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Rising 9


Classes are
much harder

“Students should know that high school is the beginning of
advanced study. Students should come prepared to be in charge
of their success and /or failure. Students need to know that the
expectations in high school are much higher than they are at the
middle school level.”

Anonymous high school teacher






High school is about becoming more self
sufficient and Independent.”

Take notes

Keep yourself organized

Study… really study

“…before a test, they shouldn’t just look over their notes, but actually work
out questions again off homework and notes.”

“I guess I would say I have seen a lot of students who don’t
know how to keep their notebooks and folders organized.
That is, if they even have a notebook or folder.”

“Taking good notes is critical. They give you something to look
back on when you are doing your homework or studying for a test
or quiz.”

The following are inappropriate and not permitted:

Sagging pants, oversized clothing, or pajamas

Sunglasses, headbands, head coverings or hats

Bandanas, do
rags, and stocking caps are not allowed

Clothing and accessories which can be perceived as weapons

Clothing and attire with any symbols or styles associated with
intimidation, violence, or violent groups

Clothing and items with messages or illustrations which are
lewd, derogatory, indecent, vulgar, or advertising any product or
service not permitted by law to minors such as drugs, illegal
substances, tobacco, and alcohol

Clothing, shorts, dresses, and skirts which are excessively tight or
shorter than
2 inches below the longest finger tip (front, back,
and side of clothing). This rule also applies if leggings are worn

Clothing which is suggestive or revealing

Clothing with excessive holes

Clothing exposing cleavage, midriff, and
undergarments (the neckline cannot be any lower
than the crease of the armpit).

Clothing worn inappropriately such as unbuckled
belts, inside out or backward, unfastened, pants
and skirts not at waistline, rolled up pants and
shoes not tied or secured

Bedroom slippers. All students must wear shoes.

Face paint

Offense 1
confiscation or covering of items
and parent notification or student sent home
for the remainder of the day

Offense 2
up to 3 days OSS

Offense 3
up to 5 days OSS

Offense 4
refer to rule 21 Habitual Violation of
School Rules, Lee County Schools Code of
Student Conduct or other disciplinary action as
determined by the site principal


Once you enter the building, all
cell phones/multimedia must be
put away until you exit the
building at 3pm.

Laptops are a privilege

not a
right. Please adhere to the
guidelines to ensure we take
care of our equipment.

Students are permitted to possess
cellular phones and other wireless
communication devices on SLHS
property as long as such devices
not activated, used, displayed, or
visible during the instructional day

as otherwise directed by local school
rules or school personnel.

Students are personally and solely
responsible for the security of their
wireless communication devices.
SLHS is not responsible for the theft,
loss, or damage of a cellular phone
or any other personal wireless
communication device.


offense: Taken for 1 day (Parents must pick up)

offense: Taken for 30 days (Parents must pick up)

Refusal to give up a phone/device will result in
administrative involvement and possibly 3 days of OSS

high school students must attend
each class for a minimum of 82 of
90 days per semester

All absences
, including excused,
unexcused, and out
suspensions, in excess of 8 per
class will result in loss of academic
course credit for that class unless
the excessive absences are made
up in SLHS Administratively
Approved After School Program.

Students that are absent for 7 or
more days in any class, including
excused, unexcused, and out
school suspensions,
will not be
allowed to attend a field trip if the
trip will cause the student to miss
any other classes.

If a student is not in the classroom
when the bell rings




Medical appointments

Court proceedings

Late Lee County School bus

Being detained by an administrator,
teacher, nurse, or counselor for a
documented reason.

All other


with the
following consequences:


= referral for 3 days lunch
detention in ISS or after school
detention for 90 minutes
determined by administrator.

= referral for 1 day ISS


= referral for 1 day OSS +
student placed on student contract

Student ID Cards

All students will be issued a student ID
card displaying their picture and student
ID number.

Students must display their ID on a
lanyard (around the neck) at all times on
campus during the school day.

Students entering a classroom without
displayed ID will receive a replacement ID
by the end of class for a fee of $6.00.

If a student loses or forgets an ID, they
can go to guidance before school.

