Curvaceous Consignments Ajax

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Curvaceous Consignments Ajax
Because Every Body Is Beautiful …size 14 and up

Consignor Agreement

Welcome! The following policies are for your information, when you consign
with us:
• Consignments are accepted during regular business hours by
• We accept a maximum of 30 items on your first visit and take clothes and
accessories (shoes, purses, jewelry, etc) in good condition. They must be
current styles or those that are considered classic and/or vintage.

• They must be freshly cleaned, laundered or dry cleaned. There can be no
stains or visible mending and should be brought in pressed and on
hangers. There can be no lingering odors such as smoke or moth balls and
it is a must that they be free of any pet hair due to allergies.

• Pricing will be set strictly by us and at the time of consignment there is a
$1.00 per item administration fee added to the list price of each item that is
absorbed by the buyer. Once items are processed into the system they
become the property of Curvaceous Consignments. Please note there will
be a $1.00 charge per item, for merchandise requested to be returned after
being processed. All prices maybe reduced at the store’s discretion.

• Any items rejected for processing or any items that remain unsold after a
lengthy period of time will be donated to local charities. If you would
prefer to come back to pick up your items, you must do so within 10 days
of receiving notice by phone or email or they will be automatically
donated to charity after a 10 day period.
• As a consignor you will receive 40% of the selling price (excluding the
buyer’s fee and sales tax). You are welcome to phone or email at any time
to request your account balance. You can pick up any earnings under
$20.00 at the store any time. If you request a pay out of more than that
your request must be in by Wednesday and a cheque will be available to
you in the store on Saturday by noon.
• Any funds not picked up within six months of your account being inactive
will become property of Curvaceous Consignments Ajax.

• We pledge to do our utmost to safeguard your items, but we are not
responsible for damage or loss (theft).

We look forward to a long and mutually profitable association with
you. After all we could not do it without you.
I, as the consignor, hereby agree to the above terms.
Signed this ____________day of ______________________, __________
Consignor’s Name (Please Print) ________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City: _______________________________ Postal Code: _____________
Phone: _________________________ Cell: _________________________
Email Address: _______________________________________________
I would like to be emailed about promotions Yes No

Consignors Signature__________________________________________
Store Staff Signature___________________________________________
Items not sold or consigned (Please Initial One)
Donate_________________ Pick up (10 days Maximum) ____________
Terms and conditions are subject to change, without notice at our
discretion. Visit our website