¡TradúceloAhora! FAQs for Parent Centers

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FAQs for Parent Centers

of the


is adapted from


posted on their web


Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the

(Translate Now!)

translation program. Basic “how
to” instructions for using the software can be
found on the

or by viewing the demo videos on the
Tech Corner page.

FAQ Topics

(link below to corresponding section below on

Using ¡TradúceloAhora! at Your Parent Center

IBM Translation Software

General Information

ite Translation

Smart Search Translation

Email Translation

Text Translation


at Your Parent Center

How do
Parent Center staff or
families we serve

gain access to


Individuals wishing to use ¡TradúceloAhora! must create an account to access the program.

requires a project passcode which can be r
eceived by emailing
. Parent Centers can request passcodes for multiple users at one time.

users should choose “Alliance Parent Center” as the School/Organization when completi
ng the
registration form.

Once I register, how long will I
have access to the program? Do users

need to sign
up annually to
use the


As of now, a
ll registered users have indefinite access to the software through PACER’s

grant and do not need to re

Is there a limit to how many people our Parent Center can give access to?

No, feel free to request passcodes as often as you need them.
You are welcome

to publicize the
availability of the
program through your web
site, emails, or newsletters.

If, however, a school or agency you work with would like to use
at an organizational
level, they should contact IBM about applying for their own
grant. Organizations
can express their interest in becoming a grant site through the
“Contact Us” page:
. Ask them to include in their message that
they heard about the
program through PACER Center’s ALLIANCE project

and your Parent Center

What if families we work with do not have a computer or internet access at home?

Encourage families to seek out libraries or other community centers that provide
free access to public

does require

an email address.
There are a variety of free web
based email
services where parents can sign up for a free email account, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and

IBM Translation Software

neral Information

What are the technical requirements for the TraduceloAhora software?

software is completely w
based and does not require you to download
anything to your computer. Once you register, you can sign
in and use
the software from any computer
with internet access.

This makes the program especially appealing to families that do not have a
computer at home and rely on libraries or other locations for internet and email access.

How do we install upgrades or updates?

is completely web
based and does not require you to download or install
any software, users are not required to install any updates themselves.

Will IBM be expanding this capability to other languages?

IBM’s Websphere Translatio
n Server, which is used by the
rogram, supports nine


English is the only language pair available through a grant program.
More information about WebSphere Translation Server at

How accurate is the web
site and email translation?

Automatic translation is not perfect and does not produce texts with the same fluency that human
translators have.
Spanish speakers using the software can easily g
ain a sense of the content
of web
sites and emails. IBM’s software is contstantly im
proving based on user feedback and
technology enhancements.

Would this program work to help English

"learn" Spanish as well?


program was developed to help Spanish speakers bridge the digital divide by
providing them increased access to information on the internet and enhance communication between
English and Spanish speakers through bi
directional email translation. It is not m
eant to be a tool for
English speakers to learn Spanish.

ite Translation

Why isn’t all the text on a

site translated?

Graphics and dynamic content cannot be translated by the

software. This includes
text that is embedded in a graphic (often occurs in logos or banners), Flash (often used in animation),
Java applets, or dynamic HTML scripts.

If alt

text was embedded in a graphic, you can move the
cursor over the image and
that text will be translated to Spanish.

Web forms or web pages produced in response to a web form (i.e., searches) are also not translated by
the software.

Click here for information o
n translating Web searches.

Can we use
¡TradúceloAhora! to create a Spanish version of our Parent Center’s website?

Visitors to your web
site must be registered with the

program in order to translate
your page into Spanish, so it
is not p
ossible to post a static

link to a translated version of your site. You
can, however, post

about the

program with instructions on how to
register so that families and professionals can sign
up to have access to the TraduceloAho
ra software.
You may want to post this information in English and Spanish.

Can a translated w
ebsite be saved and/or sent to someone else?

There are a couple of ways to save a translated Web page. If you have Adobe Professional or another
PDF maker, you c
an go to File>Print in your Web browser window and select “Adobe PDF” or “Save
as PDF”
exact wording will vary
depending on your software
. You can also select File>Save As, and
save the translated
document that way. Please remember that this will
save the Web site as it was
on the date and time you saved the file and the content will not be automatically updated.

How can I prov
ide feedback on the quality of w
site translations?

Each time you translate a page through the

there will be a feedback bar on
the top of the translated site. You can rate the translation with 0
5 stars and provide written feedback in
a comment box.

If I send
feedback or a correction for a web
site translation, when can I expect the problem to be

IBM makes quarterly updates to the automatic translation software based on feedback from users. It is
continually being improved and updated, which is why your comments are so important. IBM makes
overall changes to the translation software, so they c
annot guarantee that
all specific errors reported
will be fixed.



the contents of documents posted on Web sites (PDF, Word,
Ppt, etc.)?

No, documents that must be downloaded and that are not part of the actual web site code
are not
translated. To translate text from posted documents
, use the “Text Translation” tool described below.

Smart Search Translation

What is

Smart Search?



Search feature allows users to enter search queries

and receive results in
the language selected (English, S
panish, or any). If an English web
site is found, users can click on “en
español” next to the search result and

will translate the site into Spanish.

Email Translation

How do I sen
d an email to be translated?

Emails must be sent from the email address used when registering for your


in the CC line of your email message, and the recipient will receive
your original email followed by the automatically generated translation. Original email messages can
be written in English or Spanish.


translate email attachments

No, attachments are removed from emails by the software and are not translated.
The “Text
Translation” tool below can be used to translate plain text, or the text from an attachment can be
copied into the body of the email for translation.

Do recipients

of my email need to be registered for

in order for the email to be

No. As long as the email is sent from

a registered account
, the email will be translated and delivered to
the recipient.

Does the software take into account
the context of the sentence?

No, the software translates text literally. For example, it can not tell whether the word “glasses” is
referring to eyeglasses or a water glass. IBM is working on improving the software’s ability to take
into account the conte
xt of a sentence.

What can I do to improve the quality of email translations?

You will have the best results if you write in short, simple sentences. Be sure to check the spelling
carefully and include accent marks, if writing in Spanish. Avoid the use of

jargon, slang, idioms, and
abbreviations. Do not include items with complex HTML formatting, such as images or tables.

Is there a limit to how much text can be translated through email?


will translate incoming emails with up to
3,000 words

(approximately 3
spaced pages of text).

How long does it take for emails to be translated?

IBM has recently updated the software and email translations now typically take under a minute.

How can I provide feedback on the quality of
email translations?

Comments can be submitted on the “Contact Us” page of the TraduceloAhora Web site:
. It is helpful if you can include the date, time, and subject

of the email you are referring to when submitting comments about a specific message.

Text Translation

What if I want to translate the text of a document that is not an email?

IBM has recently added text translation to the

. Simply sign
in to your
account, and click “Translate” followed by “Text Translation.” Up to 2000 characters of text can be
instantly translated from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.