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SOA Platforms, Tools & Frameworks

The IBM Rational® service
oriented architecture (SOA) lifecycle management solution provides
consulting services, an SOA governance model, service lifecycle management infrastructure, and tools to
help you realize the full potential of your SOA investments
. IBM SOA Offerings included WebSphere,
Tivoli, Rational Software Architect, Rational System Architect, Rational Rhapsody.

Progress Software

(NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global software company that enables enterprises to be
operationally responsive to cha
nging conditions and customer interactions as they occur

to capitalize on
opportunities, drive efficiencies, and reduce risk.

The comprehensive

portfolio provides leading
solutions for enterprise integration, data interoperability and application

development, including SaaS
enablement and delivery in the cloud.


Corp. is the only professional open source company
driven the expertise of the founders and leaders of the premier integration and messaging projects from
The Apache Software Foundation.

is solely focused on providing enterprise
ready integrati
and messaging software combined with tools, training and expertise sought by organizations
implementing and managing integration projects such as SOA, cloud environments and others. Hundreds
of large enterprises worldwide rely on
™ solutions t
o deploy and manage integration and
messaging infrastructure at a lower total cost of ownership than traditional commercial solutions.

is a wholly owned subsidiary of
Progress Software Corporation

and can be found on the web
at fusesource.com.

Use SOA to gain competitive business advantage with Software AG Adopting SOA is not as simple as
creating Web services and then re
using them. To build an SOA that delivers business value, you need
rated technology as well as guidance on best practices
. That’s exactly what Software AG delivers.
The Software AG SOA Solution is a coherent suite of products

that includes CentraSite™, #1 in SOA

as well as reference content, proven methodology and expertise.

Products and
Consulting Services

The need for more operational flexibility and increased information sharing, plus pressures to enable
more efficient processing, are creating a new level of internal IT challenges across the Government
industry. In addition to the focus on optimizing
existing processes, today’s organizations face diverse

driving the need for changes in capabilities and functionality. Organizations are thus
concentrating their efforts on areas that can help drive efficiencies, quickly adapt to change and achie
compliance. As organizations look for opportunities to leverage their IT investments and unleash
enabled processes to resolve pressing business issues, it becomes clear that better ways of
integrating technology are needed. Service
oriented a
rchitecture (SOA) may be the answer. At Bay
State, we believe that SOA can help organizations increase efficiencies by creating, for example, a more
integrated environment for policy administration, and agency/citizen support. SOA may also help control
sts by eliminating redundant interfaces, building on existing IT investments, and providing an
infrastructure in which users can easily access information and perform transactions.


Dovèl has observed several challenges hindering wider

adoption of SOA across the federal government. We believe
that arming yourself with a detailed roadmap and the mission to implement in small, measurable increments are the
critical facilitators for SOA adoption. We consider what we’ve learned from each im
plementation into the roadmap in
order to adapt to the situation on the ground. Dovèl is known for their SOA expertise and adoption of cutting
technologies and applying those skills to Health IT, National Security, Systems Integration, and System Deve
Dovèl’s government clients achieve agility and information sharing capabilities by applying the principles of SOA and
employing “best
breed” Open Source and COTS software, configuration
based tools, and frameworks.

CBDI is a global technology consulting company with world leading expertise in
application modernization and service architecture and engineering. The company has led best
practice development in service architecture and model driven development providing

clients in
all industry sectors and government with implemented solutions, enhanced capabilities, as well
as documented, repeatable processes.

The CBDI Service Architecture and Engineering (CBDI
SAE™) methodology provides guidance, best practices, and te
mplates to accelerate SOA


SOA Training & Certification

EA Principals, Inc.

teaches and applies proven and innovative enterprise architecture
methodologies and best
practices that suit a broad range of problems. The result is architectural
efficiency, performance, scalability, agility, IT alignment, and stakeholder access to critical
knowledge and information. As a Service
Disabled Veteran
Owned Small Business concern


EA Principals is also positioned to make

its network of talent rapidly available to
prospective federal government clients.

ZapThink SOA & Cloud Architecture Training & Certification: The Leading Vendor
Independent, Architect
Focused SOA &
Cloud Training

ZapThink’s Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) SOA & Cloud Architecture Training &
Certification Boot Camp is recognized around the world as the best single Service
Architecture and Cloud Architecture training course available anywh

The LZA SOA & Cloud Architecture Boot Camp is an intensive, four day “fire hose” of
information that prepares you to succeed with your SOA and Cloud efforts, whether you’re just
beginning them or are well down the road with SOA and Cloud Computing. Z
apThink’s LZA
SOA training & certification has no prerequisites, and is designed for architects, but appropriate
for people with different roles and levels of expertise. This course is valuable for anyone who
wants in
depth knowledge about how to succeed w
ith SOA.

now for online LZA SOA & Cloud

Training & Certification.
Attendees get a 10%