire Homes - (RSL)

 Shoreline Housing Partnership Ltd - (RSL)

 St Leger Homes - (ALMO)

 West North West Homes Leeds - (ALMO)


 University of Sheffield

 Yorkshire Energy Services – Community Interest Company

The programme will fit energy efficiency measures in hard-to-treat homes in the most
deprived communities in the region.

The programme in turn aims to prepare the region in terms of jobs, skills, knowledge and
experience through practical action to take advantage of the proposed Government's Green
Deal aspirations to improve between seven to ten million homes by 2020 to meet the UK's
legally binding Greenhouse gas emission targets and create 250,000 new jobs by 2030.

The BEU programme is adopting a whole house/whole community approach to energy
efficiency, targeting particularly low income and social tenanted hard-to-treat homes, and will

 door to door energy advice
 individual households’ energy efficiency assessments
 installation of energy efficient measures that will increase the energy efficiency of
each household and which will be based on the results of the household

The BEU programme will:
 create 114 new regional jobs in the energy efficiency sector and safeguard jobs
across related sectors
 provide a stimulus for products and service development within the construction
sector, driving innovation through procurement which in turn will create the conditions
and stimulus for job opportunities across the region.
 achieve a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions (approx 145,113 tCO
through the
whole house/ whole communities approach.
 tackle fuel poverty in the region’s most deprived communities
 provide an innovative approach to impact assessments by working collaboratively
with the University of Sheffield who will monitor and provide impact analysis which
can be used nationally to help determine future public investment in supporting
energy efficiency.
 give the Yorkshire and Humber region (local authorities, RSLs and private sector) a
lead in delivering the community based, whole house approach advocated by


The BIG Energy Upgrade Programme is now up and running and urgently requires a
professionally designed website.

The BIG Energy Upgrade Programme strongly relies on the close collaboration of all partners
and, in this respect the website’s function will be to strengthen and complement this
collaboration as well as to disseminate to the external world the good progress of the BEU
Programme. The website will need to be an effective marketing tool for the BEU programme
and help promote the partner’s activities to external stakeholders. The website will also have a
partners-only area that will help disseminating to project partners the progress in the
installation of the energy efficiency measures, the results of the monitoring and interventions,
the programme’s events (project’s workshops; key meetings and so on).
The website will enable the BEU Programme to disseminate the good findings of the
programme to the wider community that uses the internet.

3.1 Domain name

The domain to be used for the website will be –
It is expected that the website will be hosted on the University of Sheffield server but
interested companies should provide a separate quote specifying the costs associated with
hosting and maintaining of the website until the end of March 2014


3.2 Website design

The design needs to be in keeping with the BIG Energy Upgrade brand and to adhere to
ERDF guidelines (guidance will be provided on request at this stage). It will also need to be
simply constructed so that the website can be easily maintained and updated.

The design and feel for the website is for the website to be:

 Informative on the programme aims, objectives and successes
 Clean
 Corporate and professional
 Including a member-only area

The website design needs to tell the ‘story’ of the BEU Programme and all the partners what
they are doing in their area of activity.

The target audiences are:

All project’s partners
Local Authorities in the Yorkshire & Humber region
Yorkshire & Humber region population
Research organisations involved in Energy Efficiency
Funding and other government bodies (e.g DECC, BIS and so on)
National and regional energy efficiency related media

SME manufacturers in the Yorkshire and Humber region
Top tier manufacturers that influence the supply chain of the above SMEs

Navigation – top bar

 Home page – The home page should provide general information on the overall
programme aim and activities. This top page should include the following links:

 Programme Partners list – up to 30 pages required uniform looking; pages to include to
project’s partners activities; their main achievements; case studies;
photos/videos/model/animation and links; possibility of having forms in pages; ability to add
extra standard pages when required.
 About us – standard
 News – feed requirements from Twitter / RSS/ Newsletter
 Case studies – facility to embedded video required
 Contact us – with email contact details and option to use form for feedback on project
 The BEU Project logo and that of each partner

 ERDF logo
 Members-only log in box on home page. High level of security required.
The following functions will be required within the members – only area:
o News
o Calendar of events
o File sharing facility

o Media library – pics, video, press releases, press cuttings
Development – Winning contract will have to build the whole site using text and images
provided. It is expected that the website could be up to 30 pages

Administration control – It is expected that administration access to the website to make
change, add pages will be retained by the University of Sheffield so there might be a
requirement from the winning designer to train UoS staff on how to amend/add pages.
However we would like to consider the possibility that the website is hosted on an external
server and that all the administrative tasks are provided by the winning designer. We would
therefore like to see these activity separately costed as part of the tender submission.

Analytics – Analytic tool to see visitor statistics and routes of entry include in pages (Google
Analytics suggested).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – we would like to have ongoing SEO to retain 1
in search engines. A set of keyword phrases for the website search will be provided so that
high rankings can be used for this selection of keywords / phrases. A separate quote for SEO
with details on how this will be achieved would be appreciated.

We are keen to select a preferred agency and start the preparation of the webpage as soon
as possible as the BEU Programme is already up and running.

Final deadline for live webpage 22 February 2012 at the latest (please do mention whether
you would be able to deliver the website earlier than the above deadline)

Deadlines are therefore tight and design agencies will need to be able to demonstrate their
availability and ability to effectively manage this project within a short timeframe.


A response from interested designers is expected by 25 January 2012. A fully itemised and
clearly costed out proposal would be appreciated. It would be appreciated if examples of
webpages could also be provided.

We expect to communicate the result of this tendering process by 31 January 2012 at the

Please send responses to:
Dr Marina Ciaraldi
Project Manager - ERDF BEU project (UoS)
University of Sheffield
219 Portobello, Sheffield
S1 4DP


Up to £4,000. Value for money will be taken into consideration. Payment will be made on
completion of the work.