Biotech revolution


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Biotech revolution

Ch 9 and D 45 Explain how
technological advances have affected
the size and growth rate of human
populations throughout history

What advantages does genetic engineering
have over selective breeding?

Genetic engineering

any technique to
identify or change genes at a molecular level

Selective breeding

artificial breeding or
planned breeding to produce desired traits

Changes from genetic
engineering are more precise and
appear more quickly

What might be a negative result of growing a
crop that is genetically engineered to resist
weed killer?

In the first year there will be limited
negative impact on the crop (consider
environment). In the second year, a
different crop may/should be planted in
the same space. If leftover seeds from
year one’s crop do germinate, the weed
killer will not destroy the now unwanted

A genetically engineered medicine for heart attack patients
is being used on some stroke victims. A stroke is caused by a
blood clot in the brain. Why might

effectively treat strokes?


could break up (dissolve)
brain clots in the same way it
breaks up clots in the coronary
. See also “off
label” uses from a medical and
legal point of view.

How have antibiotics and vaccines affected death rates? How might
further applications of genetic engineering to cancer and heart disease
treatments change death rates in the future?

Antibiotics (agent against bacterial illness) and
vaccines (agent against viral illness) have
decreased death by infectious diseases.

Genetic engineering could create technologies
that could decrease death from non
disease such as cancers and heart disease by
identifying and changing genes believed to
cause these diseases.

“Looks like we grafted a few too many
human genes into the kohlrabi.”


to join


a vegetable in the mustard plant

The joke is that humans and plants do not
have enough similar genes (genomes) to

(cross species)
cannot create
“human plants”