Electricity and Magnetism

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A quick guide to what you need to

Electricity and Magnetism

Top 10 Things About Electricity

Ch 21

Opposites attract, Likes repel

Conductors allow electricity through, insulators
do not

What are some conductors? Insulators?

Electrons move, not protons or neutrons

Potential Difference

difference in potential
between 2 different places

Measured in volts

Comparison of energy carried by electrons

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Flow of electrons through a

Measure in Amperes (Amps)

Dry Cell

electron pump due to potential
difference between terminals



of material to oppose
flow of electrons; changes energy

Ohm’s Law: V = I x R

Series vs. Parallel Circuits: Which is better and

Top 10 (or close to) Things About Magnetism

Ch 22

Guess What? Opposites Attract & Likes Repel

All magnets have 2 poles (North and South)
and magnetic force is strongest here

Uses: Electromagnet (strong temporary
magnet), MRIs, Maglev trains, Recycling

Electric Motor

device that changes electrical
energy into mechanical energy


Produces current by rotating wire
in magnetic field

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materials that have no
electrical resistance

No resistance means little wasted (10% of
current electricity in lines is wasted to heat