Mechanics of Solids


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Course Content:
I Introduction: Scaler and Vector Quantities, composition and resolution of vectors,
definition and units of space, time, metal, force, the science of mechanics, SI Units.
II Statics: Principles of statics, particle, rigid body, coplanar, concurrent and non-
concurrent parallel and non-parallel forces, composition and resolution of forces,
moment, couples and their properties, combination of coplanar couples and forces,
equilibrant, equilibrium, free body diagrams, analytical and graphical conditions of
equilibrium for coplanar force systems.
III Truss: Simple planar trusses and analysis for member forces, methods of joints and
methods of sections
IV Distributed forces, centre of gravity and moment of inertia: Centre of gravity of lines,
plane areas, volumes and bodies, Pappus-Guldinus Theorem, Moment of Inertia of
Areas, polar moment of inertia, radius of gyration, parallel axes theorem, moment of
inertia of bodies
V Friction: Theory of friction, static and sliding friction, laws of friction, angle and co-
efficient of friction, inclined plane friction, glider friction, wedges, belt and rope
Strength and elasticity: Stresses: axial, normal, in-plane, tensile, compressive, shear,
flexural, thermal and hoop, complementary shear.
VII Strain: Linear, shear, lateral, Thermal and volumetric, Poisson’s ratio

Elasticity: Elastic, homogeneous, isotropic materials; limits of elasticity and
proportionality, yield limit, ultimate strength, plastic state, proof stress, factor of
safety, working stress, load factor, section of composite materials, prismatic and non-
prismatic sections
IX Bending Moment and Shear Force: Types of load, beams and supports, bending
moment and shear force diagrams in statistically determinate beams subjected to
concentrated, uniformly distributed loading, relation between bending moment, shear
force and rate of loading, point of contra flexure.
X Stress in Beams: Theory of simple bending, bending stresses and their distribution,
moment of resistance, modules of sections, distribution of shear stress in different
XI Torsion: Shaft subjected to Torsion, shear stress, shear strain, angle of twist, power
transmitted by shaft.
Term Work:
At least 8 experiments based on above syllabus and solution of at least 20 problems
Reference Books:
I Applied Mechanics by S.B.Junarkar
Engineering Mechanics by A.K.Tayal
III Mechanics of structures Vol-I by S.B.Junarkar & H.J.Shah
IV Strength of Materials by Ramamurtham


B.E. – 1
Year (E, E & EL, EC, IC, IT, CE & BM)
HT 103 Mechanics of Solids
Examination Scheme
Subject Code
Theory Lab/
Exam Theory
Pract TW Total
Sessional 1.5 Hrs 50
Mechanics of
HT 103 02 01
University 3 Hrs 100
25 25 200