Onslow Beach Bridge

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Onslow Beach Bridge

Jacksonville, NC

This project called for abrasive blasting and
protective coating application to the Onslow
Beach Bridge, a rotating hydraulic bridge
located on Camp

Military Base near
Jacksonville, NC. The bridge spans the
Intracoastal Waterway and is the only method
of access to the beach that contains facilities
for marine tactical operations as well as
military family beach access. The contract
allowed 30 days for the completion of all
work on the rotating portion of the bridge.


Contractors specializes in surface
restoration and preservation, using industry
leading techniques and superior engineering.

For this project, all steel surfaces on the 70,000
square foot rotating bridge and both approach
spans were abrasive blasted to SSPC QP2
certifications of an SP10 blast using a six pod
ADI steel grit recycling and blasting machine. The
bridge then received three protective coatings: a
zinc epoxy primer, an epoxy
intermediate, and a polyurethane topcoat.

The project presented several unique challenges. The
bridge spanning Intracoastal Waterway required
significant auxiliary work prior to addressing the
steel infrastructure.


was responsible for replacing 50 bearing
support plates on the approach spans and over 3,000
rivets on the rotating portion of the bridge with the



Contractors took meticulous care in adhering to
all SSPC A1 containment, safety, and environmental
guidelines, finishing the project on schedule with
zero incidents.

On the approach structures,

replaced 50 bearing plates that were corroded
due to possible asbestos tainting. Work required that the approach spans be
hydraulically lifted in order remove the old plates and insert new ones.

Auxiliary Work

Opposite angle of the approach span lifted via a hydraulic lift system.

Auxiliary Work

Considering the fact that the mechanized
component of the bridge was entirely hydraulic,

Contractors decided that all hydraulic lines
underneath the bridge had to be covered and
protected during the blasting and painting
process. Utilizing 3/8”, 5/8”, & 1” rubber air line,
all lines underneath the bridge were protected, in
addition to all electrical lines and all of the motor
components. In total, over 5,000 feet of line were
covered through careful attention to detail.

All of the hydraulic lines on the bridge were carefully covered in their entirety
with air line tubing. This process took over two weeks and 5,000 feet of tubing,
but was vital to the protection of the critical elements of the bridge to ensure
the project finished on time without time lost to repairs.



Contractors maintains and trains employees in the operation of a wide variety of
heavy equipment. Our employees receive certification in operation of forklifts,
, and other similar heavy machinery prior to commencement of working.


Pictured here is one of our two industrial dust collectors, a machine capable of removing dust
and airborne particulate matter in containments up to 24,000 square feet.

employs staff that are experienced in all operation and maintenance of such equipment.


Pictured here is the ADI blasting and recycling system used on this project.

Steel Grit Blasting and Recycling System

The employees at

Contractors built all
specialized rigging and containment
structures in our office.

Utilizing welded ¾” steel beams custom made
to attach to the bridge, we were able to build
a Type 1A containment to trap all grit, paint,
and waste products.

Inside the containment, specially welded steel I
beams support tarpaulin
structures to enclose the bridge.


conditioning tubes (blue) and dust
collection system tubes (black)
are pictured here entering the approach segment containment. Temperature, dew
point, and humidity conditions were kept constant throughout all blasting and
painting operations in all containments. The approach structures leading up to the
bridge were contained utilizing scaffolding

and tarpaulin attached to the
surface of the concrete using high strength adhesive foam. The bridge saw military
and civilian traffic of close to 500 vehicles per day.


The fully contained bridge locked into place for 30 days to complete all work.


The restored and protected steel beams

Finished Product

Contract Award: $2,288,870

Contract Days: 30

Completion: On Schedule

Incidents: ZERO