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“With DiscoverOrg as our primary IT data intelligence provider, we now have
a seamless, efficient and intuitive integra tion system,”

Mike Sorgenfrei, Director of Bu siness Development for WatchDox

, provides businesses a way to be more mobile
and collaborative while reducing the risk,
complexity and cost of sharing
information across and beyond enterprises.

Unlike other file sharing solutions, WatchDox offers a document-centric security
solution that allows enterprise organizations to access, share and control
corporate data across the extended and mobile enterprise on various devices.

More than 500 organizations – including top-
10 global financial service
companies, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies – depend on
WatchDox to protect their business-critical information.


found that even with the use of numerous IT intelligence service
providers it still didn’t have enough accurate and useful information available for
its sales team. “None of the data service providers we were using, and we’ve
used them all, worked for what we needed,” said Mike Sorgenfrei, Director of
Business Development for WatchDox.

had some great leads delivered from marketing that were
incomplete or difficult to decipher. Additionally, because the IT intelligence
providers they were working with had inadequate integration,
WatchDox’s IT sales reps were forced to work outside their normal
first business process. As a result, they found themselves spending too much time
moving between multiple systems, and more time researching leads than closing
deals, limiting both efficiency and productivity. “We needed an efficient system
with great information that worked with – not against – how WatchDox runs its
business,” Sorgenfrei said.


selected the Enterprise, Mid-Market and SMB datasets from
DiscoverOrg because they provided not just a list of names but actionable
business intelligence for its sales team. It found the DiscoverOrg datasets delivered
unmatched accuracy, including the names, titles, direct dial phone numbers,
verified email addresses and IT intelligence on the profiled companies. More than
98% of the email addresses in the datasets are verified, and 95% include direct
dial numbers, making it far and away the leader in this category. The information
in all DiscoverOrg datasets is completely refreshed every 90 days.



Mountain View, CA

Document Security Technology

WatchDox needed a way to
seamlessly integrate its leads and
contacts with; to
extract and load them into; to build full profiles
from incomplete information
provided by marketing campaign
leads; to help sales reps understand
the IT reporting structure of customer
and prospect accounts; and gain
access to IT sales decision makers via
direct dial numbers.

• DiscoverOrg

• DiscoverOrg Enterprise,
Mid-Market and SMB Datasets

• DiscoverOrg IT Org Charts
• DiscoverOrg Paste ‘n Go Feature


300 percent increase in outbound
marketing and calling

Boosts Outbound Marketing and Calling, Gains Efficiency

Through Integration with DiscoverOrg

In particular, the powerful connector is what really set DiscoverOrg apart from the compe
tition. With one click of
a button, WatchDox was able to seamlessly transfer any record as a lead or contact into While the connector
transferred data, it would simultaneously search for and eliminate any duplicate records in both leads and contacts. This gave
WatchDox the seamless integration capability it needed within an intuitive user interface.

found it saved time and eliminated frustration by using DiscoverOrg’s Paste ‘n Go feature. They could now take
marketing-generated leads and paste in their emails, and DiscoverOrg matched them to their database. This gave WatchDox
missing information while also adding valuable data on reporting structure, IT org charts, technologies deployed and job

Perhaps one of the most time-saving features for Yallech and his sales team was DiscoverOrg’s automatic updating of leads
and contacts. And with DiscoverOrg’s Real Time Triggers, they could immediately act on buying opportunities, increasing face
time with decision makers and win rates.

“With DiscoverOrg as our primary IT data intelligence provider, we now have a seamless, efficient and intuitive
integration system,” Sorgenfrei said. “We also have significantly more direct-dial numbers and accurate IT org charts with more
contacts for my team to go after. No one else offered us a complete package with all these features and benefits.”


DiscoverOrg’s IT org charts have given Sorgenfrei’s sales team a much clearer picture of the reporting and decision-making
structure in client and prospect accounts. As a result, they were better equipped to make direct contact with decision makers
instead of relying on internal contacts.

Armed with this new intelligence, WatchDox has seen a 300% increase in outbound sales during its 2013 marketing campaign.
Members of its sales team have been able to make good use of their marketing leads based on the high number of quality
direct-dial numbers provided by DiscoverOrg.

“We needed a massive amount of direct-dial numbers because we run our business through and by a direct-
dial numbers game,” Sorgenfrei said. “Coming to DiscoverOrg allowed us to get the best direct dials and the most complete
and accurate organizational charts through a native integration. As a result, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in
productivity for each sales rep.”

During WatchDox’s development phase, the company had little brand awareness, “so we needed to vindicate our solution by
getting as many people on the phone so we could get as many eyes on our product,” explains Sorgenfrei.


• DiscoverOrg’s fully functioning integration with Salesforce allowed WatchDox reps to operate efficiently and
productively like never before.

• DiscoverOrg helped WatchDox significantly increase efficiency per rep and saw a 300% increase in outbound
marketing and calling.

• The IT Org Charts helped WatchDox sales reps identify key decision-making personnel at both existing and new
accounts and book more appointments with them.

• The IT Org Charts also helped WatchDox reps understand the mapping of the IT departments which allowed
them to leverage contacts by asking for referrals to key IT decision makers.

• DiscoverOrg’s Paste n’ Go feature gave WatchDox the ability to paste a lead’s email which would be matched
in DiscoverOrg’s database and give them the leads name, direct phone number, reporting structure, IT Org
Charts and responsibilities.



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