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.NET and SQL Server Replication Services
Microsoft .NET Custom Application
C A S E S T U DY: O f f s h o r e Dr i l l i n g S e r v i c e s
As a major provider of international and domestic contract drilling services
with special focus on high-specifi cation, premium jack-up rigs, our client
is a leader in deep off shore drilling. To manage its rigs around the world,
the company needed one tracking application that provided scalability,
eliminated redundancies and integrated real-time data.
The company lacked a consistent, user-friendly system to track pertinent
data of its 33 rigs worldwide. With disparate applications using unrelated
technologies, it could not provide real-time, accurate data to its Texas
headquarters. Other challenges included:
Geographically dispersed employees
Limited integration and reliability of current tracking application
Remote intervention exceeded IT bandwidth
Redundancies of data submitted by manual email services
Following a competitive bidding process, the company selected Sparkhound
for its infrastructure resources, experienced team and competitive pricing.
Using leading software tools to jettison the client’s custom software
development capabilities, Sparkhound:
Designed, built and deployed a .NET custom application to improve user
experience and scalability of deployment for future offshore rig growth
Connected all major modules through a streamlined database structure,
which became the official Operations System
Sparkhound delivered the custom application deliverables 4 weeks early,
enabling the client to implement additional features and receive out-of-
scope integration processes. The new tracking system increased productivity,
removed redundancies, ensured access to reliable data and led to increased
effi ciencies, while decreasing reliance on the client’s limited IT bandwidth.
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