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Rural Safety Innovation Program

Rural Intersection Collision Avoidance System




March 4
, 2009




Todd Szymkowski, Madhav Chitturi, Rebecca Yao, Phil DeCabooter, John Berg, Gre
, Morris Luke, Jeff Olson, Bill Bremer

Action Items

from previous meeting

Todd updated the group about the changes made to the plan. The plan now shows the utilities
in the area as well as the design for the
beam guard
. Todd mentioned that Bil
l Bremer expressed
concerns about the
beam guard

n and it may be modified again.

Todd gave an overview of the discussion Todd and Madhav had with
Matt Rauch and Greg
regarding posts for the DII signs. Salient points are:


Significant cost difference be

and wood posts for the DII signs.


Wood Posts will give us the flexibility, in case this sign
s need

to be moved; a
considering the “test” nat
ure of the signs, the group advis
ed using 3 wood posts instead
of the I


Matt Rauch
d discuss about this with Bill Bremer of FHWA for their input.

Equipment Ordering:

Todd mentioned

that we are working with Sharon

Bremser to obtain
quotes for directional drilling (from CCI) and also the camera poles.

Hope to get this going in the
next w
eek or so. Madhav is working with UMN to convert the cut sheets into technical
specifications for the bid package.

Greg found that Washburn

would contract out the job of
beam guard
, if they
were asked to do it. It was decided to go through a procure
ment bid for the
beam guard

Plan development status: UMN is currently evaluating some newer radar sensors that could be
used in the RICAS project. Todd mentioned that this may cause a few minor changes in the
project schedule.

System Engineering Managemen
t Plan status
: Todd mentioned that
he and Madhav had a
teleconference with STOC, UMN about which cameras to use at Minong.

This week
STOC and
UMN are evaluating new IP
(integrated CODEC) and we hope to identify a preferred
approach by

the end of t
his week.

Contract Status: Todd mentioned that UMN is now onboard officially. They received the
contract from UW
Madison yesterday.

Budget status: Todd mentioned that, right now we are below the budget and there is room for

Beam Guard and Si
gn Support Discussion

Bill Bremer, John Berg, Morrie, Greg and Madhav were online to discuss the beam guard. The key
highlights of the discussion were:

Bill’s comments: Shielding for the sign is good from the approach side. However, the turnaround
will n
ot be effective in giving strength to the beam guard. So anchor it longitudinally using a
type 2 anchorage. The sign should be set back such that there is a minimum of 5 ft deflection
distance between the face of the beam guard and the DII supports


concerns with using a beam guard were: snow and visibility issues for drivers trying to
cross USH 53.

The group reached a consensus that using a high
tension cable might be a better choice than
beam guard. It addresses both the concerns: snow and visibil
ity. However the deflection
distance should be a minimum of 10 ft.

Bill mentioned that concrete used for anchoring the HT cable is much more expensive and it
might increase the costs

The issue of using 3 wood posts instead of I
beam was also discussed.
Bill and John were comfortable
with using 3 wood posts because the sign is shielded in the high speed direction. They also felt we do
not need to drill these posts in.

New Action Items

Madhav will revise plan layout, miscellaneous quantities and enginee
r’s estimate

Madhav will put together the technical specifications of the items to be procured by WisDOT
Procurement bid.

Todd will work with Sharon

to obtain a price from CCI for

the di
rectional drilling and
ordering of camera poles

Todd will
ntinue to work on
the Systems Engineering Analysis documentation.

Todd will check with Craig Shankwitz of UMN about any new research findings about the
operation of the RICAS system especially at night.

Morrie will check with Erik Emerson about the costs o
f installation and other information
related to HT cable. He will also check with Paul of Dunn County regarding the maintenance
costs for these barriers. Morrie will keep the group updated.

Future Project Management Coordination Teleconferences

y, March
, 2009 (9
10 AM)