Contractors in Los Angeles


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A to Z Construction is a premier resource of Los Angeles general contractors. We offer design, construction and all building materials in one place.

Contractors in Los Angeles

Since its foundation as a Los Angeles general contractor, A
to Z Construction has completed countless building,
construction, remodeling and renovation projects
throughout Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties,
ranging from roo
m additions, kitchen and bath remodeling
to all types of exterior and interior jobs. Our work has been
featured in numerous media outlets.

Regardless of scope, A to Z Construction approaches each
project with a foundation of strong design aesthetics,
ehensive product options, sound project management, and a commitment to


Because of its focus on Room Additions and Complete Renovations over
the past years, A to Z Construction possesses a keen understanding of the architecture and style
of all aspects of homes.


A to Z Construction is one of Los Angeles Me
tro rare single
source for
design, remodeling and product resources


At A to Z Construction, our p
ride in project management equals the
pride we take in the quality and creativity of our design work. One of the distinctions of our
project management is our implementation of progress billing, in which

after an initial labor

you pay for our s
ervices only as they're completed, rather than weeks or months
before they've even begun.


Our carpenters have all of the experience and expertise you could hope for,
but are far more than technically proficient: our carpenters are true craft
smen, who bring a
honed design sensibility to each and every project, regardless of scope.


Our rates are highly competitive. A to Z Construction relies on tight project control
and customer satisfaction that delivers referrals and references without having to invest in
expensive advertising solutions. With us, you are dealing with a Professional and not a
salesman or middle man. All work is done by our in
house crews. We look f
orward to
establishing a relationship for current and further remodeling and construction projects.



Since 1978 “Old World” craftsmanship, professionalism, and
organization are at the root of each construction project.

Each client receives a comprehen
sive step
step outline and line
item cost analysis of their project. This allows each client to make
informed decisions about what they want while staying within their

When you choose A to Z Construction, you can be assured that you
will know e
xactly what you are getting

no surprises, no last
substitutions or changes. All projects are skillfully handled by
seasoned in
house staff.

Since 2002 our Design/Build approach to all construction and
remodeling jobs tends to promote cooperation
and coordination among the contractor, the
designer, the architect, engineer, suppliers, and the Owner. Important design decisions
affecting both the types of materials specified and the means of construction are made with full
consideration of all perspec
tives. Properly executed services such as constructability reviews
and preliminary scheduling can result in significant risk reduction and cost savings many times
initial cost in terms of limiting change orders and delays.

Construction Phase:

A to Z Constru
ction provides a variety of services during construction,
including the following:

Construction Inspection and Surveillance:

All Owners desire some type of examination of
project performance on a continuous or periodic basis to review progress, ensure com
with specifications and plans, and to review housekeeping and safety issues.

Project Controls:

These services are provided to ensure that the project is efficiently and
effectively managed. They include maintenance of project correspondence, condu
progress meetings, handling submittals and requests for information, documentation of
progress, review of pay requests, schedule reviews and schedule updates.

Project Closeout:

Review of the project to ensure orderly and timely completion, including

development of punch lists; monitoring of implementation, training and warranty periods;
resolution of outstanding issues; review and analysis of claims or disputed issues. Professional
construction management: Constructing the best project possible, on
time and on budget.

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