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What is CRM Integration?
Many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and
contact centre databases work independently. This
means data is only updated through scheduled or end
of day bulk updates which fails to provide a real-time
single customer view. This situation leads to unhappy,
frustrated customers and unproductive agents.
In contrast IPscape’s CRM Integration solution delivers
a real time up-to-date customer record which:
• Optimises the customer experience with Computer
Telephony Integration (CTI) that ‘pops’ customer
details onto the agent screen
• Increases customer satisfaction by automating all
CRM updates with customer comments
• Protects data integrity and compliance through
automatic recording
• Allows agents to call from the CRM record –
reducing call handling times.
IPscape’s public cloud delivery platform means that
integration with other web based databases such
as can be completed within days
and at minimal cost – in contrast with on-premise or
hosted solutions where similar integrations are time
consuming and often expensive.
For case studies of customers who already use CRM
Integration to drive benefits within their business, visit

How does it work?
IPscape’s CRM Integration solution adds a small
toolbar to the existing CRM screen. This allows your
business to make, receive and record calls directly
from the CRM screen and automatically log or record
each call. These details are then saved back into the
CRM record in real-time.
An example of how agents use the IPscape- integration is outlined below:
• Agents receive notification of incoming calls via
on-screen visual (colour and icon changes) and
audio prompts (phone ringing)
• When the agent takes the call (any agent who is
unpaused will be seen as available) the system
instantly enables CTI (Computer Telephony
Integration) with
• The agent then receives the pop-up of the relevant
record in for incoming calls. This
can be done using caller ID, customer number
(digit capture), the line the call is received on or any
information the caller provides in the IVR
(e.g. account or product number)
• IPscape can also reference the IVR input of the
customer from the database
• Agents also have the ability to outbound dial from
within records using the IPscape
toolbar on any of the phone numbers recorded in
• The Call Outcome, Call Duration, Call Notes and
location of Call Recording are all written back to
the relevant record as an activity.
A single, integrated customer view across all channels
is critical for service excellence.
IPscape’s CRM Integration solution includes the
advanced functionality needed to deliver a real-time,
up-to-date customer record which optimises the
customer and agent experience.
The web-based interface means the solution can be live
in days at minimal cost and can be adapted in minutes.
How will CRM Integration benefit my business?
CRM Integration gives your business the ability to:
• Implement a single customer view within weeks
• Use any phone, anywhere as the CRM telephony
• Instantly enable CTI (Computer Telephony
Integration) with CRM
• Provide notification of incoming calls via on-screen
and audio prompts
• Open and deliver relevant records in the CRM for
incoming calls (screen pop)
• Reference the IVR input of the customer from the
client database
• Deliver skills and rapport based routing
• Outbound dial from CRM records using the toolbar
• Automatically record Call Outcome, Call Duration,
Call Notes and location of Call Recording in the
• Deliver high levels of data integrity and compliance
through automatic call recording with an online
recording search engine
For full details of our Agile Contact Centre please visit
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using IPscape Agile Contact Centre can benefit your
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