What are the XML files?

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What are the XML files?

Probably the most noticeable change in Fusebox 4 from previous versions was the
introduction of XML files. Fusebox 4 uses XML files for two purposes: to provide
configuration and initialization information for the overall applicati
on ([the
fusebox.xml file|FuseNGXmlPage]) and to provide that same information for
individual circuits (the [circuit.xml] file). Fusebox 5 uses the same XML files with
some minor changes.

XML was selected as the markup language to create these files for se
veral reasons.
First, it facilitates Fusebox's parsing phase, where the configuration files are read
and fuseaction code files are generated. Second, it helps application architects create
neutral Fusebox applications.

Since XML can be used by any

programming language, the same Fusebox XML
configuration files can be used in many environments. Any language that has a
Fusebox parsing system built for it could use the XML files. Currently there are
parsers for ColdFusion and PHP, but other languages s
uch as ASP.NET and Java can
be supported.