CoachComm Announces Testing of Wireless Communication for SEC Officiating

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CoachComm Announces Testing of Wireless Communication for SEC Officiating

Auburn, Alabama (Aug 31st, 2012). CoachComm, LLC, the makers of sideline communication systems for
football teams across the country, recently began work with SEC Officials to test CrewCom®, a communication
product aimed at providing wireless communication to officials to help make officiating more efficient. While
wireless communications have been used in international soccer for years, the concept is new to NCAA football
– a sport that presents new challenges to executing a top-notch system.

The NCAA football rules committee approved a waiver for the SEC to test the system only for intra-SEC
games. The SEC has tested CrewCom during two scrimmages and will use the product during eight live
(SEC/SEC) football games this season. For this testing, one of the SEC Officials crew is using the CrewCom®
system. Last night’s game between South Carolina and Vanderbilt was the first televised game in which the
SEC Officials used CrewCom.

“We are very excited about working with the SEC officials on this project. There is a huge potential here to
positively impact the game though communications,” said Peter Amos, CoachComm’s founder and President.
“CoachComm knows the wireless environment of college game day better than anyone else and we are
focused on protecting the investment of our coach-clients while creating new and innovative products for

Clear advantages.
CrewCom offers several advantages to communicating in these demanding environments. Based off
technology developed for football coaches and broadcast communications, CrewCom has been specifically
designed with the official’s specific work environment taken into consideration. Factors such as special
lightweight headsets, shrill whistles and field workflows are all unique solutions CoachComm is pioneering for
this application. CoachComm brings unparalleled experience to this project through their 20+ years of
providing quality communication systems that perform flawlessly in some of the largest and most challenging
stadiums in the world.

What started as an advanced technology for football coaches has moved off the sidelines and onto the field.
This technology’s hands-free, full duplex capabilities and the changes in licensing requirements have made it
part of a winning game plan for early adopters and those looking for the next great thing in wireless
communication for officiating.

About CoachComm
CoachComm, LLC is the established leader in providing sideline communication solutions to athletic programs nationwide.
CoachComm is the wireless sideline communications provider for 95% of Division 1-A colleges and thousands of high
school and small college programs across the country. Based out of Auburn, Alabama and founded in 1991 by Peter Amos,
CoachComm partners with industry leaders Panasonic, Canon, GoPro, Sony, JVC, Kenwood, and Eiki, and offers the best
sideline communications equipment and coaching tools available on the market today. For more information, visit

For more information, contact:
Debbie Hamby (800) 749.2761 x 251
Director of Marketing