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Five Critical Management Derailers: Symptoms & Remedies Why do front-line managers fail, and what can be done to avoid failure? This report elaborates on five critical issues and offers common-sense advice for helping your managers avoid them.

Management Development Lansing

Five Critical Management Derailers:

Symptoms &

Remedies Why do front
line managers fail, and what can be done to avoid failure? This report
elaborates on five critical issues and offers common
sense advice for
helping your managers avoid them.
Profiles International’s study, Five

Critical Management Derailers:

Symptoms and Remedies, identifies the
following warning signs that may prevent your managers from failing:

Poor interpersonal and communication skills

Ineffective tea
m leaders

Resistance to change

Disappointing results

Inability to see beyond their functional silo

Bersin & Associates Talentwatch: Global Growth Creates a New War for Talent

We have entered what we call “the borderless workplace,” an
environment in which age, country, gender and organi
boundaries are going away. Thanks to websites like, for
example, a company’s internal employee satisfaction is now widely
available on the Internet. Companies must immediately address
employee and customer satisfaction issues, becaus
e they will appear on
Twitter or Facebook quickly. This new borderless environment means
that high
impact HR, and learning and development (L&D) practices
must focus on empowerment, knowledge
sharing, the use of social networking for recruiting
and learnin
g, and building collaborative leadership skills.
This new “war for talent” will once
again differentiate high
performing companies. Citibank, for example, is now reinvesting in its
leadership development program because it sees its business starting to g
row again. Deloitte is
actually building a corporate university, meeting its need to stay ahead of its competitors in
professional services and accounting.

About Profiles International

Kestly Development has been a Strategic Business Partner with Profiles Inte
rnational for almost
15 years.

Profiles International is the world leader in selecting and developing high
workforces through innovative human resource solutions. Profiles offers a suite of employment
assessments that help companies gain a competitive advantage by selecting,
hiring, retaining,
and developing great talent. The assessments provide employers with information used for
hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360

degree feedback programs, management
development, training, motivating, improving customer service, and

other employment issues.

Profiles International has a complete catalog of state
art occupational assessments that
target all phases of employment, from selection and hiring to training, self
coaching and
management performance. The most
expensive problems companies deal with today can be
solved (or at least diminished) with a better understanding of the people you employ. Matching
people successfully with the work they do is the key. We can provide a complete system,
customized for your o
rganization, to address your most pressing concerns.

The Executive’s Guide to Strategi
c Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning is a process that ensures your business has the right people in the
right jobs at the right time to achieve your expected results. This report explores six steps of
strategic workforce planning and offers so
me advice for achieving results. Request the Full
Report »

Profiles International’s study, Executives Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning elaborates on a
six step process to help businesses get the right people in the right jobs to achieve expected

Establish where your business is going

Understand where the labor market is going

Understand your future talent demands

Assess your current talent inventory

Identify your talent gaps and strategies to close them

Implement your strategies

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