Salesforce 5 Day SmartStart Service

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Xenogenix Ltd.


tel: +44 (0) 8456 525 625


Day SmartStart Service

The 5

day SmartStart from Xenogenix will ensure successful implementation of your

Edition of Salesforce.

We ensure is configured to map tightly to your processes and your people are
properly trained to use the system.

After Go Live we provide free of charge online help and support

Day 1
: Define your business process and data requirements

We run a process workshop with your sponsor and relevant managers to understand
your CRM strategic objectives and key working practices.

We create an interactive electronic process map in the workshop. This defines the
processes and activities that will r
un on This map frequently
highlights and fixes broken processes!

We then agree the detailed design for each Salesforce object, starting from a typical
template set up, and then

identify any automation requirements such as workflow,
tion rules and web integration

Finally, we
agree the requirements for the security sharing model, reports and

Day 2
: Configure

Based on the workshop output we finalise the design and review any uncertainties
with you before
embarking on the configuration.

The first part of the configuration covers standard fields, custom fields, page layouts,
search layouts and validation rules for the standard objects.
We then configure

custom objects agreed during the design phase

in th
e same way.

Day 3

: Complete Configuration

The configuration continues with
setting up the security model and
sharing rules as
We then create any required custom Profiles.

Next we create any automation that was agreed as part of the design.
This can
include workflow rules, custom button creation and approval processes depending on
the design requirements.

Finally, w
e will
create up to 8 custom

reports and one
dashboard, tailored to your requirements.

Xenogenix Ltd.


tel: +44 (0) 8456 525 625

Day 4
: Walk through the solution


prepare training materials

On completion of the configuration, we walk through the application with your sponsor
and process owners and then make changes as required.

Complex data migration is not included in a
. However, if you have a small
amount of well formatted data then this can be imported into Salesforce as part of the

We then prepare training materials using a mix of generic training materials and
content developed for

needs. We will
create a Salesforce Content library a
the materials your library

Day 5
: User Training and Go Live

We run hands on training sessions. It’s vital to do this correctly and we recommend
that you assign a whole day for users to become really comfortable with using the


want them to have the confidence to use properly the minute they
finish the training. The maximum number of trainees is normally set at 10 to ensure
that each delegate can learn at their own speed. Once trained, you are ready to use
the sys

After Go Live

When you need help to put the training into practice, we will be online ready to
receive your help requests for the next 5 days.

What does it cost?

The price for the 5 day SmartStart is £4

VAT and expenses.


Call us on
8456 525 625

or email