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Supporting Drug Discovery

with Computational Solutions

Mission Statement

Genedata develops and markets

sophisticated computational solutions

for drug discovery related R&D


Currently 40+ customers with Continuous natural growth 100+
successful projects since 1997 based on consistent

performance in revenues

Current staff of > 90

Excellent reputation professionals with strong scientific,

for quality of computational and business

professional services background

Strong & innovative Headquarter in Basel, with

software portfolio for offices in Boston, San Francisco

key research processes

Customer List

Pharmaceutical Companies

Altana, Arrow Therapeutics, Astellas Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca,

Athelas, Bayer Pharma, Berlex, Merck, Medigene, Millennium, Novartis,

Pfizer, Renovis, Roche, Sanofi
Aventis, Serono,Schering, Transtech,


Agrochemical, Biotechnology, and other Life Science Related Companies

Bayer CropScience, Bayer Diagnostics, Degussa, diaDexus,

Digigenomics, DSM, Masterfoods, MWG
Biotech, Syngenta

Research Institutes

DKFZ, ETH Zuerich, FMI, National Institutes of Health, NCC Japan, NCC

Singapore, NITD Singapore, NITE Japan, University of California,

University of Minnesota/Mayo Clinic, University of Muenster

Business Model


+ Scientific

+ Technical

+ Custom

+ IT Support


+ Software Systems

+ Software Modules

+ Intellectual Property

Computational Platform for Drug Discovery

The Value Chain

The Value Chain

Genedata Expressionist®

Genedata Expressionist®

Wide Sample Processing System

¬ Addresses the requirements for integrated support of high
volume data

generation (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) by addressing:

integrative data management

integrative data analysis & prediction

¬ Key advantages:

Throughput (experiments & genes/proteins/metabolites)


Standardization of data management and data analysis

¬ driving reduction of analysis costs, optimization of quality and thus

success rate

¬ Complete process coverage from sample acquisition to decision support

¬ Semantical integration for cross
domain analysis reduces


overhead within internal organization

¬ Validation according to FDA 21 CFR Part11

Product Development Strategy

All products have been developed in close collaboration

with major pharmaceuticals since 1997

¬ Major partners includes:




¬ Each product is in an advanced stage with > 50 man years of

development investment and is ready to install/use

¬ Current versions:

Genedata Phylosopher Version 6.0+

Genedata Screener Version 3.0+

Genedata Expressionist Version 6.0+

Genedata Success Story

Driving Business Principles for Pharma

¬ Identification of computational needs for important R&D processes

(e.g. Biomarker Discovery, In
silico prediction of toxicity and efficacy,

uHTS, HCS, Target Validation)

¬ No competitive advantage in internal software development

¬ Most efficient (in terms of TCO) process is implementation and usage

of commercial software systems

Case Study Altana

¬ License for Genedata Phylosopher®, Genedata Expressionist® &

Genedata Screener®

¬ Custom Development

¬ Development Partner for Genedata Phylosopher®

¬ Scientific Collaborations

¬ Professional Services & Technical Consulting

New initiatives

Biomarker Discovery & In
silico Prediction of Toxicity and Efficacy

¬ Increase Prediction Quality (from ~ 10% misclassification to < 1%)

Experimental Design


Technology Refinement

¬ Genedata as Computational Solution Provider for

Innomed Consortium (Focus on Application & FDA requirements)

Nugeneris Consortium (Focus on Data Standardization)

BioCop Consortium (Focus on SOP & Technology)

¬ Collaboration with customers for FDA 21 CFR Part11 Validation

Systems Biology & Disease Modeling

¬ Understand disease pathways and protein interaction networks

¬ Integration of Transcriptomics, Proteomics & Metabolomics