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Web Tools 1

Business Trends

Presented by: Tim Bornholtz, The Bornholtz Group


Web 2.0 is about a shift in perspective

Stop telling people what you can give them

Start talking with people about w
hat you can do with them

Every tool used must make business sense to your organization

Increase profitability

Reduce expenses

Increase efficiency

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS is a simple XML format for publishing frequently updated content

Stop sp
ending time looking for important news

RSS delivers what you want directly to you

Use a feed reader, like Google Reader at

to stay
on top of feeds

Organizations should publish all frequently updated items as a feed

Syndicate c
dars as well as news

Publish upcoming events in RSS

Use a tool like Apple iCal, Google Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook to

Organizations should publish all relevant dates as a calendar feed


Enormous potential for external communication


encourage two way dialog

Make sure you listen to your comments

Get the key functional groups in your organization excited

Take the plunge!



on Technology &

Social Networking Sites

Sites like Facebook.com or Myspace.com can be another marketing tool

Very easy to conn
ect with your customers

Good tool to brand your organization

Invite your best customers to join and talk about their experience

Build a group and generate buzz around it

Very little time needed to create a profile

Big time investment is the “social” aspect
; connecting with customers and
interacting with groups


Video sharing

Do you have existing videos that can be posted

Keep videos short

no more than 10 minutes

Youtube handles all of the technology for you. No need to open firewalls
or ins
tall additional servers

Offline web applications

Do your users frequently need to access your data when not connected

Offline access can provide a rich experience even when not connected

Sites need to be specifically written to take advantage of this

iness motivations for new media

Will you or your employees be more efficient

Can you use a web technology to supplement or replace an existing
proprietary service

Look at the startup costs

both money and time

Estimate the ongoing costs

both money and t

Many technologies have uncertain business valu
e yet cost almost nothing

Pilot a technology with minimal investment for a limited time

Look at the potential value

Track the time spent