biodiversity networks at a landscape level

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From insular protected areas to prioritised

biodiversity networks at a landscape level

Richard Knight, Fabian Schories &

Lorraine Gerrans

What is Systematic Conservation Planning?

A rigorous procedure for identifying a network of
habitats to ensure the maximization of a
biodiversity conservation.


Let there be C

Plan seems to be the only solution used in SA?

Plan has been used extensively for conservation
planning in South Africa.

What are its limitations?

What is a Simulated Annealing?

Borrowed from Physic to explain different thermal

It is spatial explicit …. optimizes clusters of sites
according to proximity and geometry such as
perimeter to area ratios

MARXAN is being included within C
Plan software
for reserve selection.

What is a Genetic Algorithm?

Selection…..usually a randomly selected pair


Parent A

Parent B


For Reserve Selection a group of sites will
represent a chromosome

Advantages of a Genetic Algorithm?

GAs are far faster to process


Candidate Sites

Forward Direction

Forward and

Genetic Algorithms GAs allow both forward and
backward processing whereas iterative
technique is a forward only process

Description of the Data used for the Web Approach

Data obtained from Coastec “Species and
Sites” data base and includes 93 sites
represented by >3000 plant species.

MySQL Database Server

Functionality of the Application?

Allows users to build their own database based on
selection of both species and sites.

Database can be added to or subtracted from for species
and sites and name changes undertaken for species.

Gives a choice of Iterative and Genetic Algorithms as
well as how many sites represent a minimum number of
sites (1~5) for conservation as well as the proportion of
species to be conserved (all, 95%, 90%, 80% or 66%).

Produces full documentation and hyperlinked list to the
mapserver, manage results and to zip result files.