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Business Objects and
The most advanced reporting,
dashboarding, and data
integration capabilities for
Leverage the new
BusinessObjects XI Integration
Kit for to take
your business intelligence and
data integration capabilities to
the next level.
Schedule Reports to run, for
example, every Monday
morning at 7am, and be
delivered to your email inbox as
a Microsoft Excel file.
Create Without Reports to
understand, for example "all
opportunities with no activities".
Use time-based Trend
Reports to understand your
performance over time.
Visibility into your customer data is critical to successful sales cycles. In order to attract,
grow and retain profitable customers, everyone in your organization needs to have a
consistent view of customer data, revenue targets, and marketing activity all presented in
a format that is intuitive and easy-to-use. The BusinessObjects™ XI Integration Kit for, which was jointly developed, enables organizations to maximize the value
of their salesforce data. BusinessObjects XI, including BusinessObjects Data Integrator,
enables you to do powerful analysis and deploy highly formatted, interactive reports and
dashboards that provide visibility, alignment, and insight across the enterprise.
BusinessObjects XI provides clear insight into your sales pipeline and revenues, customer
profitability, salesforce productivity, and marketing campaign effectiveness. With web-
based analysis, reports and dashboards, users can securely view and analyze data to
ultimately make better business decisions.
Take your reporting, analysis, dashboarding, and data integration capabilities to the next
level from the leader in business intelligence with the new BusinessObjects Integration Kit
for It enables you to:

Track performance across all business operations through dashboards

Understand your customers with market-leading analytics

Manage your business using advanced, graphical reports

Trust your information and ensure regulatory compliance
By integrating BusinessObjects XI with your solution, you can do more
with the information you already have, and ultimately optimize your enterprise
performance and profitability.
Introducing the BusinessObjects™ XI Integration Kit for
Business Objects and
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Track Performance through Customizable Dashboards
Business Objects, bring together data from multiple applications and operational
stovepipes using powerful data integration capabilities. For example, if
holds your pipeline data, but a service bureau manages your campaign data in a
proprietary database, you can use BusinessObjects Data Integrator to incorporate both
data sources into a dashboard that tracks the effectiveness of marketing in generating sales
Understand Your Customers with Market-Leading Analytics
Business Objects software helps you better understand the information you have by letting
you combine data from custom fields, create charts or graphics, or drill through from
summary to detailed reports. More specifically, you can use Business Objects to analyze
customer interactions across call center, field sales, and marketing teams and then use this
information to anticipate customer behavior and optimize customer profitability.
Manage Your Business Using Advanced Reporting Capabilities
Business Objects software empower your user community to create customized, in-depth
reports that show information relevant to their job.

Scheduled Reports: users can schedule reports to run at any time or frequency to be
distributed automatically via scheduled emails in virtually any format, including PDF,
Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Crystal Reports.

Without Reports: Users can create reports with outer joins, enabling you to run
reports that show you situations where certain criteria do not apply. For example, a
“without report” could identify all sales opportunities that do not have activities
associated with them.

Time-based Trend Reports: users can create time-based trend reports to better
understand how your business is doing over time.

Data Integration: create a single, unified view of your business by pulling together
multiple data that needs to be analyzed.
Trust Your Information and Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Operational systems are constantly changing and customer information is continually
added and modified. Running reports at different times can result in different results.
With BusinessObjects Data Integrator users can access integrated data, know when it was
last refreshed and be able to trace the origin of their data. Companies who have made
strategic investments in industry leading business intelligence and data integration
technology are best prepared to handle the rapid reporting, certification, and filing
requirements of the law, comprehensive suite of products allows companies to address the
full range of legal requirements-accurate, credible, and timely financial reporting.
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