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Hi Guys,

Here are some of my questions about the workflow of the new CMT tool. Sorry, for the
delay in reviewing the new site. Of course, with limited staff it's difficult to pull yourself
away from processing and designing ads to really absorb somethin
g new.

Some of my references are to the Wiki doc of instructions, so you'll see the Step notation

User Flow

Step 4 in the “view a users work queue” instructions… When “Assign All Ads To” field
is updated with new designer and then saved the field
doesn’t display the current designer
rather the person on the top of the list. Can this field remain visible with the current

On the Ad Details page I see Assigned To and an Assign Ad To fields drop down.
However, I’m assuming that these are

always Designers, correct? However, there’s Sales
People listed in the drop down. When would we assign it to a Sales Rep as appose to
another Designer? And would the system record who the designer is on the order as well
as whom the Sales Rep is on it?

We will need to know both, but at this time I don’t see
two fields recording this information.

Steps 4 and 5 not necessary since we wish the system to allow the designer to pull or
assign a campaign to themselves from some sort of Designer work queue.


I like the fact that from within the Campaigns tab you can view the multiple
assignees if more than one line item/ad is assigned with the campaign to different

When uploading a Customer Creative is the Size field the max memory wei
ght of the ad
position or the actual weight of the creative the designer is uploading. Such as a 160x90
cube’s position calls for 15k, but our designer was able to create it at say 10.5k. What do
we put into the field 15k or 10.5k?

And as for the descri
ption field is it something such as a pixel dimensions like “160x90”
or something more in the line of “This ad is for all 160x90 line items in the month of

Step 8

When viewing the “Ad Details” I happen to notice on one that the “Name
” field had a different ad dimension than what was in the “Name” and “Size”
field. In this case they requested a 720x300, but the Name and the Size fields read a
300x250. Since this was a pop up does Ad Central care that fields do not match?

When send
ing a proof to either the client, Sales Assist, or Rep can you...


Put in more than one email address at a time to send to a group of people?


Can there be a default comment the system fills in this field if the designer
doesn’t have anything to add? Such a
s… “You’re ad is really to proof blah blab,
or possibly instructions as to what to do next once they’ve proofed the ad on the

Step 11b

Can the system send a notification be sent to the APC when either the Rep or
Client approves the ad?

Can we a
dd a field for the designer to log the number of edits they perform on any given

Can we also add a field for designer to track their time on any given ad? This doesn’t
have to be calculated by the system itself, just a field that would record the fig
ure the
designer puts in.

Does the Assign All

Notes field area time stamp and archives the notes a designer puts
in along with the notes the Rep or client adds when requesting edits on a rejected ad?

Within the Users Work Queue is there any indication
what Campaigns have been
rejected, approved, or skipped? Within one campaign I can see all the ads, but there’s no
indication as to which was approved, or which has edits requested on them. When I drill
down into

When uploading a proof what does the “App
rove Automatically?” Mean to you guys?
Do all users have access to upload a proof or is it just the designers? If it’s just the
designers a designer will never approve their proof automatically. Rather the Sales team
or their client must always review
the proof.

What’s the limit of Campaigns that can be viewed in the Campaigns list?

Does deleting Campaign make it unavailable for a Sales person to view it or anything
within the campaign? Say they have the link to the proofs and wish to save it and view

several months or years from now. Will it still be active and available if the campaign
has been deleted a.k.a. archived by the Admin?

Also, when a Sales person wishes to request an update to a live ad what are the steps for
them to communicate that
to AdOps? If the order is in the deleted/archived status can
they reactivate it or resurrect it with some notes? And will the system send a notification
to the designer assigned to it that a new request on a live ad has just been submitted?

Is the Sold
status tied to the delete/archived state of the campaign? Say, the Designer
creates the ads and they’re approved to push live, then the designer or the APC wishes to
archive the campaign so the campaign list isn’t so long and unruly to view. Will the act

of deleting/archiving the campaign prevent AdCentral from either posting the ad or
DART from continuing to serve it?

I just clicked on the

link of a deleted campaign and got this message. (see below)
So does this mean we can’t view the ads on a
deleted campaign until we undelete it or is
this just some error?

in AdsController#index

Couldn't find Campaign with ID=1

RAILS_ROOT: /usr/local/app/cmt/current

Application Trace

Framework Trace

Full Trace

e_record/base.rb:1031:in `find_one'

1.15.3/lib/active_record/base.rb:1014:in `find_from_ids'

1.15.3/lib/active_record/base.rb:419:in `find'

controller.rb:190:in `get_group_and_campaign'

/usr/bin/mongrel_rails:16:in `load'



: {"campaign_id"=>"1", "group_id"=>"2"}

ow session dump


: {"cookie"=>[], "Cache