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Smart Grid
Darren D. Gill
October 2010
Smart Grid Attributes
The US Department of Energy has characterized a smart grid as
having the following attributes:

Enables informed participation by the customer

Accommodates all generation and storage options

Enables new products, services, and markets

Provides power quality for the digital economy

Optimizes assets and operates efficiently

Anticipates and responds to system disturbances
• Operates resiliently against attack and natural disaster
Key Smart Grid Aspects
Smart Meters:
- Advanced Metering Infrastructure with two way
Distribution Automation:
- Advanced sensors throughout grid – smart relays,
smart switches, etc.
- Dynamic optimization of distribution network
Smart Meters
Act 129 of 2008 - Smart Meters
• Each EDC must file plans to replace all of its meters over
the next 15 years (or sooner upon an individual customer’s
request and payment of cost, and on all new construction).
• New meters must be capable of “bidirectional
communication,” i.e., capable of allowing EDCs to measure
usage on at least an hourly basis and to communicate
consumption and energy price to the customer.
• EDCs must offer optional time-of-use and real time rates to
all customers on a voluntary basis.
Act 129 of 2008 - Smart Meters
• Smart Meter compliance plans were filed by
August 14, 2009.
• Comments submitted by September 25, 2009.
• Technical conferences held in October 2009.
• Evidentiary hearings held in November 2009.
• Awaiting Commission Decisions.
• Network development and installation grace period of
30 months allowed following plan approval.
• Interval meters shall be available to customers during
the grace period.
Required Smart Meter Capabilities
• Bi-directional
• At least hourly data
delivered at least daily
• Direct consumer access to
usage and price data
• Enable TOU and RTP
• Support automated control
of electric consumption
• Communicate outages and
service restoration

Support Net Metering
• Remote connect &
• Support 15 minute or
shorter interval usage data.
• On board meter storage of
data that complies with
nationally recognized non-
proprietary standards
• Open standards and
• Meter upgrade capability
• Monitor meter voltage

Remote upgrade capability
Smart Meter Rate Recovery

Act 129 allows recovery of reasonable and prudent smart
meter investment

Base rates, including a deferral for future base rate recovery

Reconcilable automatic adjustment clause
PUC / EDC / Federal Interactions

PUC / EDC / Stakeholder meetings

PUC staff observer in DOE/NIST proceedings
• Staff and Commission provided comments to:
– NIST process
– White House’s Office of Science and Technology
– others
Distribution Automation
Distribution Automation
• Pennsylvania Legislation:

• PA PUC regulations requiring implementation:

• Federal Guidance:
– DOE?
– FCC?
Distribution Automation

Pennsylvania Projects:

Metropolitan Edison

PPL Electric Utilities

PECO Electric
Distribution Automation
Rate recovery possibilities:

Traditional base rates

“Infrastructure improvement” surcharge
PUC / EDC / Federal Interactions

PUC and EDC technical staff partnership

PUC staff observer in DOE/NIST proceedings
• Commission and ARRA funding
– PA Department of Labor and Industry
– PA Department of Community and Economic Development
– PA Workforce Investment Board
– Keystone Development Partnership
Concerns and Hopes

– Cyber Security
– Who provides the HAN interface?

How much cost should EDCs be asked to bear?

– The Feds evaluate all the smart grid pilots for best practices
– The smart grid is “standardized” to the extent practical
Contact information:
Darren D. Gill
Supervisor of Electric Reliability
PA Public Utility Commission (email)
717.783.5244 (office) (website)