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Dr Maurice

Lecture Three

Founding Fathers Adam Smith David Ricardo
JS Mill all writing 1770 1850

Attempt to explain context of Industrial

Smith Invisible Hand Pin Factory and the
Division of Labour

Canons of Taxation

Moral Sentiments

Ricardo on the iron law of wages

Labour and added value

Malthus on population growth

JS Mill on Liberty

Cobden and Bright on Free Trade

Free Trade and cheap Corn imports

Favoured by industry resistance by landed

Corn Laws 1834

Poor Law 1834 Workhouse House Test

Public Sanitation and public Health

Living Standards Debate

Unemployment 25 per cent decline of GDP 10
per cent

Wage Reductions

Bank of England Montagu Norman

And Churchill

Resistance to Keynes on employment

The Gold Standard Debate

Economic Revival after 1933


Explaining Economic Decline

Redefining public and private boundaries

Influence of Monetarism



Trade Unions


Restructure British Economy

Lawson and the MTFS

Money Supply and Inflation

Control of Government borrowing

Tax Reductions

Increases in Income Inequality

Creating Winners and Losers

Emergence of Financial Sector

Decline of Manufacturing

Regeneration of Cities

The Ascendance of Individualism