Student ID Cards

Being in possession or using a different
student’s ID for any reason will be in
violation of the student code of conduct
and could result in OSS.

Students that refuse to wear their ID or
become habitual offenders of the policy
will be subject to ISS / OSS.

Athletes must present their ID card at all
athletic events in order to get in free to
the event. Athletes without their ID will
pay entry into the game.

Students must have their ID in order to
purchase lunch or any other items from
the cafeteria.







GPA / Class Rank

A credit is given when you successfully
complete the requirements for any class in
which you are enrolled.

1 class is worth 1 credit and a two block
class is worth 2 credits

Any class which is not a core course. (Core classes
are English, Math, Science, and Social Studies).

Example: Intro to Culinary, or Art.

A course that can be used if one of the student’s top
8 cannot be scheduled.

This is a class that you have to take and successfully pass before
you can take the next class in an area.

*Example: Spanish I before you can take Spanish II (page 4)


courses in one area CTE, Fine Arts, JROTC, or one subject area


Microsoft Word, Animal Science, Foods I, Foods II

Art I, Art II, Art III, & Painting and Drawing

AP Psychology, AP Government, AP European, & Western
Civilization I

A permanent document started in the ninth grade that
shows the courses taken, grades, attendance, and your
standardized test scores .

Your eighth grade EOG scores appear on your high
school transcript! Including any high school courses
taken in middle school. This includes Algebra I,
Geometry and English.

Employers and colleges will ask to see your transcript
when you apply for a job or for College admission.

Your GPA is the mathematical
average of your final course
grades. You divide the
number of points earned by
the number of classes taken.

Honors Courses are given one
additional point.

AP Courses are given 2

additional points.

Your GPA is reported in both
weighted and unweighted

On a 4.0 scale:

A = 4.0

B = 3.0

C = 2.0

D = 1.0

F = 0.0

Class rank is determined by
the weighted GPA

Year 1

Promotion from 8

grade ( Pass Math,

Language Arts, Science or Social Studies and

Pass math and Reading EOGs)

Year 2

Pass 5 Credits & Attendance Requirements

Year 3

Pass 12 Credits & Attendance Requirements

Year 4

Pass 20 Credits including English I, II, & III

In Order to Graduate You Must Have 28 Credits

Future Ready =
28 Credits

4 English

4 Math

3 Science

4 Social Studies

1 Health/PE

2 Electives in CTE, Arts, or World Language

4 Courses in Concentration

CTE, ROTC, Arts, or Subject Area

6 Electives any area

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Business Management and Administration


Architecture and Construction

Arts Audio/Video Technology and Communication

Health Sciences

Hospitality and Tourism

Human Services

Information Technology



Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

* Cluster’s are groups of classes in a particular area of vocational interest.*

Students must complete all local and
state requirements for graduation and
have an overall four

grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

4 credits in English

4 credits in Mathematics and a higher
level Math

3 credits Science (EE Sci., Biology, and
Chemistry or Physics)

4 credits Social Science (World History,
Civics/Econ., US History)

2 credits Language other than English
(same foreign language)

1 credit in health and physical education


credits constituting a concentration
(CTE, JROTC, Arts Education, Foreign
Language, other subject area)


credits in advanced courses (Honors,

AP, college level, CTE)

Athletes must:

Pass a minimum of 3 courses the previous

Rising 8

graders must pass 5 of 6 classes in
their 8

grade year to participate

Be in attendance at least 85 % of the previous

Meet high school requirements for NCAA
eligibility standards in college

Classes are offered often
for students who will be 15
within a six month period
of the class.

Registration is online at

Students must pass 3 out
of 4 classes each semester
to be eligible to hold a NC
Driver’s License or Permit

Block or 4 X 4 Schedule

Two 90 Day Semesters ( Fall & Spring)

Four 90 Minute Instructional Periods each


Students will take 4 classes in Fall semester &
4 different classes in Spring semester

Students earn 1 credit for each class; having
the potential of earning 8 credits each year.

A student receives a course that they already

A student wants to move up to Honors Level .

If a student has not met the prerequisite.

Counselors office

“A student who fails to return a Registration Card
or register online with Course Planner will
forfeit any right to a schedule change”.