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North Carolina’s

Distinctive Advantages

North Carolina’s Distinctive Advantages

Great Labor Environment and Skilled,
Productive Workers

Comprehensive Workforce Development

Exceptional Educational Opportunities

Unequaled Proximity to Markets

Global Connectivity

North Carolina’s Distinctive Advantages

Competitive Operating Cost Structure

A Great Place to Live

A Government that Works for Business

Based, Targeted Incentive

Professional Economic Development

Great Labor Environment and Skilled,
Productive Workers

work state

lowest unionization rate
in the nation

Population of nearly 9 million


largest in
the US

Diverse labor force of more than 4.5 million

ranges from bus assembly to
biopharmaceutical research

Largest, most productive, and skilled
manufacturing workforce in the Southeast

Comprehensive Workforce Development

Customized employee recruitment

Screening and training services by
professional employment consultants

First in the nation to provide free customized
training through a 58
campus Community
College System

Programs range from orientation to skill
building, incumbent worker and
job training

Exceptional Educational Opportunities

Preschool programs designed to ensure
readiness for all children

Increasingly competitive, accountable public

Affordable, accessible programs through 58
campus network of community colleges

First public university in the nation is one of 16
campuses of the University of North Carolina

Highly respected private institutions

Unequaled Proximity to Markets

Central east coast
location with the nation’s

largest highway

Within a 700
mile radius
of more than 170 million
US and Canadian

Transportation Infrastructure

Highway network

spanning more than 98,000 miles

connecting 7 major interstates; rail system with 3,600 miles and 20
carriers; two modern deep
water ports

Three international airports provide non
stop service to over 100
cities including Frankfurt, London and Toronto

Global Transpark

accommodates the world’s largest cargo jets

Global Connectivity

Statewide accessibility to high
internet with 100% digital switching

Technology and telecommunications
network includes rural areas

Advanced, reliable, voice, data and
video communications

Competitive Operating Cost Structure

Below national average cost of living


lowest business costs in the US

Low electric and natural gas costs

Economic incentives for large power

Among the lowest building costs in
the nation

A Great Place to Live

Moderate climate with scenic beauty in three
geographic regions

coast, mountains and Piedmont

Culture rich in history and arts

first state
symphony and art museum in the nation

known for motorsports, professional football,
basketball and hockey teams, minor league baseball,
and famous inter
collegiate rivalries

A Government that Works for Business

Commitment to consistent investments in education,
infrastructure and technology

Maintain constitutionally mandated balanced budget

Sound AAA bond rating

Innovative state leadership exemplified through

development of the Research Triangle Park in 1959

creation of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and the
Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (MCNC) in 1981

investment in Bio and Pharmaceutical Training
Consortium in 2003

Based, Targeted Incentives

Tax Credits

Article 3J Tax Credits

tax credits for job
creation, investment in business property, and
investment in real property

Research and Development Tax Credit

credit based on a percentage of qualified
research expenses, with enhancements for
research performed by NC universities

North Carolina State Ports Income Tax Credit

tax credit earned on incremental increases of
ports usage and handling fees over three years

Based, Targeted Incentives

Discretionary Programs

Job Development Investment Grant

provides sustained annual grants to new and
expanding businesses, measured against a
percentage of withholding taxes paid by new

One North Carolina Fund

grant available for
new or expanding companies in conjunction
with local government match

Based, Targeted Incentives

Other Cost
Saving Programs

Sales and use tax discounts and exemptions

available on certain parts and accessories

Community Development Block Grants and
Industrial Development Fund

provide grants for
infrastructure development in economically challenged
areas of the state

Industrial Revenue Bonds

provide tax

Foreign Trade Zones

provides opportunities
to defer, reduce and/or eliminate import duties

Professional Economic Development

Division of Business and Industry

leads state’s
recruitment efforts with dedicated, professional

service support includes site evaluation and
selection, research and analysis, human
resources, environmental assistance and
financial program guidance

Specialized services include regional economic
development offices, international offices,
industry sector teams and Business ServiCenter

North Carolina Profiles of Industry

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

third largest biotechnology industry in the US

Information and Communications Technology

the top national and worldwide centers in
telecommunications, networking and software development

Motor Vehicle and Heavy Equipment

more than 1,000
manufacturing operations supply parts, accessories and
components for automotive, truck, bus and heavy
equipment industries

Business and Financial Services

second largest
financial center in the nation, one of the state’s largest
economic sectors employing nearly 200,000 workers

Chemicals and Plastics

more than 550 US and
international companies provide a solid base for
manufacturing materials, equipment, parts and molds

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and
Life Sciences

Third largest biotechnology industry in the
nation with more than 40,000 highly skilled

300 contract research organizations, medical
device and bio and life science

1,300 IT companies

employing more than
218,000 highly skilled workers

Major center for telecommunications,
networking and software development

Information and Communications

Motor Vehicles and Heavy Equipment

Among the largest auto parts manufacturers
with more than 1,000 companies and
140,000 skilled workers

Racing and motorsports

a $5 billion
industry in North Carolina

Business and Financial Services

One of the state’s largest economic sectors

nearly 200,000 workers


largest financial center in the nation

Headquarters for Bank of America, Wachovia Corporation,
and BB&T

three of the nation’s 10 largest banks

Credit Suisse and TIAA
CREF have major operations and
processing centers in state

Nearly 200 customer service centers

Chemicals and Plastics

National leader in plastics, rubber and
chemical industries with more than 550

42,000 skilled employees ranking among the
top 10 nationally

Business and Industry Development Division

North Carolina Department of Commerce

919.733.4977 phone

919.733.4563 fax