Fifth Annual Heritage Festival Quilt Show


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Fifth Annual Heritage Festival Quilt Show

Show Date: October 17, 2009

Registration Deadline: September 21, 2009

Complete a separate registration form for each quilt entered.

Photocopies are permitted.

Quilt Owner’s Name: _____________________________________________________

Street Address: __________________________________________________________

City, State, Z
ip: _________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________

Phone #1: ________________________ Phone #2: _______________________

Description of entry
: ___________




Quilt Size
: inches _________ width X __________ length

Categories, please circle one


Heritage Quilts

family heirloom or collector’s heirloom quilts


Large Quilts

smallest side is 60 inches or greater


Small Quilts

lap, throw, or crib si
ze; smallest side less than 60 inches


Wall Quilts

designed to hang on a wall


Wearable Art

vests, jackets, purses, etc.




table runners, pillows, etc.

Techniques for Categories B

F, please circle one


Hand Quilted


Machine Quilted

The exhibitor

agrees to assume responsibility for any damages or loss to his/her property
and agrees to hold Union County Heritage Festival, Inc., the Union County Historical
Society, the Roy Acuff Union Museum and Library, and Norris Lake Quilting Bee
harmless for any

claim or lawsuit. The exhibitor agrees to cooperate full with all rules of
the festival and the town of Maynardville, TN or will be asked to leave the show.

Quilt Owners understand quilts will be hung using safety pins.

All entries must hang for the dura
tion of the show and may not be removed for any
reason prior to the designated pick
up time.


Quilt Owner’s Signature

Mail Registration Form(s) to:

Union County Historical Society

Attn: Ellen Perry

PO Box 95

Maynardville, TN 37807