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5 Things To Know

By Chris Bell | August 13, 2013

is the new dongle device that is challenging
Apple TV
as a must
have living room appliance. While
many are debating what this means for Google’s
long term strategy, here are 5 things to know about this device

It’s cheap

The Roku retails for $49.99 at its lowest price point, and Apple TV retails for
$99.00. If nothing else, the Chromecast beats t
he competition’s price point.

It works anywhere

Chromecast only needs a wireless connection for streaming and
interfaces with any Bluetooth device running on Android, which means most phones
. It
plugs into the HDMI port of any TV. This lets users bring t
heir favorite TV providers into any
living room.

It brings the web anywhere

Chromecast launches from inside a Chrome browser. This lets
users bring a web browser directly to any TV.

All the apps are there

custom apps for

and the other major streaming services are
native to Chromecast.

Chromecast supports all Android devices

any such device that has a Bluetooth
capability can be used as a rem
ote for Chromecast enabled TVs.

Screen Mirroring

This much requested feature is a standard part of Chromecast, allowing the
use of Android apps and streams directly into the Chromecast
equipped TV.


Reports are that Chromecast is exceedingly simp
le to use

all that you need to do is
to simply insert the Chromecast dongle into your TVs HDMI port, log into Google and your
preferred services (Netflix, etc) and you’re ready to go.

So why is Google even bothering with this?

Chromecast is but one of ma
ny similar devices

PC game distributor Steam has just announced
development of its own proprietary device called Steambox that will stream movies and music as well
as allow for

game play. Panasonic already has a streaming device, joining the Roku and Apple
TV in the fray.

Why should Google

the streaming video party? It’s this writer’s view that
it’s all about the data.

Consider that a user of Chromecast will need a Google account to make use of the service. Each and
very action that a Chromecast user takes online will therefore be tracked.

This includes email
content, browsing history, viewing habits, purchases

everything. It is this rich data that Google wants
to sell to advertisers. By using the full spectrum of user activity to sell targeted advertising, Google can
offer advertising opp
ortunities that match directly the needs and interests of that user, in a way similar
to how Amazon conducts its amazing data driven marketing. It’s all about using your TV to gather Big

So Chromecast functionality is simply bait on the lure. What Go
ogle wants to do is to make us, the
users, bite, whereafter it will reel in our data and sell ads against it.