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The All About Dog Grooming Home Study Training Packagecontents:The Reference Manual – 21 chapters covering every aspect of grooming plus everything you need to know to start and successfully operate your own business. The Training Videos – 2 DVDs – that’s 8 FULL hours of training – showing you exactly how to groom, breed by breed.

Dog Grooming License

We are Richard and Carol Doggett, a husband
and wife team that began our training in
1975. We were taught by a family member
who had successfully completed training at
the famous New York School of Dog
Grooming some years
before. In the latter
part of 1975 we began our professional
career as one of the first in the nation to offer
a mobile dog grooming service. We continued
with this successful business for the next 10
years. In 1980 we began designing, building
and marketi
ng turnkey mobile grooming units on a small scale. Along with these sales we
also provided grooming training. In 1983 we sold our grooming business and relocated to a
new part of the country, where we ran a retail/grooming salon for the next 5 years. We
ce again sold that business and were able to purchase commercial/home property of our
own. In 1988 we settled into this home business that provided us the opportunity to be
with our three young children full time. While raising them through young adulthood

were able to always be there for them and also introduce each of them to the business
world. So, as you can see, we are well versed in running this business from three different

Our children are now grown and all three have followed in our foo
tsteps. Our oldest
daughter began grooming at the age of 15 and started her own successful house
call service
at the young age of 18! She operated her own Mobile Dog Grooming shop for several years
before giving birth to triplets.Our middle daughter, who a
lso helped us at an early age, has
been running her own, likewise, successful Mobile Dog Grooming business for the past 13
years… she’s now age 35 .With her rapidly
expanding business she was able to add a
second Mobile Unit for her husband. Our son is the

youngest and helped us longer than the
girls.He decided 10 years ago to open his own Mobile Grooming shop, which is extremely
busy. He has opened a second grooming unit and has hired an employee. He is now age 33.

We also have 3 other family members that,

over the years, have groomed part/full time.
Remember the family members that taught us? Well, they finally retired after 35 years of
full time grooming…became bored, and opened a small shop on a part time basis, until ill
health required they retire full

time. When we get together for family gatherings we really
have some interesting stories to swap!

Based on our vast experience and success, we
developed and began, 12 years ago, sharing this successful home study Career
Development Package with individual
s worldwide. Dog Grooming has been our life and we
are excitedly share the vast amount of knowledge we’ve acquired with anyone who has the
desire to learn from true professionals!

Dog Grooming offers…

Wonderful pay with low overhead

Groom anywhere from rural to big
city…anywhere in the world

Be recognized as a respected Pet Care


Hard to locate dog grooming classes

Expensive pet grooming schools

Our extremely popular dog grooming course
will teach you how to…

Bathe, clip & style over 30 popular breeds exactly lik
e the pros

Soon be your own boss…Choose your own hours

You may work full time, or part time. Perhaps supplement your current income or
just earn extra spending $$

Start a home business if you wish

Start quickly even if you have little cash

Our highly affor
dable Dog Grooming Training Package provides…

Extensive Study Manual

Training with Us Through 8 hrs of Dog Grooming DVDs

Personal One on One Coaching with Us By Phone upon request

Certificate of Training

Training fee that anyone should be able to afford

tional Hand Tools

As part of this package you will be provided with the same wholesale catalog that we’ve
used to order our own professional equipment. Inside your training manual will be a report
on how to order the necessary tools , by brand name, so tha
t you will be able to have a
great beginner tool kit for less than $400.00.

It is important to be guided in this way, so you aren’t confused and tempted to waste your
money on tools that are not necessary, or perhaps, worth while. We also supply you with
free numbers to order additional catalogs from several other wholesale companies so
you may do comparison shopping, with the intention of saving even more money on your
initial starter tool kit.

In this way, you may pay for your training kit first and

when you are ready to clip the dogs
you could then be financially ready to order your grooming tool kit. For many it’s easier to
budget that way.


Completion Certificate

Everyone wants to be rewarded for their
accomplishments and you will certa
inly be proud to
receive our beautiful gold embossed certificate,
inscribed with your name, upon completion of your
study and practice period. It will look wonderful in
your home or place of business.


“I have obtained, to date, forty customers with only a small sign in my yard and no other
advertisement. These customers have been very sat
isfied and some have scheduled for the
future. I am excited for what spring may hold once my advertising has been circulated.
Thanks to your grooming program I feel very comfortable and confident in what I am
doing. I commend you on creating such a thoroug
h and educational series. Thanks again!”

Samantha S.


“Again, thanks for all the grooming tips. They will be very helpful as your manual and
videos are. Without them I would still be stuck doing a job I did not like. I love dog
grooming and plan to o
pen a shop someday.”

Donna M.


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