ParaConnect for Salesforce:

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ParaConnect for Salesforce:
A New Value Standard in Customer Service
ParaConnect for Salesforce Fact Sheet
High Level Integration Notes | 1.877.GO.PARATURE
The integration between industry-leading Parature
Customer Service Software and the popular sales force
automation software from opens a new world of visibility and
intelligence for your organization, leading to greater all-around customer
Integrating your Parature Customer Service Software with other critical systems opens up a whole new level of
visibility and intelligence for your organization, leading to greater customer satisfaction. Our technology partners
provide best-in-class applications that complement Parature’s product suite to optimize performance, provide
greater visibility and intelligence into customer service processes, and gain maximum return on investment.
For more information on Parature integrations, visit:
More Parature Integrations
• No installation or coding required
• Customized ticket views to focus sales
resources on the data they need
• Increases efficiency for both sales and
customer support teams
Major Benefits

Product at a Glance:
• A fully hosted out-of-the-box integration
• Automatic account and contact synchronization from
Salesforce data
• View ticket information within account and contact
profiles without ever navigating away from Salesforce
Easily Syncronize Data
ParaConnect for makes it easier than ever to integrate your customer service and CRM software.
With Salesforce to Parature one-way data synchronization, the process of creating and updating account and
contact information in Parature is completely automated, empowering your support team with the newest, most
up-to-date information.
This fully hosted out-of-the-box integration o￿ers an easy to use Web interface enabling you to configure and
update the integration to meet your needs, make changes at any time, and quickly add new Salesforce fields to
Parature, all with no third party reliance. Customer service representatives will no longer need to switch between
their support software and CRM to find relevant information on accounts and contacts.
Parature also provides your users with valuable insight into the issues your contacts are reporting by
providing a customizable view — directly from your account and contact profiles in Salesforce — to tickets that have
been submitted to your Parature system.