ITT Exelis Geospatial Systems Responses for Brand Niemann, AOL Government Updated: May 2012

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ITT Exelis Geospatial Systems

Responses for Brand

AOL Government

Updated: May 2012

Do you have a public description of work for NGA with ENVI?

NGA uses Exelis VIS’ ENVI/IDL software tools to develop custom data processing and
exploitation tools to support new and emerging data modalities, including Hyperspectral,
Multispectral, Thermal and SAR data sources.

Can you provide description of Jagwir

Jagwire is an enterprise
edge solution for the processing, management and dissemination of
Still Imagery, Full Motion Video and Wide Area Motion Imagery. It manages unrelated types of
content at an enterprise level, providing warfighters with one sea
mless user interface to search,
discover and exploit this critical data. Jagwire also has the capabilities to operate efficiently
across distressed networks (such as harsh environments) by accessing intelligence when and
where soldiers need it most, almost

regardless of bandwidth.

To gain a better understanding of Exelis’ capabilities in this area, you can read a recent op
the company penned in
MilSat Magazine


Do you have

case studies/write
ups of your role in the Haiti and Katrina response?

In direct support of DHS and FEMA we were able to provide video support data to first
responders as well as operation centers in response to a Hurricane in South Texas.

We lead the
fort in providing real

time information for rescue operations, critical infrastructure
assessments and housing/property destruction.

The data was hosted at our facility.

Do you have any additional information on JPIP?

JPIP specifies a protocol consisting
of a structured series of interactions between a client and a
server by means of which image file metadata, structure and partial or whole image
codestreams may be exchanged in a communications efficient manner.

Can you provide brief descriptions/explana
tions of your capabilities and work in and around the
following requirements?


Humanitarian assistance and disaster recovery

For the Haiti earthquake disaster in 2010

Exelis developed native iPhone JPIP clients to as
with the rebuilding effort.


were not deployed

but demonstrated efficient mobile access
to the large da
ta products released by Digital
Globe and GeoEye.

For Hurricane Katrina, Exelis worked with Harris to provide JPIP capability to enable first
responders with efficient and timely
access to imagery data.

NGA Office of Americas

Crisis Operations:

NGA geospatial a
nalysts nee
d change detection
products to
indicate damage assessments from flooding incidents after a significant weather

nalysts use ENVI software from Exelis

VIS, which include the

SPEAR change
detection workflow

to ing
est NTM or c
ommercial imagery datasets, co
register those datasets,
apply image change methods and refine/clean
up derived change products.

NGA Office of Americas

Crisis Operations:

nalysts needed to map the
distribution of harmful target mater
ials such as oil spills in the G
ulf of Mexico following the
Deepwater horizon disaster.


software’s target detection algorithms are applied to
multispectral source imagery in the
pursuit of determining pixel
pixel probabilities of the
presence of oil.


Exposing large raw data sets via a cloud infrastructure

Exelis ha

deployed JPIP services to the Amazon Cloud infrastructure.


Exposing data services from large data sets via a

cloud infrastructure

Exelis has

enabled the JPEG 2000 compression services on the Amazon Cloud infrastructure.
The service streams data

representative in our market.
The service does not support operations.


Hosting, search and discovery of large data s
ets via cloud storage

Exelis has

published OpenSearch interfaces for compressed image data.


Analysis of changes between legacy and current imagery

Our operational systems are used by warfighters to compare current and
archived data for
manual change det

ENVI software includes a suite of change detection capabilities. The SPEAR tools within ENVI
were developed originally for D&I, and are a set of wizard
based workflows used to perform
various image processing and analysis tasks which are common
in D&I applications.

Change Detection tool provides a way to compare imagery collected over the same area at
different times and to highlight features that have changed
xploitation with three different methods for ch
ange detection. For example, the tool might be
used to look at other land changes to

view new trails, road networks

and vegetation pattern
changes to understand trafficability

and to move assets across varied terrain.


Normalization of multiple images usi
ng different formats of a common location

Our operational systems supply data from multiple
sources for a common location.
includes imagery, motion imagery (wide area persistent surveillance), full motion imager

generated elevation data. So
me users can combine the data.
For example, the Army

Geospatial Center has an application to stream imagery and elevation data from our systems to
drape high resolution imagery over a terrain model and create a 3D visualization.