Please download the following software BEFOR DISCUSSION 1 in ...

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Please download the following software BEFOR DISCUSSION 1 in order to build the
mobile phone programming platform. You don’t have to install them by yourself, we will do
it in the discussion session.

JDK6 update 4

Select JDK6 update4, then choose the appropriate platform (Windows in our case).
Choose the Windows offline installation: “jdk-6u4-windows-i586-p.exe” and download.

Netbeans 6.0

Click the download link. Choose the one that has the most functions. (I assume that this is
not necessary, but we don’t want to go and look for something important later)


Choose the 3
Edition, FP1 240MB version. Click Download.
Note: You have to log in as a user of to download it. So please make
sure you register first.
Note: After downloading, you will get a zip file named “nS60_jme_sdk_3rd_e_FP1”.

Nokia PC suite

Choose the proper phone. (N95 in our case). Click download.

PyS60 (Python for S60 devices): PyS60 interpreter and the user interface.
You can get both at

Click download (the green bar) and download the following: